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Missing of true reconciliations.

24th of Dec 2010 –

By. Said Swahili.

In Somalia a jolly history was encountered the Nation during the past golden years. Moreover, the “half island – country” with number of “Archipelago ” Is known as the shelter of the Hama-tic- race that are supposedly descended from “Ham”- the son of “Noah” the prophet. The Cushitic people had dwelled in the area before been converted to the “Islamic-faith” and abdicated their traditional worship the “Waak- Religion” shortly after the Islam was landed to the holy land of “Najd” the spot recently called the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mesmerizingly, the Archaeologists often believe “it’s the land of gods and ancient history; for it has unique features attracted the archeological communities, and rather will be performing obviously the prehistoric existence of the Somali race in the area”.

As a matter of fact, the historians and the archeologists who had found the trace of the Somali ancestors, within the present archaeological zones consist of the medieval caves like that of “God – Qaboobe” and “Godka- Xaradhka” in Sanaag Region during the mid eighties were in fact mentioned them as an ancient nation with a plenty of unveiled history. All though the historical discoveries weren’t published yet in the Archaeological – Magazines internationally, but actually it is well known event, by the eloquent anthropologists or the big wag historians such as Professor – Ali Abdurrahman and Professor – Qaadi those who were both and ones a senior lecturers’ at the former Collage of Education “Lafolle” in the outskirts’ of Mogadishu.

Sometimes, I wonder why such people with such wonderful history can’t be applied their” Xeer” the old constitution inherited – in order to passionate with their tribal conflicts and their endless disputes which destroyed their beautiful country, and shattered their innocent populations.

Geographically, Somalia is one of the most strategic countries in Africa that lies in between” Ras – Comboni to Ras Aseyr” and also locates geographically in between latitude 7 Degree – 57` 0” N and longitude 45 – 48 degree – 30` 0” E And approximately about 1862ft at Surd mount, where the highest peak known as “Shimbibiris”– at location ( Gore ). Regarding, the various researches made recently, and the Information’s that were culled from both the formal and informal intellectuals or even about the written preliminaries in the historical journals, the international politicians under lined, that Somalia had attained ones – one of the most potent authorities or ( governments) in “Mamma – Africa” after independence.

Despite the widely spread phenomenon of corruptions, and tribal behaviors’ in their systems, the country had grasped at least, an elected governments democratically, such elections’ that had never being held absolutely in Africa during the early sixties. The world was reacted surprisingly, with an open mouth, when the defeated president of Somalia Mr. Adan Abdulla Cisman left his office normally as the leaders of the western countries accustomed.

Everything we do is either an act of love or cry for help, when the elected authorities were behaved more corrupted than expected; the population felt automatically the upheavals of the clan sentiments. Therefore, the wind of change has blown, and dramatically the Somali Socialist Republic was emerged – led by the “the military coup” that later on transformed the country to one of the most respectful Socialist States, gathered under the “Eastern – Bloc Alliance” led by the ex – super power the “United Soviet Socialist Republic”. Furthermore, Somalia was looked to be a semi modern state by applying the axiomatic theory of (Iskaa– wax — u — qabso) which means literally (Do what you can for your selves).

However, I appreciate and esteem highly the past history of “beloved Somalia” for I remember as pre- adolescent child when the “Revolutionary State” established the large scale public programs’ and successfully implemented an urban and rural illiteracy campaigns which helped dramatically increased the literary rate as well as the dynamic steps of progresses, that were occurred when the Nation under the rule of the “Somali Democratic Republic” had decided and been provided to build their home land confidently, during the early seventies.Truly speaking I am familiarized well that the “Somali population” with their men and women who got to the top when succeeded to build up their “Utopian Somalia” during the past, where those who did the jobs they had in hand with everything they had of energy and enthusiasm. Perhaps, it was the turning point when the” Revolutionary — government” preferably, the leaders who led the “Military Revolution” got lost on what may seem like a blizzard of bewildered details, and infected by the virus of tribalism and misuse of power. The result, they “the military coup” was caught by deadly hauling storms which broke out the reforms that were begun to shake well, the whole system of “21October- Revolution” and created the ongoing and the endless disasters.

Surprisingly, the legacy of the “Military Coup” hadn’t been forgotten yet. Why? Because the nation has met lots of problems, and descended to a black-hole, while all the nominated governments abroad and landed on Mogadishu, were never be being succeeded to fill up the vacuum of the lost state of Somalia for they were all founded by the interest of other countries, and let us say “it looks absolutely, to be a kind of a systematic conspiracy that are fallen on the nation”. However, an adage says “ A wise man may fall, and he may stand up again ” by the great poetry, and the melodramatic figure Mr. Dire “Baal- Baal”, the person who had discovered the melody of several Danto lyrics in his life span. Obviously, somewhere in the “World” or “East Africa” or even “Somalia” the intellectuals and the intellectual hegemonies in the country side, perceive about the missing political agenda at the “Somali –Political concert ”, which made incredibly to glimpse once again, the strong Somali government in the Horn of African country why? It’s particularly because of — “the missing of true reconciliations”.

Astonishingly, let us say “human can be fairly ridiculous animal” as far as we know the lethargic decisions that had been taken a dozen of times, by the international community’s – imitating in trying to passionate the worsening situations that shattered the civilians, but their actions always end without any promising solutions. Why? Plainly the decision makers shouldn’t often follow the right ally, because they are always being consulted villain countries, hampering the process searching for successful and effective- government in Somalia. Ones the pearl of Africa if not the world, the beloved city “Hammer- caddy” was in fact, the eye source of the Somali disputes’ and the bloody civil wars because of the centralized power misused. With respect to all I could advice you, let test the (Federalism System) while we have failed to apologize ourselves as “Major Clans” honestly. According to the sophist apprehensions’ — the far sighted people believe, that the recent Somali politicians aren’t openly free to exercise or handle the leader ship of their country.

What’s more peculiar than that, the recent politicians don’t want to discuss and solve the “gist” of the Somali conflicts. So that we must provide to skip the (TFG) models engineered abroad, otherwise this nation will neither heal its wounds nor matches the dream of brilliant governance in Somalia ever. In conclusion, why not apply sympathetically “the traditional methods of reconciliation’s and forgiveness’s” inherited by our “ancestors”– the great men who had been able to solve their obstacles’ and problems during the malignant seasons co-operatively and logically. Optimistically, there will be a great hope if the “Somali reconciliations” will occur somewhere in the country as Punt land or Somali- land, but ignoring such positive ideas and going to prefer cities like Djibouti or Nairobi or elsewhere, for sure noting would improve to the nation — the sheer size of the mess is going to double.

Lastly, the Somalis require a qualitative state erected on fair and true reconciliations — reconciliations that must held inside our territories, which leads the country towards prosperity and stability as well as returning the identity of Somalia among the Nations. Hence, forgiveness and reconciliations’ are something that we encounter always throughout the Holly-Quran. Allah the master mind of the “Universe” doesn’t allow for the most talented living creature the “human” to avoid the notion that humans need forgiveness. “Let stand up to fight for our rights” as Pop — Marley said, and let us wake up and revive our natural superiority. As Somali nationalist – close your eyes, and try to speculate or imagine what is going inside some of the neighboring parliaments, when discussing occasionally, about the bleeding issue of Somalia?. Alas! Ones again as nationalist figure try to activate the reflective memoirs of Somalia, when we had been stood up proudly shoulder to shoulder to the neighboring (East- African States) as the respectful (Somali State).

By. Said Swahili.

MA of Higher Education Administrations.
Scandinavian – Denmark.


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  1. scwb. waar somalidii hore wax kastoo dhaca way ka heshiin jireen kuwan had jooga wax ay ka heshinkaraan ma dhicikart,sabab dadkani tiih ayey ku jiraan marka ha ku haraadinna nimankiina aqoonta sheeganaya.somalidu way ku maahmaadda ragna waa ragii hore hadkunnaa intii ay yidhaahdeen.

  2. waxa hubaal ah in dad badan oo soomaliyeed ay fahmayaan waxa dalkeenna ka soconaya lakiin ayaan daro debedaha ayay u badan yihiin.sax weeye hadii aanheshiisyo loo dhanyahy lagelin oo aan laysu garaabn laysna cafiyin heshiisyaddana dalka gudihiisa laguqaban dee waxba umaddanuma qabsoayan waana run waana ku raacsanahay aqoonyahnkan fekerksa waana wax sx ah.