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Somalia: Puntland Govt Statement on Heavy Fighting Near Galkayo

Puntland State of Somalia


1 November 2013

Puntland Government strongly condemns today’s planned and coordinated
attack of aggression on Puntland defense line in Mudug Administrative
Region, which was repelled by Puntland Defense Force (Darawiishta).

Today at 12:00pm, as the people were attending weekly Islamic Juma payers,
militiamen in over 20 vehicles – including 11 armed-trucks (“technicals”) as
well as transport and supply trucks – carried out a coordinated attack on
Godod village, 30km east of Galkayo on the road to Jariban town inside
Puntland jurisdiction. Puntland government forces repelled the attackers,
inflicted casualties and seized one armed-truck from the fleeing militia. One
Puntland soldier suffered light wounds during the battle.

This was a planned and coordinated attack in military formation, carried out by
militiamen based in Galmudug neighborhood in south Galkayo.

In recent days, Puntland intelligence has been monitoring the arrival of arms
shipment at Galmudug-controlled Bandiiraley airstrip, 60km south of Galkayo.
Intelligence information confirms that Federal Government of Somalia (FGS)
officials, including Mr. Abdikarim Hussein Guled, FGS Minister of Interior who
hails from Galmudug neighborhood, sent the arms shipment to Bandiiradley.

Puntland Government suspended all relations with FGS on August 5, 2013,
and some FGS officials – including Mr. Abdikarim – are actively involved in
efforts to destabilize Puntland during the ongoing election process and aim to
re-ignite clan wars of the 1990s.

The Government strongly condemns the destructive role FGS continues to
play in Somalia and warns of the catastrophic impact of FGS failed policies.

Puntland respects good neighborly relations and the Government is
committed and constitutionally mandated to defend the peace, security,
stability and progress of the people and State of Puntland from all enemies,
domestic or external. The Government commends the courageous role of
Puntland government forces in securing the State’s future.

The aspiration of Puntland and the Somali people is to overcome security
challenges and to achieve lasting peace, justice and progress in Somalia.

— END —

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