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Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (ARS) Somali National Party (Hanoolaato) Alliance for the Salvation of Somalia, Somali Democratic and Patriotic Movement.

We, the aforementioned Somali Political Organizations, view with grave concern recent outrageous attempts to extend the mandate of the “Transitional Federal Institutions” (TFIs) for 2-3 more years. The mandate of these entities is slated to expire in August 2011.

IGAD’s so-called consensus, adopted in February, 2011, in Addis Ababa endorsed a two year extension of the life of the “Transitional Federal Parliament” (TFP). Taking its cue from the so-called IGAD consensus, the “ TFP” voted itself an extension of three more years.

And while the UN, EU, Italy, US and UK came out against such a folly, the Ethiopian government hastily issued an official statement endorsing the TFP’s decision to vote itself a three more tenure. To date, even other IGAD member States refrain from supporting such a self serving extension.

Simply put, this rush to extend the life of the TFP for another 2-3 years is a conspiracy by the Government of Ethiopia and its Somali quislings to grab political power in the post August 2011 period.

The litmus test, however, is whether or not any mandate extension for any TFI entity (Presidency, TFG, and TFP) will serve the promotion of genuine national reconciliation and achievable peace in Somalia.

On this basis, we strongly reject and believe that any mandate extension for any TFI entity

  • will perpetuate an unsustainable and failed status quo;
  • will give legitimacy to corrupt, inept and dysfunctional entities;
  • will consolidate the power of self seeking individuals;
  • will further alienate and discourage major stakeholders from participation in any future reconciliation process and consequently undermine the search for genuine peace in Somalia.

What is needed is a fresh paradigm that:

v     can provide  us –Somalis- the space to solve our own problems;

v    recognizes the urgent need for a truly Somali owned peace process ;

v    can bring about an all inclusive national dialogue with the participation of all the major stakeholders as well as credible representatives from civil society including the Somali Diaspora, women’s groups eminent personalities, business people and intellectuals;

v  recognizes the imperative of holding the future national dialogue on Somali soil;

v  redefines the role(s) of the international community as a facilitator;

v   can stop Ethiopia’s flagrant interference in Somalia’s internal affairs;

Finally, we urge all patriotic and decent Somalis to reject and protest this new conspiracy aimed at extending the term of failed TFI entities in any form or shape. We also appeal to Ambassador Mahiga, SRSG, and other members of the international community to persist in their welcome rejection of tenure extension for any TFI entity.


For further information, please contact:

Ali Ahmed Deputy chair of SNP/Hanoolato

Email- ashamed@hanoolaato.org

Ambassador Ahmed Abdi Hashi (Hashara) ARS/Asmara


Amina Ahmed Warsame Somali Democratic and Patriotic Movement

Email- aagodane@hotmail.com

Abukar M. Ali, Alliance for the Salvation of Somalia


10 February, 2011

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