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“AU should occupy Somalia and rule her for 50 years” Published by NewVision, Uganda

This article was published by Uganda’s New Vision news paper on Thursday, 15th July, 2010,  By Jerry Okungu

MY heartfelt condolences must go to those families in Uganda that have lost their loved ones through that senseless killing of innocent Ugandans and other foreigners on a day they were supposed to enjoy a good game of soccer.

Some deranged terrorist in his twisted mind decided to take their lives. My sincere words of comfort must also go to the victims of multiple bombings in Kampala that left them injured and possibly maimed for life.

On behalf of all my friends in Kenya, our prayers are with you as we wish you speedy recovery. Hardly a month has passed since a similar bomb blast hit Nairobi’s Uhuru Park in the dying minutes of a Christian rally on that fateful Sunday. Now, this week, it was the turn of our brothers and sisters in Kampala. What a terrible loss to our region!

Are we being held hostage to barefoot gun-wielding terrorists next door? Why are we allowing this to happen this often? Are we that helpless as partner states of the East African Community?

I have read details of how the Kampala explosions were planned. The terrorists chose crowded venues to inflict maximum damage just like they did in Nairobi. And like in Nairobi, they chose innocent unsuspecting crowds; what one can safely call easy targets.

At the time the last Nairobi bombing took place, my mind raced ahead of my logic. I thought of the al-Shababs or Al-Qaeda. The reason I thought of them was the manner the bombs went off; timed at intervals to suggest that these were not suicide bombers; those daredevils that do not value their lives. These were guys with remote detonators that could very well have planted bombs earlier in their target venues then retreated to their hideouts to execute their heinous crimes.

Though I was a lone ranger, I hypothesized that the latest Nairobi bombings must have been planned and executed by Islamist terrorists; people who hated Christianity to have chosen to attack a Christian gathering. Though farfetched, I thought a Christian rally that attacked the inclusion of the Kadhis’ courts in Kenya’s new constitution could have been the motive.

However, my editor thought I was alarmist since I had no evidence to insinuate such a thing. Now that the same suspects have celebrated the Kampala tragedy, I have these feelings that these are the same thugs that bombed Uhuru Park in Nairobi last month.

After all they have been bombing Nairobi since 1980 almost every other decade only that they have become more frequent. The twin bombings in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam in 1998 followed by the Kikambala Hotel in Mombasa are still very fresh in our minds when they then targeted American embassies and Israelis touring Kenya. And in those tragic incidents, their targets suffered the least. Only the locals bore the brunt of this madness.

As a region, East Africa must wake up from its slumber and treat regional and international terrorism as its common enemy. We must begin to jointly operate an anti-terrorism military and intelligence unit to eradicate these misguided thugs from our region.

If Somalia loves terrorism; if Somalia love Al-Qaeida that much; if the al-Shabaabs want to control Somalia, this region has two choices. We invade Somalia and drive these murderers into the sea just like Nyerere did with Idi Amin three decades ago. If that alternative cannot work, then let neighbouring countries do an Israeli act with Somalia.

Let us build a wall to seal off Somalia in the same way Israel has done with Gaza so that terrorists can be confined to Mogadishu where they can annihilate themselves for all we care.

For the two decades that Somalia has been lawless, Kenya has continued to treat its neighbour with kid gloves. We have welcomed refugees from that country and done what has been humanly possible to do to bring sanity to that country. And what have got in return? Instead we have received bombings and more bombings resulting in senseless loss of valuable lives.
Let us face it.

The African Union must concede that Somalia is a failed state. The only way to deal with failed states in this era of international terrorism is to marshal international occupation force and rule that country for at least 50 years as terrorist elements are eliminated one by one.

The reason why I believe terrorists can be eliminated with time is informed by historical events. When Nazi Germany became a rogue state and terrorized the entire Europe, the combined allied forces defeated them and occupied Germany for nearly 50 years. Germany is now one of the most stable democracies in the world.

What we remember the 1970s for as far as world terrorism is concerned is the number of airline hijackings that made global travel one of the scariest undertakings.

In East Africa, we remember vividly how Air France was hijacked by Middle East terrorists that commandeered it to Entebbe. The events following that incident are now common folklore.

If we stand together with resolve, we can wipe out terrorists from our borders. That time is now.


Source: http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/20/725891

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  1. Gaaxnuux says:

    it is a shallow anaylsis that lacks both indepth understanding of the region and wider world. He never mention why Uganda was targeted and why Somlis are fighting so fiercely. Islamic revival and delibearte oil based military intervention of US and its allies was not mention. Simply, it is a new con way of thinking.

    Rest for now
    Ina alau rarane – boocame

  2. ridwaan says:

    waa cajiib in in qoragu uu dusha naga saaro qarixi uhupark nairobi iyo kan kampala on lahubin asna lakain waxa kasidaran in dacisu yahay 50sano oo african nagumaysto walee namayaqano! lakainsomalay Ri walbaa shilalkay is dhigto aya lagu qalaa, ee intay qoro qortahay anu tashano kana tagno qabyalada iyo nin jeclaysiga adunka naga reebay mahadsanidin

  3. Aragtida qoraaga waxaa ka buuxa guux hoose oo dalka Uganda looga fadhikudiriro, marka aragti gaaban waa soo bandhigey qoraagu ee maxaa Soomaali la gudboon?