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The truth lying behind the crises in Somalia.

The truth is naked but ignored by the Somali individuals in the political scene. If the behavior by some of the actors agree with the reality, others disagree revolving around triviality and irrelevant issues to the future healing of war-torn Somalia and national reconstruction. There is a suspicion that there may be behind the scenes agendas and conspiracies intended to prolong the depredations and keep any nation-wide solution a way so to speak when you look at
the political culture and the erroneous thinking by some people in parts of country. There has been a transgression that shadowed every section of people’s lives but mainly in the areas of politics, habitations, government institutions and the whole tranquility and stability of the nation.

Ever since the former Somali government was crumbled and the endeavors commenced that were under way have aborted, now the root cause remains unsolved and the outstanding problems are still there threatening a future development and a tangible improvement for the country to say the least. The truth is not always told and there is a clear denial and abnegation of the reality and the status quo that persisted for so long as a noticeable challenge of any possible approach to ending the history in the making of Somali’s own making. The intractable political disease has gradually swept through the society with one is hardly taking a pity on the plight of an other fellow country man or woman at the difficult times. This is the result of a long running crisis, brutality and harassment that incapacitated the Somalis and debilitated the country becoming at the forefront of the failed nations in the world. Neither the masses nor the political forces and authorities show realizations and talk of the critical elements laying before them to come up with a national solution and mutual understanding.

The country is obviously plagued by political instability, chaos, disarray and tensions some times running high and causing the death of numerous innocent people and the injury of many more. The only thing that one is merely able is to point the finger at a specific clan and a particular group and blame them for what has befallen the Somalis all together but that is not a cordial matter and can’t bring about an endurable answer, peace, calm, prosperity and a total advancement. Huge challenges are to be found a plenty in the country and any thing goes these days but no one of those concerned namely the warring sides is busting a gut at least to sink the differences among them, help sort out the problems once and for all and for the country to put on its feet and get inter connected on all fronts except the educated and intellectual elites who engaged in calling for an end the problem and trying to defuse the tensions till they were blue in the face.

The problem of Somalia did not start right from 1991 but exploded unprecedentedly. Peace conferences after peace conferences the problem does not end. Advises and debates, the problem is still the same as yesterday. Formation of transitional and federal governments gives a way to a political and clan friction that deprives any authorities of credibility, legitimacy, function and control. By all accounts, they talk about a religious application but that just increases the problems being created under pretext of religion. The Somalis are now in a tight corner and no solution has been found through the processes and endeavors made over years and years in the past. Some people accuse the former military regime of the current situation while others pour a cold water on a particular clan. Some of the people relate the problem to the religious posturing and others say there is a mismanagement and maladministration. As it should be “‘ Allah does not change the condition of people until they changed in themselves”. The time has now come for Somalis to repent and ask Allah forgiveness for the grievous mistakes made during and before the civil war. We have have also abandon the violations in any form or shape politically, religiously, geographically and so forth. We need to remorse a lot and do well, i think that the best solution and the way forward for our people and country

Abdirisak Mohammed

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  1. Somali Jecel says:

    well elaborated! and has a good ending… “repentance” the only way out for Somalis, but, the challenging question will remain how?? both in governmental context and community level… i think that will demand at least another article (persuasive in style) so to say. regards.