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Somalia: Salvation of National Integrity.

Dr.Yusuf O. Al-Azhari

Frm Ambassador


Despite the many worthwhile written Articles by highly qualified and good Somali citizens, little were empathized or even completely read before the name of the writer is discerned. This is due to excessively exaggerated Sectarianism and Clan obsession that has heightened distrust and suspicion owing to unity declutching mongers with egocentric baleful aims, to benefit from the prolonged civil war and disintegration of the one Somali family. Consequently it became arduous to many to perceive the objectivity of such Articles with the exception of few.

While constructive criticism is most welcomed and is desirable principle however it should translate healthy aims that brainstorms the public mind and elucidates preservative viable notion that guide the Nation to the norms of good citizenship and enhanced civilization. Negating Article of this nature while having nothing to offer parallel to it to contribute would only discourage able Somali writers with direly need notions. Writing articles should refrain from abuses, deceptions and calumniation of others and distance it from destructive and despairing opinions. It should rather condone good character leading to a responsible life of tolerance that would strengthen the bond of our Nationhood

In criticizing disagreeable issues of an Administration, one should Concentrating on the main concept of bad mismanagement, lack of capacity people and nepotisms, misappropriation of public funds and megalomaniac obsessive notion of I know everything by the Leader. In general such criticism could be considered patriotic on the part of the writer if

substantiated with facts. That would augment the moral ethics in correcting any pursued mal administration and could bear appreciable results.

The question that presents itself immediately then is why rescinds honest and bone fade article writers if one has no better solutions to present? Let us all seize the momentum of genuine ideas presented by sincere individuals among us and build on it by adding our supportive genuine perceptions that would benefit the National interest and preserve our Integrity.

Simply to see ones own article on the website dose not necessarily improve the image or place the writer in a more prominent stanchion than the one he implicated as long as his National integrity is in question and devastated. Let us gear our integrity by rebuild our Nationhood jointly and enjoy peaceful and respectable life again. If there were wrong doings, let us first establish the required Institutions that would address it and apprehend the criminals, instead of remaining in desperation and elegy, which would not help us solve any of the problems before us.

Initiating sound solutions to remedy the National clanger and rescue the country from its long over due Political Quagmire and ambiguous disaster, we need tenacious endeavor to mobilize the public to reinstate long lost confidence and let them perceive the disintegrating factors that prevail in essence. It is only when such awareness of the peril of Sectarian conspiracy that divides them is exposed and the public is empowered to be part of the over all solution, would Somalia pursue the right Political venue. Such an effort would need liberated men and women from the shams of Tribal nepotism, who acquire good patriotic conscience, ready to shoulder consequences of impediments that may face them from vicious circles. Allowing committed capacity group to implement feasible initiative that could bring rapid change in a short time is a priority that would let the country pursue the right political tract.

A new dynamic system of good governance could interpolate Democratic empowerment designating able cabinet administrators while the top leader handles the over all coordination task; setting the State Political Policy and controlling National Security with out meddling much to become an obstacle on the day to day function of those entrusted to achieve the required result for re-building the Institutions, reviving the economy to progress and

establishing solid peace and unity through sincere Somali traditional dialogue.

Moreover despite the existence of good qualified honest personnel in the country the majority of the cream elite and highly educated class have left in search of better life abroad. One of the main factor, hitherto, seriously beleaguering progress in the country were the perception of the so far installed Heads of State in Somalia who felt that unless they dominated and control every thing, they might be seen by others, as weakling leaders unable to run the country. Thus declining to delegate power to those who are expected to do the job and operate the day-to-day function, which is a case of Great concern. This kind of maladroit policy stagnates and ruins any progress for good Governance and has to be permanently mutated.

I recall few months ago, reading an Article written in Wardheer Websites by an Intellectual Somali writer, quoting President Roosevelt who said; “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” Somalia needs leadership that would create viable teamwork with concrete plan of action to accomplish what is direly needed to be done for the country and rally the Nation behind their Government.

Though undeniable that we are divinely created to various Clans to recognize one another as stipulated in our Holly QURAAN, yet such divine creation should not be misused to exceed the purpose and be extended for the benefit of one over the other in an immoral way. We are all aware of the fact that the chronic ailments of the Somalis is tribalism which is misused by opportunist to hamper any healthy formation of a sound relationship among the one Somali Nation and thus hindered the establishment of good Institutions in the country for the last 20 years. Nor are we able so far to succeed in finding acceptable solutions to stabilize the country and live in peace with one another; which is unfortunate calamity. Albeit conflicts are now mainly concentrating in certain areas in Somalia, it is still an obstacle for total stability.

It is a known fact that many Nation of the world went through such difficult episode Somalia is passing through to day. It was only few years’ back that a

much worst civil war erupted in several African countries with devastating consequences. But they over came their disputes and mistrust by setting aside their discrepancies and started to rebuild their country and Nation. To day they are cherishing peace, prosperity and rapid development. Somalia is no less sagacious than those who genocide themselves to the point of no return and put that ugly events of the past as history behind them.

Somalis need to value one another and eschew from the habitual finger pointing and incriminating one another. Every one of us could easily criticize wrongs done by one or the other. But rarely one could encounter constructive notions that could lead us to replace the ruins and the despairing contempt created by us with harmony and brighter future; ready to cure the Clan disagreement, calling for constructive sincere peaceful co-habitation to enhance the aspiration of our people and re-instate our National Integrity.

It has never been Somali culture to disrespect one another and not to value constructive notions that aim at mending and restituting rights deprived and injustice inflicted. We must jointly ensconce an impartial government that belongs to the people with able administrators and is committed to reprimand all criminals. In jurisprudence a person is innocent until proven guilty. Judging people without substantiating the crimes committed would only increase decent and antagonism among the society. We should all actively strive to refrain from such attitude, if we want to build a civilized healthy Nation that abides and respect the law in which all could be protected and live peacefully in euphonious life with in a united Somali community. It is pertinent to have enough self-restrain to our impulsive attitude of an indiscriminate vindications, which became habitual practice.

Albeit some well known Somali Clans of certain Regions seem not to perceive the risk they are facing by acting negative to all exerted sound efforts to establish National unity and come to some sort of durable solution that would satisfy all and would rescue the country from the political mess; yet others believe with tolerance, the need to jointly Toile and Sacrifice to get the country out of the chaos, is sacra-cent necessity, if Somalis would have to live together peacefully in one united country. However habitual negativity, always, has the consequence of loosing gains obtained unjustly through Political concessions; just to appease a group to save the unity. One must know good will Tolerance has its Limitations.

My take on here is; it is discernable that we are not in any way less astute human than those Countries which demolished their statehood and emerged from the ashes and reclaimed their rightful place among the Nations of the
world. If we just listen and respect one another’s opinion with sincerity, in itself would salvage our National Integrity, and that could be an acknowledgement that we are indispensable from one other as a family. Adhering to such perception I am certain, the super eye cue talent Somalis have demonstrated wherever they live in the world could make us catch up with the lost time and make us easily acquire world respect and recognition that we are, after all, a viable Nation to be recon with.

By Dr.Yusuf O. Al–Azhari

The writer is veteran civil servant and career Diplomat / Email: geeska23@yahoo.com

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