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Indianapolis, USA: Hooyo Soomaaliyeed oo loo xiray laba Carruurteeda ah oo Dayac u geeriyoodey…

“Kaddib markii ay maqashay in ninkeedu uu xaas kale ku guursadey Kenya ayaa xiskeedii sii tegey..” Sidaas waxaa yiri eheladeeda….

USA: Magaalada Indianapolis ee gobolka Indiana ayaa (Axadii Sept 19, 2010) waxaa guri loogu dhex tegey laba carruur ah oo meyd ah iyo saddex kale oo aad u il daran. Waxaa la xiray hooyadood oo Soomaali ah oo magaceedu yahay Ebyan Farah oo 28-jir ah. Labada carruurta ah ee dhintay waxay ahaayeen 3-jir wiil ah iyo 5-jir gabar ah. Waxaana warbaahintu tibaaxday in aysan muuqan wax dhaawac ah oo carruurta ku yaaley balse ay u geeriyoodeen dayacaad (neglect).

Waxaa wararku intaas raaciyeen in ay saddex kale oo carruurteeda ah loo tegey iyagoo nool oo nafaqo darro la il darnaayeen oo hadda lagu dawaynayo cisbitaalka.

Waxaa wararku sheegeen in la hayo Ebyan Farah oo la sheegay in damaanad lagu siidaynayo haddii dhigo $200,000 oo damaanad ah.

Ehelada Ebyan Farah oo la soo xiriiray SomaliTalk ayaa sheegay in Hooyadaas Soomaaliyeed ay “madaxa wax uga dhinmeen oo caarruurtu u dhinteen dayac aysan ka warhayn xiskeeda oo aan caadi ahayn awgeed. Waxayna sheegeen in ay uga sii dartay kaddib markii ay maqashay in ninkeedu uu xaas kale ku guursadey Kenya. Carruurtuna ay dayac u geeriyoodeen iyadoo dhimirkeedu uu maqan yahay.”

Dhanka kale, warbaahinta magaalada Indianapolis ee Gobolka Indiana waxay ku celceliyeen in labada carrruurta ah ee dhintay, hooyada iyo saddexda carruurta ah ee nool ay dhammaantood ahaayeen kuwo aad iyo aad caato u ah (extremely thin) oo ay ka muuqatey nafaqa darro. Saddexda carruurta ee nool da’duudu waa 7-jir, 5-jir iyo 1-jir. Waxaana hooyada lagu eedeeyey in ay dayacday.

Wararku waxay intaas raaciyeen in carruurta abaahood oo magaciisu yahay Burhan Hassan uu bil ka hor u safray Afrika oo uu ku soo booqanayey eheladiisa.

Jariidadda IndyStar waxay qortay in Ebyan Farah ay booliska u sheegtay in shanta carruurta ah ku xirtay (bedroom closet) oo ay ku jireen 10 saacadood ka hor intii aysan ogaan in labo ay dhinteen. Waxayna booliska u shegtay in “caqligeedu uusan fiyoobayn” markii ay albaabka ku gudubtey sariir si aan carruurtu usoo bixin.

Labada Carruurta ah oo dhintay magacyadoodu waa Zakariya Farah, 3-jir  iyo Zuhur Farah, 5-jir.

Wararkii uu faafiyey warbaahinta Indianapolis hoos ka akhri:

Police: 2 dead children were extremely thin

Dehydration suspected; mom charged with neglect

The detective investigating the deaths Sunday of two children on the city’s Southwestside said they, as well as their mother and surviving siblings, appeared to be extremely thin and possibly suffering from dehydration.

But Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Detective Scott Scheid declined to speculate on what killed a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. Autopsies were performed Monday, but results of toxicology and other tests have not yet been released.

The children were found “in a state of rigor mortis in a front living room” of an apartment in the Manchester Village complex. They might have been dead for about two hours by the time police responded to a 911 call at 8:40 p.m., Scheid said, and there were no visible wounds on their bodies.

Their mother, Ebyan Farah, 28, was arrested and charged with two counts of neglect. Police were considering filing additional charges against her. She is the only suspect under investigation.

The father, Burhan Hassan, is a cabdriver but has been in Africa about a month visiting family, according to a fellow driver.

Three surviving children, ages 7, 5 and 1, were taken into protective custody by the Department of Child Services, which could mean they’re with family members or in foster care. DCS spokesperson Ann Houseworth declined to elaborate.

The Farah/Hassans are among a half-dozen families from war-torn Somalia living in the apartment complex. They have lived there about four years, neighbors said.

Neighbor Ibrahim Mohammed Diini, a trucker born in Somalia, said he checked on Farah and the children three weeks ago and all seemed well.

But some of the other neighbors painted a picture of a household in disarray, of a mother who kept to herself and rarely left the apartment.

Janice Kline said Farah’s children spent much of their time in their backyard, a plot of uncut grass not much larger than a living room and walled in by an 8-foot-tall privacy fence. Monday, the yard held a swing set and teeter-totter as well as a large, broken flat-screen television and a half-dozen carpets piled on top of an old clothes dryer.

Kline, 45, whose mother lives next door, said the children were often outdoors even in the recent extreme heat, and that they’d be “beating and kicking at the door,” trying to get inside.

The yard, on the apartment’s west side, offers no shade from the afternoon sun. Kline’s 13-year-old son, Shawn, recalled tossing the children a water bottle and them passing it around and drinking eagerly.

The Klines did not alert authorities — “we didn’t know who to call,” said Janice Kline.

“It does not appear we had an open assessment,” or investigation, of the family, said DCS’s Houseworth. “Obviously, we do now.”

Farah spoke some English and could drive. Her minivan was parked outside the apartment Monday.

Nicole Felt, who lives across the parking lot, said, “the mom and kids stayed inside mostly. The dad was friendly. You’d see him coming and going in his cab. It was, ‘Hi, how are you?’ ”

The apartment’s management declined to provide any details about the family. Hassan left for a visit with family in Kenya about a month ago, said fellow Somali and cabdriver Ali Jamal.

“This is a horrible, horrific, tragic thing that has happened,” Jamal said.


Indianapolis: Mother arrested in deaths of two children in Southwestside apartment

Police arrested a woman and charged her with neglect in connection with the deaths of her two children in a Southwestside apartment complex.

Additional charges may be placed against, the mother, Ebyan Farah, 28, police said this afternoon.

Linda Jackson, an IMPD spokesperson, would not elaborate but said investigators “are not looking at any additional suspects.” She said autopsies had been completed but that additional testing was still being done to determine the cause of death.

The children, a boy, 3, and a girl, 5, were found “in a stage of rigor mortis in the front living room,” according to a police report.

Firefighters found the children’s bodies at Manchester Village Apartments in the 4600 block of Londonderry Court about 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

Police said said there were no signs of trauma or gunshot wounds on the bodies.

Farah’s three other children were turned over to Child Protective Services, police said.

Residents of the apartment complex said they had seen a man and a woman arguing around 7 p.m. Sunday on the sidewalk outside the small, single-story apartment where the dead children were found. The residents of that apartment were rarely seen outside, but the children had been occasionally seen playing in front of the apartment.

Police were looking into reports that the people who were involved in the childrens’ deaths were immigrants from Somalia. Many people from that East African nation have come to the Indianapolis area since the outbreak of trouble in that area in recent years.

Dozens of residents were gathered outside Sunday night amid eight to 10 police cars, a crime scene van and several taxicabs whose presence was not immediately explained.

Two children found dead; mother arrested

Indianapolis – Two children are dead and three other children are in the hospital being treated for malnutrition after being taken from an apartment on the south side.

Indianapolis Metro Police arrested 28-year-old Edyan Farah on two preliminary felony counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in death. More charges could follow.

The children, a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, were found dead Sunday at 4663 Londonderry Court, which is off of Mann Road near Kentucky Avenue in Manchester Village apartments. An autopsy was conducted Monday to determine the exact cause of death.

A relative from Chicago, Hussein Adam, told Eyewitness News that he spoke to the children’s father but did not provide further details.

“I talked to the father and we don’t know the problem with them, but this is bad news,” he said.

Farah moved to the United States 10 years ago and settled with her family in Indianapolis.

Neighbors were stunned and baffled.

“I don’t know what you would say to her. It makes me sick,” said neighbor Nicole Felt.

“The kids very rarely came outside. But they were almost always at the window. They would wave hi – smiles, big smiles. They were so friendly,” added Felt.

Paramedics took three other children from the home. They were reportedly malnourished. Child Protective Services was called in to assist with the case.

Crime scene and homicide detectives entered the scene around midnight after obtaining a warrant. They say a neighbor called 911 around 9 p.m. and police and fire crews responded to the scene.

Metro Police said they took a statement from Farah but would not release any more details. She is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Police: Mom locked kids in closet before 2 died

An Indianapolis mother told police she locked her five children in a bedroom closet for more than 10 hours before finding two of them dead.

Ebyan Farah, 28, said she was “not in her right mind” when she put the children in an upstairs closet and secured it by pushing a bed to the closet door, according to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The other children were ages 7, 5 and 1.

While they were in the closet, Farah visited with friends but refused to let them inside the house when they noticed she was acting strangely. When Farah finally opened the closet door at 4:20 p.m. Sunday, Zakariya Farah, 3, and his sister, Zuhur Farah, 5, were dead.

Farah took her children’s bodies downstairs and placed them on a couch, according to the IMPD report.

When her uncle, Mohammad Hersi, 43, came over and saw the children, he tried to call 911. Farah took the phone out of his hand and threw it.

Hersi called family friend, Ahmed Jama, 30, to the house. Jama held Farah while the uncle called 911.

Farah has been charged preliminarily with felony neglect of dependent children.

A spokeswoman for the Marion County Coroner’s office said the cause of death is pending results of toxicology test.

The prosecutor’s office will ask for a 72-hour extension to file formal charges during a hearing at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Marion County Superior Court.

A probable cause affidavit that IMPD Det. Gregory “Scott” Scheid filed with the court to secure the extension recaps what he wrote in his police report.

Scheid said that one of the children was found on the living room couch and one was on the floor.

Edyan Farah is being held on $200,000 bond in the Marion County Jail and refused a request for an interview, said Julio Fernandez, a sheriff’s spokesman.

Department of Family Services Spokeswoman Ann Houseworth said that the other three children were in good physical condition and in protective custody.

Prosecutor Carl Brizzi could not be reached immediately for comment.

Indianapolis Police Lt. Jeff Duhamell said the children had been locked in the closet before.

“The 7-year-old told us this wasn’t the first time,” Duhamell said. He didn’t knowhow many other times it had happened.

The closet had metal double doors and was six feet across and 18 inches deep.

“It’s one of the most inhumane things I’ve ever seen in 28 years on the job,” Duhamell said. “They were crunched in there on top of each other with no water of food in 80-degree heat. We treat animals better than that.”

The officers who were the scene felt the same way, he said.

“They are disturbed, heartbroken,” he said.

Duhamell said the apparent cause of death is asphyxiation but the toxicology will determine if the children inhaled any deadly substances while in the closet.

Call Star reporter John Tuohy at (317) 444-6303.


Source: http://www.wthr.com/story/13181096/impd-2-children-killed

and http://www.indystar.com/article/20100920/LOCAL18/9200312/

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    asc dhamaan somalida salaan ka dib hoyooyin badan ayaa guryaha ku ooya kaligoo khubaha waa meel dhib badan somalida isla dagan ha iska warqabano wayo dadka dhan ma u adkeysan karaan cedlada qurbaha aad ayaan ugaxumahay dhimashada naxdintaleh ee caruurta ku timid

  2. a/c/w/w/ bacda salaan walaalh soomaaliyeed meel kastoo ay joogaan
    waxaa waajib ka saaran in aya u gurmadanaa gabdha gaalada gacanta ugushay iyo ilamaha oo laga soo badbaadiyo gaalada qaadatay
    intaa gadib qof waliba wixii qaladamay waa u muuqdaan lakiin isku argti lagam aha maxaa yeelay aniag waxaan ahay aabo waxaan dareemi karaa
    dhibka gabdhaa walaasheen ah ku dhacay ee aadka u xanuunka badan
    kow aniag waxaan eeda dusha ka saarayaa umada soomaliyeed ee gabdha darisak la aha ama qaraabada ka warqabi waayaay ilamahaas iyo gabdhaas dhibaataysan oo wilab ay isku meel ku noolyihiin sbabta keentay inay ka war qabi wayaan iyo waliba ilamah hada la sheegay inay geeriyoodeen oo ah ilmo yar oo aan u adkasan karin gaajo iyo macluul
    oo ah mid aad looga naxo tan xigta waxa ay eeda dusha ka saaran tahay ninka ilmahaan dhalay oo aan filayo inuu waxabada ka war qabo sida uu yahay xaalka ilmihiisa iyo waliba gabdha xaaskiisa aha halkaas waxaa ka muuqdo mas.uuliyad xumad uu muujiyay aabaha ilamaha dhalay oo ahada lagu sheegay inuu jiro kenya daadka qaarna aya leeyihiin waxaa uu ku maqan yahay naag kale guursigeeda aan dhano ma aha arin xun lakiin
    kuwii aad ku dalaysay mudada ayaa dayacmay marka yaa mas,uuliyad qaadayo ileen halakaan waxaa taalo geeri naxdin weyn leh oo umada waliaba ku cusub ahan macjiso lala wada yaban yahay ilaa iyo hada sida aya waxa u dhaceen oo aad loogo wada naxasan yahay walaal yaaloo hadii aan nahay raga soomaaliyeed war gabdhah aan guursano lakiin mas,uuliyadanada yaanan hilmaamin hadii aad u baahato guursi gabadha aad qabto midan ahay walaal yaal yaan la daycin midii hore bal haloo diyaariyo waxa loo yaqaano maseertir in aadan gabdha kale guursan waa talo shakhsiyadeed walaal yaaloo waad aragtaan meesha aan marayno maanta oo ah waxa laga wada naxo
    midan waxaan lee yahay dadka ilaah waxa siiyay iyo nimanka qareenada aha waxa garadka bulshad cullimada dhalinta soomaaliyeed hala garab istaag gabdha soomaliyeed iyo ilmaheeda oo walib dadaal ilaah waa uu idinla garab gali insha alaah

  3. subhanlaah says:

    waa wax laga naxo dumar badan oosaa u xanuunsan aydoon guurba jirin aya aqaada ku jira musiibadan oo kale ayeyna khatar u yihiin walaalayaal is caawiya, mida calamadadaha lagu garto qofkan oo kale oo ay somalida lagu arko qaarkood waa ,1-inuu dadka ka cararo inuu ehelada ka go`o,dadkoo dhan cadow u arko aamus naan badan shaki badan oowax walba ka shakiyo, dhirifsanaan badan oo sabab lahayn, oohin badan.iyo inuu aad u diifeysan yahay marka hooyoyinka badan ee dulman ama xanuunku iskaga yimaado hala caawiyo,eheladana iyo dariska caawiya qofkas ooo kale wax magarata ku diganayana ka ceshi,majiro qof jecel inuu wax isku dhimo.mawada qiyaasi karo dhibka haysta dumar badan ilaahey ha u booga dhayo.ragooo alle kacabsade,ninkan kacabsana aduunyana foolxumo aakhiraana xisaab.

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    cajiiiiiiiiiiiib gartu ilaah ayey taqaanaa, gardarada waxaa leh ninka waayo maxaa ka maqan waa haddii ay run tahay in uu naag kale guursanayo waayo asagaaba tabar u hayn naag kale iyo carruur kale waayo asagaaba digiiran dhalay makuwa kale ayuu tabar u hayaa, haddii uu xaalkiisu yahay carra-gadis waa gardaran yahay waayo tiihoraaba wali 28 jir ah. cajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib

  5. liibaan says:

    s/w/w walaalayaal arintani waa mucjizo kamid ah mucjizooyinka ilaahay oona u baahan in lagu cimro qaato laakiin ma aha aabaha iyo hooyada midkoodna inuu dambi leeyahay aabuhu wuu guursaday laakiin umuusan guursan in ay dhibtan kudhacdo ilmihiisana ma uusan dayicin gabadhuna dambi maleh ee wey maseyrtay maseyr kuna waa qeyb kamid ah waalida waxaa kali ah oon u tari karnana waa in aan ilaahay ubarinaa si gabdhan maskiinta ah ilaahay uu gaalada ugu badbaadiyo ilamahoodii kalena loogu soo celi sababtoo ah gacan gaaalo ayey labaduba kujiraaan wasalaamu caleykum

  6. Mohamed says:

    Waad mahadsantihiin bahdal Somalitalk waa arrin naxdin leh, anniguse waxaan eedda saarayaa ninka, waayo dhulka uu joogaa waa qurbe dhib badan, in 5 caruur ah lagu hayana ay adagtahay hadaan lamanuhu ahayn kuwo is garabsanaya, intuu cidla uga tegey ayuu Kenya naag kale ku guursaday, haddee dhibka isaga kow ka ah, Bilaahi Calayk ragga soomaaliyeed masuuliyad muujiya oo u naxariista haweenkiina, intaynu sidaan nahayna Alle ayaa inagu ciqaabaya dayacoodda, waad mahadsantihiin

  7. Khawlo says:

    Aslaamu Calaykum Wr Wb Walaalaha islaamka Subxnallaah waa wax aad looga naxo musiibadaan ilaah waxaan uga baryeenaaa in ilaah caafiyo gabdhaaas dhibaada ku dhacdey. waa arin u baahan in lagu cibro qaato nimanka somaliyeed walaalayaal ilaah waa idinla xisaabtami ee durmarkiina iyo caruurtiina sid u dhaaama yaan la dayaci ha la guursado laakin tii hore iyo caruurtii yaan la dayacin insha allaah

  8. hani says:

    yaa allah,ilahay samir iyo iimaan ha ka siiyo aydana ilaheey ha caafiyo.laakiin dhibaatada dhan ninka ayay ka socotaa safar bukto ito qaraaban salaan daran aad, cidii ayaaba rafaadsan oo kala daadsan oo caatadooda laga yaabay xaguu aadi, inkaar qabaha asagaa waalay gabdha!!!! war inan ragoow dumarkiina wsheen wadankiina gubteen ee si dabo qabta.!!!!! ilahoow somali dhibka ka qaad !!!!

  9. alisalxa says:

    inaa lilaahi wa inaa ileyhi raajicuun, wlhi maser unbey ku dhacday mahane caatadu mahan nafaqdaro kalia, ama waa dhaxal fir kafir ka so jeeda, balse ilaah ayaa ku cadeeyay meelkasta in damaca ragu badan yahay dumarkuna maser badan yihin balse waa wax aad iyo aad loga xumaado falkaas inuu dhaco dumar miskiinta ah , ee haloo gurmado aqoon yahanada iyo qareemada , hantiila yaasha iyo cid kastoo wax ka qaban karto

  10. soomaali says:

    Halkaas waxaa ka cad soomaalidu inay u dhamaatay, gabadhan xanuusatay Ilaahay ha u gargaaree. Sidee ehelkeed, deris, macruuf iyo somalida degaankeeda ladegan aysan waxba arkin isu oran wax ka qabta si arinkan maanta dhacay uusan u dhicin, qadarka Allana waa meeshiisi. Anigaa waxaan qabaa mujtamaceenna oodhan baaba u baahan in la daaweeyo