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Somalia, has suffered over more than two decades of wars, famine, drought, malnutrition, diseases, exodus of hundred thousands of refugee living in squalid camps in neighboring countries, hundred thousands of internally displaced people uprooted by fighting and as a result many lives have been lost. Are we happy where we are? In my view, it has to be a bad leadership and there is an African Proverb that, says, “When the leaders limps, the flock doesn’t reach the pastures”. Indeed, a great leader propels people to a greater prosperity, a limping one makes society stagnate and a bad one kills a person which is what has been happening in Somalia.

Recently, a development of the TFG and divisions within itself is just a window dressing and the dysfunctional 550 members of parliament are fighting with tooth and nail for their survival in order to maintain their positions which are unattainable. Clearly, the ousting of Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the Speaker is motivated by self-preservation and misplaced believe in short-cuts by those who have illegally voted to remove him without him present or the two Deputies of the Somali parliament. What I find about of those who voted for his ouster is that it is not in line with the “Kampala Accord” and also the illegal removal of the Speaker didn’t receive any favorable support from the Somali people and the international community as well. Thus, the Speaker, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden is still the legal Speaker of the Somali parliament and the attempt by some members to oust him was illegal and any future endeavors will be futile.

However, I call upon the Speaker to forget and not to contemplate choosing 275 members out of the current 550 members of parliament who were unlawfully appointed and selected and to discard the remaining 275 is not reforming the parliament but is to maintain half of the status quo. How, can the speaker contemplate on preserving some members of the defunct parliament who can’t read and write or carry-out their constitutional mandate and have been a concern for the country and its people? This will not work for practical reasons but suggest to the Speaker to create a new parliament with fresh new faces who are untainted by crimes against humanity and selected with irreproachable criteria of all inclusive parliament based on the Somali Clan Formula of 4.5, background education, work experience, sound mind, committed to patriotism and nationalism etc. Only, this way Somalia can have a permanent government to move forward and regain its unity and certainly the international community will assist to provide its expertise and financial resources to succeed which is not difficult to do. What, we need is parliament that, provides solutions, not one which is conveniently divided only to reunite for a common agenda like the extension of its mandate which produced a lot of suspicions and elicited a mixed reactions nationally and internationally or illegally contemplating to remove its Speaker. How, can we preserve the honor of a rouge parliament of horse-traders who sought to extend their term without a real cause and now voted to remove its speaker illegally to avoid damage to the reputation of its members?

We haven’t forgotten about the Somali Peace Conference where Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya who have selected and appointed the warlords and their militia as members to the Somali parliament while excluding from the selection those who were educated, committed for change and with fire of patriotism in their belly for Somalia. Unfortunately, no one in the international community have raised a red flag and criticized Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya for contravening in the countries internal affairs, short-changing those delegates officially invited to the Somali peace conference and hand-picking in favor of the warlords and their militia who are now opposing Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the Speaker with the exception of Mohamed Qanyare Afrah. Those excluded were the officially invited delegates for the conference who have played a key in the Six Reconciliation Committees who wrote the document that was approved at the Plenary and became the basis of the transitional Federal Charter (TFC).

Dr. Abdi Mohamed Ulusso

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  1. mr ullusow. as a young somali trying to do his phd i can not believe you attained a phd and writing this while defending the infamous mr sakiin.

    “THE KAMPALA ACCORD” which in Somali eyes is illegal is what makes it illegal for the removal of sakiin?

    how can one bring about an accord that stops a parliament to

    function? this is the so called Kampala accord

  2. abdi hassan says:

    to call your self a Dr and to write baldadash or nonsense is really unreconcilable.because you are advocating for some one who has sold somalia to a third party.if you don’t know the person you are fighting for has done the folowing:he authorized the invasion of Ethiopia into somalia in 2006,he has removed prime minister farmajo from office through the so called Kampala accord.he has not opened parliament for any meaningful session except when passing his interest.the somalia waters was sold under his watch.for your information parliament has the right to vote out the speaker if he performs dismally.and they have voted him out according to the transitional charter.if you cannot folllow the rules then follow the rules of the jungle.so the so called the learned are the once misleading the public because they have been bought by the likes of (shariff sakin)if he is a good person why was he called sakin?.he is an illegal speaker and he has no right to represent parliament in any forum in his capacity as the speaker.how can he spearhead a sophisticated parliament when his CV is wanting?