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The future of Somalia and the threat of nationhood

Not long time ago when Somalia’s huge problems arose following the collapse of the statehood of Somalia in 1991. The ensuing political and social footballs precipitated waves of hostilities and conflict that wiped out any sign of government and paved the way for destruction, disarray and internecine war. The lucky people managed to walk away from the tragedy and sought a refuge in overseas. The vulnerable and impoverished families stayed put as they were financially challenged and even who didn’t know where to go, where to flee and nothing to do. Many of them were butchered on separate occasions aimed the intensity of clashes while as for others narrowly survived from the havoc and the man-made disaster but sustained trauma and psychological problems due to the loss of loved ones and other painful experiences they encountered over successive years.

The populations are wearied by warlordism leading one another that ruled out for the country to reclaim its nationhood and the betterment of the whole situation throughout the country. To add their misery, the Somali nationals within the country developed a great concern for future as to lacking in security, education, employment, health care and more other basic needs that were previously covered by the late government of Somalia. Although there is a glimmer of hope in the air but a significant breakthrough and a nationwide upheaval is unlikely to come for the years ahead in regard to the deepening political discord and the disintegration of the grassroots.

The threat to a future peaceful and prosperous Somalia has two phases. One phase is for the Somalis who segregated themselves and allowed leaders to manipulate and destroy their lives and future under pretext of defending a cause without thinking of their plight and yet not showing a slight mercy to speak of. The other phase is for the leaders that hardly believe that tomorrow is another day and things may change straight away and get out of their control if they want to press ahead with the mentality, culture and attitude of today that are totally irrelevant to the predicament and prevailing conditions in the country. What they need is to have a goodwill and mutuality with one leader being installed as a national and common president for all opposed to the fact that he has to be safeguarded by foreign troops and held up in small pockets of land as it is the case in Mogadishu. This man should be a man who able to reach out to the entire regions of Somalia proudly as president while his comrades will have to exercise a democracy and freedom of speech without feeling intimidation and gag.

By the status quo, it is inevitable that the Somali people where ever they are must take the national solution into their own hands without waiting anymore and binning their hopes on those scuffling and wrangling all the time who cannot even sink their differences once and for all let alone bringing some unique for a country out of their hearts. Truly speaking the time has now come for the majority of Somalis to bury the hatchet and end the history in the making of their own making and stop opening their hearts to the doggy and happy-go-leaders who really don’t care whether they are at peace or at war, whether they are dying or surviving, whether they are having a future or in gloomy. By the way, the ball is in their court for now.

Abdirisak Mohamed

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