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Somaliland: an ugly face of a clannish enclave | Mohamoud Yusuf

“Somaliland”; an ugly face of a clannish enclave

It was two decades ago when the last and infamous iron curtail between eastern and western blocks, the Parlin wall vanished. Since then, the political scene of the world has been steadily changing. Once heavily observed boundaries between great and abhorrent nations became tourist attractions and the world shrinks into one global village in 21st, century, the age of post modernity.

The Somali people who have a distinguished history and characteristics compared to the rest of African societies, as they share common language, culture, creed, tradition, inhabit certain geographical area and not to mention enjoy, having unique physical features which yet confirm that they have a common ancestor. Despite that unique homogeneity, Somalis are the most divided society in this modern world, not in political ideologies but merely along clan affinities. The agonizing and long demising course of once the Somali state is now on its most critical juncture. Once most respected and powerful nation of horn of Africa region, if not entire Africa, is currently belittled to what is known to the world as failed state, state of terror, black hole of the world, lawlessness and seemingly potential base of Al-Qaida and other religious fundamentalist groups.

Since the last functional government in Somalia collapsed in 1991, Somali people went through and still enduring the most horrendous human misery in the history of modern world, resulted by seemingly endless conflict. The country has fragmented into tiny enclaves based on clannish pseudo-boundaries.

One of these enclaves “Somaliland” which differs from the other entities on its secessionist and suicidal policy, has since then been a ticking bomb. Human rights watch stated in its recently report that the people of northern Somalia “Somaliland” are “hostages to peace”. The peace and democracy, the secessionists have been advocating for two decades is now turned to be the opposite. Human rights violation and widespread corruption are rampant.

Shocking, as it was, the incident that happened in Awdal region, last week, where four prominent business and educated civilians from Borama were abducted and barbarically executed by armed militia loyal to secessionists is a lithmus test of where “Somaliland” stands today. We are now, unfortunately witnessing the most brutal and ugly face of Somaliland’s clan chauvinism policy and its total failure of creating peaceful co-existence among the societies under their authority.

Ironically, yet, taking advantage of statelessness in Somalia and the more chaotic south in the last two decades, the secessionists have always been claiming that they achieved a sort of peace and democracy. Fortunately or unfortunately, the south and the other parts of the country moved beyond Somaliland’s present status quo, where open conflict between clans occurs in daily bases, when the conflict in south is mainly based on religion and other political differences.

Inhabitants of Awdal, one of the most peaceful and fixed (non pastoral) non Isaq northerners, and the other non isaq clans of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn provinces who are vehemently against secessionist policy fell in to an easy prey to the injustice calamity of the self proclaimed republic.

Somali people are indivisible in any aspect but if secessionists still dream on and insist on their separatist policy, they should bear in mind that they are swimming in a wrong ocean. Recognition will not come through oppression of a clan on another clan.

In conclusion, Somaliland’s demagogic “politicians” have so far failed to come up with a policy of viable governance, let alone to speak of constructive and inclusive policy to pursue an international recognition.

Now, as reality catches up, it’s time for the secessionist cheer leaders, isolating themselves even further, either to demarcate their pseudo boundary and let free the people of Awdal, Sool, Sanaag and Cayn to determine their future as these people are unionist supporters to the core. Or abandon their unwittingly suicidal policy of seceding from Somalia. The latter seems to be the only option left for the people of northern Somalia to get out of the self imposed embargo.

By Mohamoud Yusuf

Sweden, Stockholm 21 July


The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and it does not represent the editorial opinions of Somalitalk

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3 Jawaabood " Somaliland: an ugly face of a clannish enclave | Mohamoud Yusuf "

  1. abdinasir says:

    It is very pitiful to hear that men die away of hunger while some men are enjoying with 100.000 USD presidential payout.

    There are no cultural and historical attractions nor any resources in Somaliland and yet every single penies coming in from the tax are extravagently spent on first President and Minsteries.

    I would like to see them all ousted and enjoined to Somalia

  2. m yusuf says:

    Mr/miss Elman, Iam really pleased to read your comments on my Aricle.

    I know that people of somaliland have no so hatred attitude toward their felow somalis neither do I toward any group of somalis.

    I myself am a northerner but i dont believe that clan enclaves going to help the somali people to stand again as a nation state.

    as a northerner, i dont have any problem that Somaliland may persue an international recognition, but the way the so called Somaliland politicians whom i would rather call clancherrleaders are behaving is counter productive. This is the point i was critical on

    Thanks alot

  3. Former Somalia Italia Provence, an ugle face of war, hatred and lack of responsibility.

    Mr Yusuf the people of Republic of Somaliland has always had an good and friendly view towards the people of the republic Somalia even after what their political class did to us in 1991 .
    Somaliland was in 1991 a country totally destroyed by made by the former Somalia army. The killing of 100,000 + people, destruction of entire cities most well-known capital city of Hargeisa where 90% of buildings where damaged and the entire population fled to Hawd reserve area.

    For documentation, well please see many evidence from well-known international human rights groups.

    Today 18 years after the people of Somaliland has rebuild their country, established peace among all clans and have made many major successful steps towards the development of major educational and economics wellbeing of its people.
    Among this is the creation of university, schools, road, airports, and so and so.
    Not all that we have also taken many refugees from What was use to be called Somalia Italia provence , many of these people live in our city where we give them rights to work, education and peace something which is missing in your hell called Mogadishu( city of dead) and other cites.
    The problem with people who call for so-called Unity is that they don’t live in reality and seemed to in their own little imaginative world.

    The Somalia you seemed to call home is today
    The hell of world, a failed state which have no central government but many warlords and fakereligious groups who are fighting to enslave the innocent people children and women. All of them know seems to be born again Sheiks even though many of them had low ranks in the now defect Southern National army and no religious education.
    The Somalia you are advocating for has created the worlds largest refugee camp with over 300,.0000 in northern Kenya, all of these people come from your regions and are dying of thirst and hunger. Maybe you should help them before giving any lecture towards the people of Somaliland who are a beacon of hope in a sea of destruction and killing .
    Mr Yusuf I don’t have to write here all the crimes which you people in the south have made all of these are well documented but biggest mistake you seem to made is to think that we still are living in 1991
    The reality is that the world has change, and the republic of Somaliland is here whether you like it or not, Yes it may have it problems and we don’t deny these. However retaking the control of the British Somaliland which was and independent country in June 26 1960 is something which is not for negotiation.
    With regards to military force which you people are so fund of.
    We will be waiting for you with our national military to defend and protect our homes and families.
    May God help you because with all political and social problems you guys have the republic of Somaliland should be last thing in your mind.

    PS. All this clan naming which you are writing here is something which we left 1991.
    Here in Somaliland we don’t care which clan you are from and we have don’t have cities which are divided into green line where people are killed just for crossing over, that should be something for you to reflect on.

    Elman Haji Berberawi in Beautiful Hargeisa