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Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi heckled during G8 Symposium in Washington DC

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was heckled by a prominent journalist and blogger Abebe Gelaw, during a high-level G8 Symposium in Washington DC . The Ethiopian Prime Minister, who was sitting next to the duly elected President of Ghana, was visibly shocked when he was interrupted while speaking to the audience. The activist shouted “Freedom, Freedom, Meles Zenawi is a Dictator, You are committing crime against humanity”. Speaking to ESAT TV, Mr. Gelaw said security forces came and removed him from the conference room and was later released without incident.

The Symposium was held at Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center in Washington DC. Attendants of the Symposium include, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America; Boni Yayi, President of the Republic of Benin & Chairperson of the African Union ; Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia ; John Atta Mills, President of Ghana ; Jakaya Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania ; Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary, United States Department of State ;Rajiv Shah, Administrator, United States Agency for International Development Bono, Co-Founder of ONE and (RED) ; Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme ;
Josette Sheeran, Vice Chairman, World Economic Forum and journalists.

As a member of the National Press Club, Abebe Gelaw was present at the symposium as an Accredited journalist. It is not clear if President Obama was in the room during the incident.

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Source: http://nazret.com/

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  1. geele says:

    waa wax loo baahan yahay waayo zenaawi waa ninka ugu dictatorsan ee kajira africa sidaas awgeed wuu mudan yahay in lagu mudaharaado waayo madaxdii kale ee lasocotay sinabad ah ayay ula kulmeen jaaliyadahooda isagana waa laga ilaaliniyay jaaliyada ethiopia