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Eng. Rashiid Qaasim oo ka hadlay Dacwadda Badda ee Soomaaliya gudbisey

Eng. Rashiid Qaasim oo ku takhasusay arrimaha shidaalka/Batroolka oo waraysi siiyey Telefishanka Somali Channel ayaa ka hadlay taariikhda bartoolka Soomaaliya iyo arrimo badan oo la xiriira. Waxa kale oo uu ka hadlay badda muranka la geliyey cidda masuulka ka ah iyo ugu dambayn cawaaqibka ka iman kara dacwadda badda ee ay Soomaaliya u gudbisey Hague.

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1 Jawaab " Eng. Rashiid Qaasim oo ka hadlay Dacwadda Badda ee Soomaaliya gudbisey "

  1. Faisal says:

    Saxiibayaal, suaalo qiimo badan baa la waydii yay Eng.
    In kasta oo suaalo jawaabo wanaagsan uu ka bixiyay
    Anigu- kumaraacin. In Kenya laga aamuso.

    1. Hadii icj raacdo sharciga case ka Kenya Ada
    Buu daciif u yahay- hence they prefer to negotiate
    Outside the court.
    2. Case on Yeman the wrong timing. SFG should have
    Waited to until the pending case is resolved
    Which normally takes ~ 5-10 yrs.

    I read the filled case- it look strong case and
    Easily winnable.

    Kenyan strategy for a diffence will be strong one as well
    1. They will seek the simpathy of the court
    & base their argument
    (1) safety of their ships- since there is no somali gov
    that can grantee them safe passage of their goods.
    Also, equally strong defense is.
    2) The proposed somali solution could result
    Geopolitical sea war as Kenya will by default
    Have the right to claim parts of Tanzania
    & the island of Pemba.

    In my legal experiance, I imagine the Norvagian
    Gov is either misleading the SFG for opening the Yeman case
    B\c it is possible two cases be reviewed as one.
    – it will be an easy case to resolve 1/2 rulling system
    Kenya wins and Somalia wins.

    On the other hand it is quite possible the SFG
    Is trying to avoid to be seen as those who lost
    Our sea to Kenya – this will give them
    Way out- as ( win some loose some argument
    ) in anticipation 2016 election

    If Kenya looses, do they have a back up plan
    ? Yes.

    ensure, Somalia never settles so that
    The need for amsom remains.. Thus deal
    Each federal state as an individual institution.

    I,totally disagree on the enginers comment
    Regarding we should have also claimed on
    The Kenyan waters- there is an old legal proverb
    That states ” one should only fight legal cases that
    Are winnable” lawyers and judges are very
    Good on seeing thru false counter claims- &
    I think gov did well by staying out that type of
    Claim and simply addressing the facts.

    Advise, gov team should have a genuine team of

    Legal experts made of young Somalis- I’m sure
    There a lot here in the USA and else were.
    Plus hired international advisors

    Use pre 1991 contract owners to fight it- since
    They are better equipped.($$$$$ + expertz)

    Keep out – previous taxi drivers that returned
    To Mogadishu & got into gov positions.
    We call those guys- jack of all skills”

    Finally, ppl should relax this type of case on average take about 10 years
    To resolve – hopefully by then somali institution
    Will be strong enought to arrest these who
    Sold out the somalia