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A nation destroyed by its own youth | Abdifatah Bashir

A nation destroyed by its own youth

The troubled nation of Somalia is in a disturbing state of affairs but it is a nation destroyed by its own people, what a shame for those who claim to be the leaders. It has suffered 20 years of destruction, loss of human lives and mass murdering in the name of Qabiil (clan), Qabqable (warlord) and also in the name of religion (This is a new phenomenon). If one wants to get access into power and wealth, what one may do is to form a rebel group to be an obstacle to the peace process so that he gets recognition and inclusion.
Somali leaders misuse donor funds and grants from the wealthier nations, instead of using it for peace building and the rehabilitation of the country’s institutions they divert it and this is a reason why Somalia has so many rebel leaders.

No political compromise!!!! It’s another reason why the anarchy is keeping on prolonging. It does not look quite convincing to have a nation of almost 10 million populations, but there is no single leader who is willing to compromise for the sake of the long suffering and destitute people of Somalia. There is something that the international community has failed to understand, why they are fighting? What is the ideology behind this chaos, anarchy, mistrust and lack of political compromise? The thing is, there is no true leader, the people of Somalia are waiting for their leader to come forward and rescue them out of the lawlessness.
The mentality of the locals has got to do something with the extended chaos.

They may also be blamed to have contributed for the cause of this disorder, anarchy and confusion because they adore the actions of culprits, and the self-styled jihadists. One may agree with me that it is common among Somalis and it’s harmful for the common good of the society. I believe its effect has been reflected by the lingering civil war.

To understand the root cause of the protracted war, just read thoroughly this….
“Until, the philosophy which holds one clan superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere in Somalia is a war, there is a war.

Until, there is no longer first clan and second clan of Somalis, there is a war.
That until the basic human rights is equally guaranteed to all without regard to clan, there is a war.
Until the day, the dream of lasting peace, divine morality will remain illusion and never attained.
And until, our brothers in Xamar, Hiiraan, Hargeesa, Galkacyo, Bosaso, Kismayo, Mudug, have harmony, peace and development, there is a war. War up North, war down South, rumors of a war.

Until the day, the African continent will not notice. We youth will fight we find it necessary and we know we shall win as we are confident.”

Possible solutions

How do we want to attain peace, harmony and development? When the so-called leaders are executing innocent civilians in the name of religion to get acknowledgment from the international community and the neighboring countries, we will never achieve it; we will never find what we are looking for until injustice is eliminated from the land of Somalis.

Until this nation finds a leader who is guided by divine morality, democracy, there is a war every corner of Somalia. Until we find a leader who’s willing to compromise for the sake of the anguished population.

We will never find long lasting peace, harmony among clans and development in every sector of the economy and it will always remain delusion until recognition is offered to the minority clans, since they have undergone considerable amount of pain and brutality from the so-called major clans.

By Abdifatah Bashir Ahamed
Member of crossing borders organization, executive director of WEYOUTH, and also the chairman of Somali University Students
Email address: elbashiry@gmail.com

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3 Jawaabood " A nation destroyed by its own youth | Abdifatah Bashir "

  1. Mohamed says:

    The only solution we can solve our problem or conflicts is to avaid all kinds of clanism between the clans.And starting to unite our nation.

  2. Nuux says:

    We have a system(Islam) without people.There will never be peace until we establish the sharia.It brings peace and prosperity.

  3. Abdul says:

    The solution to our problem is for the Somalis to unite under Somali nationalism . As long as we are divided into clans whether it be big or small clans , there will be no peace among us .United we are strong and we will solve our problems .