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Somalia: Is Federalism the only Remaining National Option?

Feb 18, 2011
By Dr. Yusuf   O.  Al-Azhari Many qualified authentic Somalis could argue on whether Federalism is the right option for our country in this period of deep decomposition, agony and antagonism of our Nation which dearth any system of Governance to be re-institutionalize for the past two decades which deeply depleted National values and the integrity of Somalia as a Nation. Gazing back on the... 

Somalia: which way to forge after August 22nd?

Jan 15, 2011
By Dr. Yusuf O.  Al-Azhari Somalia’s misfortune and inability to find a viable solution to its Political mess dragged on during 2009 and 2010; two years with many political façade, blood shade and massive displacement has just ended. Many speculations and facts have either been written or narrated through the media in these two years, with some positive and negative aspects about the survival future... 

Somalia: Contemporary Politics – verses – Yester Years.

Oct 1, 2010
By Dr.Yusuf O. Al-Azhari Every Society in this Universe of ours, frequently plaudits, how people of the past generations had better moral integrity, juxtaposing the social conduct of those of yester year’s with the present time. Often our predecessors are portrayed to have been more matured more responsible and with more self-effacement in their demeanor within their guild. It apprises us of how... 

Somalia: Are Somali Americans snared victims of Al Sabab or Terrorist?

Aug 24, 2010
By Dr.Yusuf  O.  Al-Azhari Frm. Ambassador There has been recently, highly promulgated row on finding few Somali Americans who were prosecuted as being sympathetic to Al Shabab terrorist group. The US Justice Department and the FBI, announced that four separate indictments were unsealed in the District of Minnesota, the Southern District of Alabama and the Southern District of California charging... 

SOMALIA: UN & International Community Share Collective Responsibility | By Dr.Yusuf O.Al-Azhari

Jul 27, 2010
When the former special envoy of the UN Secretary General Ahmed Wad Abdalla was encompassed exclusively by concocting political group of a well known Somali Clan, in mid 2008, with the intention to derail the Somali Reconciliation from its real venue of a concrete all inclusive pattern, into a one Clan domination objective with canning political agenda, intended to marginalize one of the major Clans... 

Somalia: Salvation of National Integrity.

Jun 9, 2010
Dr.Yusuf O. Al-Azhari Frm Ambassador —– Despite the many worthwhile written Articles by highly qualified and good Somali citizens, little were empathized or even completely read before the name of the writer is discerned. This is due to excessively exaggerated Sectarianism and Clan obsession that has heightened distrust and suspicion owing to unity declutching mongers with egocentric baleful... 

Somalia: Choice of Good Governance or Lack of Leadership?

May 5, 2010
Dr.Yusuf o. Al-Azhari Frm. Ambassador …… Recently I read an article on the crises in Somalia written By Dr. Michael A. Weinstein, Professor of Political Science, Purdue University Chicago, with the caption “Where are the Leaders”. In my assessment, despite others may have perceived otherwise, the professor was attempting rightly to provoke the dormant hearts and mind of the patriotic... 

Somalia: Camouflaging under Islamic Shadow with Sinister aims

Apr 10, 2010
Dr.Yusuf O. Azhari Frm. Ambassador It is paradoxical to find now a days misuse of Islam as political procurement and to be high lighted by many desire accomplish groups ravenous for power. Consequently one may question, is Somalia an Islamic Republic by virtue of being a 100% Muslim Nation? If the response is yes, then why all the fuss about this inimitable allegiance to an alien Islamic interpretation... 

Waraaq ku socota AlShabaab, X.Islaam iyo Soomaali oo dhan | Dr Yuusuf Issa

Jan 4, 2010
Asalaama caleykum ww, ayaan leeyahay dhamaan Somali, Warqadan waxaan Walaalaha ka codsanayaa iney iga gaarsiiyaan Alshabaab iyo Xisbul   Islaam . Waxaan jeclahay si kooban oo nuxur leh inaan uga hadlo ujeedadeyda Walaalaha Somaliyeed dhamaan weynu ognahay waxii inaku dhacay,waxeynu kaloo ognahay waxa xalku yahay balse waxay naan ogeyn sidaan xalka ku gaari lahayn,marka su’aasha meesha taal waxa... 
Mashruuca Isku-filnaasho Gaarsiinta Qoysaska Agoonta - Akhri / Ka qayb qaado...