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Prime Minister meets with farmers: “strong export led agriculture sector key to securing Somalia’s future”

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed today met with farmers to discuss the challenges they face and the help the government can provide to Somalia’s agriculture sector. The Prime Minister set out his vision of restoring the country’s strong export led agriculture sector as a key part of Somalia’s economic recovery.

Farmers from Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle met with Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, Minister of Agriculture Abdi Ahmed Mohammed and Deputy Minister Osman Libah Ibrahim at Jazeera Hotel. They discussed the need to continue to secure remaining areas of Somalia under Al Shabaab control as the insecurity and illegal seizure of land hampers production and harvests.

Talking with the farmers, the Prime Minister said: “This type of meeting is very important, they give us the chance to hear direct from the Somali people the challenges and hopes they have. I come from a family of farmers and I was educated at an agriculture secondary school so I have a good understanding of agriculture and it is something I am deeply passionate about.

“Somalia has always had a strong and proud agriculture sector, exporting our produce and livestock all over the world. I want agriculture to help lead in the economic recovery of Somalia.

“Farmers in parts of Somalia continue to face many challenges to their livelihood from extreme weather conditions such as flooding and droughts to the seizure of their lands and illegal taxation by Al Shabaab.

“Restoring and redeveloping our export led agriculture sector is a key part of our long term economic plan to secure Somalia’s future. It will create jobs and prosperity for the people of Somalia allowing them to provide for their families and helping to spread security and stability.

“Somalia’s economy is once again growing thanks to the improved security environment alongside the hard work and ingenuity of the Somali people. Al Shabaab not only threaten our people with indiscriminate violence and killing but are also hampering the economic recovery of Somalia. This is why we must continue to defeat them militarily, spreading the sphere of security and stability creating an environment rich for economic development and growth.”

somalia_map2Following the meeting the Minister of Agriculture, said: “Today’s meeting is the first of many to be held by myself and my ministry with those from across the agriculture sector. Over the coming weeks I want to meet and hear from as many farmers, fishermen, exporters and NGOs working on agriculture development as I can, I want to learn the challenges they face and what the government can do to help them. “


29 January 2014

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