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Open Letter to Pregressio | Hariri

A healthy democracy depends on more than casting regular ballots, but it rather depends on faith in the processes by which decisions are made. Sadly, this fundamental trust has been broken in the so-called election that you observed in Northwest Somalia or “Somaliland” in June 26, 2010.

According the international law and regulations, Somalia is one state and no self proclaimed states can be considered sovereign state, therefore your decision to monitor and support election of secessions group or clan against the majority of Somali people in general breached your standards and objectives as well as the international law and code of ethics.

You stated in your website that you don’t impose solutions but ask the people what needs to change – and then you give them the right help so they can make it happen. But in Northwest Somalia “Somaliland” you are imposing the will of the secessionist on the majority of the Somali unionist people.

You also allegedly that you bring skills, ideas and expertise in order to fight poverty and injustice but here in Hargaisa you brought division and society fragmentation, which jeopardized the peaceful coexistence of the Somali people in general and those living in the north particularly.

Yes, you probably saw long queues of people waiting to cast their ballots in three or four towns of so-called “Somaliland”, but you failed to realize that majority of these people are not electing the candidates because of their political agenda but rather their clan linage, which shows unhealthy democracy and immaturity.

You also ignored that no election has been held in Sool, Sanaag and Cayn, regions which constitute around 40% of North Somalia or “Somaliland”. Recently, a survey of public opinion also found that most Awdal people would have opted Somali union, should they given freedom to do so. .See the comments of Prof. Samatar’ who is from that Region talking about the election on Aljazeera on June 26, 2010.

In a letter you addressed to the president of the self styled state of “Somaliland”, on September 14, 2009, (which you illegally called “Republic of Somaliland”) you voiced your deep sorrow and concern for deaths of a number of demonstrators in Hargaisa, but you overlooked that dozen of people were killed when Riyale militias waged war against peace loving people of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn, causing displacement of thousand from their homes, who still live in exile at neighboring regions.

Perhaps above mentioned shortcomings will serve you as wake up call in order you return to your principals and help Somali people in general instead of being misguided and becoming hostages to certain particular minor groups.

Yours truly,

Abdul Rahman Hariri

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  1. farascadde says:

    Obsulately bro abdurahman u have touched the truth which is under ground , let me thank the way u have analysed the fact. may Allah bless u and shower u more wisdom..