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Killings of Jewels of Somali Nation | Saeed Furaa

Knowledge production in any country costs a helluva lot. It’s an admitted fact by all men of civilized nations. University of Pretoria held a graduation ceremony recently for masters’ students (LLM). While sitting in the graduation hall at the university of Pretoria, a vague sense befell me given the recent heartbreaking news which occurred in Shamow Hotel in Mogadishu, in a similar gathering where twenty four Doctors, teachers, members from the civil society, graduating students and university staff wrapped in happiness, passed in a suicide bombing.

At the end of the day the fundamental question regarding the bombing continues to haunt us all. Perhaps the issue can be reduced to a simpler explanation: “the angry youth failed by life” whereas the larger question that confronts us as thinking people is to find out where the evil originates?.

In that crowd at University of Pretoria I sensed that with information, the degree and depth of our responsibilities grows further and deeper. The suicide and murder of others points sharply to the divided politics of our time and the dejection that haunts our youth and future leadership. It is clear that what was to be a significant step into the future progress of a nation was twice the reversal of that progress. The bombing continued to hold us hostage to our ideals and our national identity; it confirmed the rooted divisions that convince the young that politics is a place to misplace your soul and not to help your country men.

As I left the hall at the University of Pretoria I became convinced that the suicidal bombing in Shamow Hotel on the 3rd of Dec 09 was not a forlorn act of an unhappy man but an organizational outcome of the enemies of our common humanity be either you in Japan, Africa, Europe, or Brazil. The attack was against our common humanity, civilasation and nothing else.


University of Pretoria LLM Graduates


Benadir University Graduates

Indeed, murder at mass scale is what had happened in Shamow Hotel. We like to think of ourselves as civilized human beings whom understand the value of human life but these recent attacks have led me to examine my own beliefs about the quality of our lives as the people of the civilized world. We speak so profoundly of human rights and development but yet the enemy’s minds and thirst for blood has vanished in their brains. No doubt that many children as the result of these recent attacks will remain orphans and desperate but this are the realities of time.

The nerves touched were not only mine, Dr. Edna Adan who arrived at the graduation hall in University of Pretoria to receive a chancelor medal for her to contribution to humanity betterment, condemns this brutality “I strongly condemn to the deepest of my human heart and sense the atrocities that are not only inflicted to the families of the killed students, doctors and teachers but also to the people of Somaliland and humanity at large, my heartfelt sympathy and Du’aas goes to the families of the killed ones, May Allah grant them Janatul Firdowza to those who died in Shamow, May the Almighty Allah cure all those wounded…amin”amin amin. Dr. Edna

I trust and believe Somalia will rise from the difficulties of the day and become a great country with abundance of lawyers, scientist, and economists than the ones we have been robbed of, untimely.

Saeed Furaa

South Africa


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  1. siciid says:

    — Twenty-three people were killed in Mogadishu on 3 December 2009 when a blast ripped through a graduation ceremony. Among the dead was a 24-year-old final year medical student whose mother, Hawa Siyaad, spoke to IRIN about that fateful day.

    “My son asked me not to be late so I was one of the first to arrive. I closed my business [selling fuel] to be there. I was happy because I knew that my boy, Mohamed, would be going through the same ceremony next year. As the ceremony was in progress a huge explosion ripped through the hotel.

    “All of a sudden, everything was in darkness. For what seemed like a long time I could not see or hear anything. I was dazed but everyone around me was scrambling to get away. I followed the crowd and then realized that my son was at the front. I started looking for him. There were dead and injured people everywhere. I finally found my son underneath an injured person. At first I thought he was also injured but quickly realized that he was dead.

    “I tried to pick him up but could not. I just sat there next to him until someone helped me carry his body. You cannot imagine the pain of holding your oldest child, dead. That day they broke my heart and took away my hope and dreams.

    “I worked so hard to put him through university. Every day, no matter how difficult – even with bullets flying around – I sat and sold fuel to make sure he got an education. He was our future and our hope. That day they killed my hope and the future of our family… He and his friends did not deserve to die like that before they had even begun their lives.

    “I know of no religion – not mine or anyone else’s – that condones what they [the perpetrators] did. I will never forget or forgive what they have done to us.”

  2. Mohamed says:

    This piece of writing by Saeed, is indeed touching and moving. Well written, well said