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JAPAN – ONE OF THE TOP PIRATES IN SOMALIA – From Fish-Poacher To Domain-poacher

From the SMCM (Somali Marine and Coastal Monitor): (and with a view on news with an impact on Somalia)

Japanese corporate kleptomania in bed with anarchic state
By Venatrix Fulmen (WTN)

Not only does Japan steal precious tuna from Somalia, now they robbed the country’s top-level domain.
That piracy is all about business is known since the days of the Barbary wars, but in Somalia it has now taken on new dimensions.


Japan just poached the impoverished country’s top-level Internet domain, the so called Top Level Country Code (TLCC) dot SO (.so), at a time when the state of the embattled nation is at an all-time low.

“Governed” only for the sake of whitewashing the dealings of their UN-, US- and EU-masters by a Transitional Federal Government, which rules over two roads, a villa and the air-and seaport with he help of mercenary troops from US- and EU-paid African nations assembled in the African Union (AU), Somalia continues to be pillaged again and again by the UN, the U.S., the EU, the AU and other robber-baron-conglomerates. Under the oversight of a pseudo-governmental parliament, whose members were chain-selected by the UN, who is playing on the one hand the role of an overlord towards the Somalis and on the other the stir-up holder for the interests of the most powerful UN member states like U.S., France and the UK, the robbery continues even in cyberspace.

Japan – now closing shoulders with the U.S. in the emerging power-games with China and Russia – has a particular role and uses that window to fill their own pockets.

It has finally been accepted as fact even by those, who have a hidden agenda of different dimension, that fish-poaching and toxic-waste dumping prompted the helpless Somalis to take up arms against the foreign pirates. Somaalis are shot now out of these waters, but prosecution of the real culprits, especially British money-sharks in close liason with the shipping-insurance-industry is so far lacking. In turn not all but many Somali sea-shifta must now also rightfully be termed pirates themselves, because they learned and entered the game of internationally organized crime-syndicates, who have mastered the sea-jacking sector by targeting valuable merchant ships, which is then in turn used to foster the imperialist intentions of larger navies.

But what is still often denied and even covered up by the multinational armada of anti-piracy navies, is the rampant fish-poaching in Somali waters and the Indian Ocean at large. This continues unabated and is pseudo-mastered by corrupt, biased or incapable organizations like the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission IOTC, a sidekick of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and their voracious representatives of member states. Here colonial powers like France still have a lot to say, since island-states in the Indian Ocean like La Reuinion and La Moyette, were never returned to their original inhabitants. Not only do these provide for nice tax-heavens of La Francophonie, but these colonies constitute vast exclusive economic zones on the Indian Ocean and now even for the exclusive rights concerning the seabed extending for 350nm. A similar scam was just these dayss revealed by leaked U.S.-embassy cable, describing the fraudulent dealings of the UK concerning the Chagos islands with infamous U.S.base Diego Garcia and the British grand plan to robb the Chagossians of their homeland. All these neo-colonial games are the real background and agenda for the enhances naval presence in the Indian Ocean of a huge armada of warships dispatched under the disguise of anti-piracy operations.

Japan entered the anti-piracy games early, because it gave them the opportunity to deploy large P3 Orion marine-observation planes, paid for by their taxpayers, to assist their own, and affiliated, fishing fleets in the Indian Ocean to spot, track and catch the large tuna swarms that follow the millennia-old clockwork of the magnificent tuna migration in the Indian Ocean

From Fish-Poacher To Domain-poacher
The “sponsoring organization” of the top-level domain (TLD) is said to be the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Somalia, whose minister was just sacked, but people in Mogadishu speak of presidential-level involvement and a 10 million dollar sum which changed hands. In an interview with the domain investor, Rick Latona, the Director of the Japanese domain pirate GMO registry, Hiro Tsukahara, didn’t shy away from invoking even the dirtiest of all corporate tricks by announcing “they will donate a portion of the
operating profit to provide necessary aide for Somalia, especially for children.”

No wonder the domain-thieves from Japan found a friend in Germany, who even before WWII served as the best partner for a fascist Japan. A domain-reseller in form of the Key-Systems GmbH located in St. Ingbert, Germany is a willing collaborator in the scam. Founded by Alexander Siffrin in 1998, and run by him as a defacto one-man show, he proclaims to hold subsidiaries in the war-run USA and drug-run Mexico. Key-Systems CEO, Alexander Siffrin, was “welcomed to their project” by the Japanese top-pirate and his U.S. backer.

The example of the former Yugoslavia after the break up and another one from similar chaotic Sudan shows that this fraudulent Japanese registration of the TLD of Somalia is a case for nullification, and people should be warned about buying anything from the Japanese for the time being.

The ICANN evaluation procedure was clearly bent, since it states:

1.The prospective manager supervises and operates the domain name from within the country represented by the TLD; (ICP-1 §a; RFC 1591 §3.1)

2.The prospective administrative contact must reside in the country represented by the TLD. (ICP-1 §a; RFC 1591 §3.1)

But the company GMOregistry is operating from Japan, and manages Somalia’s top-domain from Japan, and has no links with or presence in Somalia other than through this clandestine deal and their Somali accomplices. In short, the domain is administered
and technically managed from Japan.

It is obvious that the Japanese, and those who took the money, will now be quick to cover their tracks and set up something like an
administrative contact in war-embattled Mogadishu, protected by UN and AMISOM, but perhaps there is still hope that the vast majority of the internet community will expose this, and that the deal will finally be cancelled.

The case should be taken even further, and the intricate links between UN politics and the interests of the robber-barons, who run their own nation-states for personal gains, must be exposed. Japan set up a so-called “Trust-Fund” for anti-piracy activities, which so far, have mostly turned out to be just anti-Somali activities, and tries thereby to cover its own marine-resources. Stealing networks has provided large amounts of money from this fund to UN organizations like the IMO, the UNODC, UNDP and UNPOS.

How come earlier applications filed by a group of Somali scholars, intellectuals and university professors to ICANN, (the U.S.
self-appointed watchdog of the internet) was completely neglected? The academic group wanted to run the domain independently through the Somali National University in the spirit of a free Internet — a just and non-profit body for the benefit of all Somalis, but their work circumvented with this deal, and the UN through their International Post and Telecommunications Union (IPTU) clearly has their hands in the dirty game.

The Somali youth, whose future is also with the Internet, might find their own ways to deal with corrupt officials and foreign fraudsters.
The first threats have already appeared on the Internet, which is a sea full of monsters worse than in the oceans infested with fish-poaching pirates from Japan or their vassals.

If there is any honour left with the Japanese – we should witness them now committing Seppuku (切腹) or harakiri for robbing the destitute.

SOURCE: ©2010-ecoterra/ecop-marine

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