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ARS Press Release Statement: shocking speech of President Yeweri Museveni of Uganda


Press Release Statement

We have listened with bewilderment the shocking speech of President Yeweri Museveni of Uganda, which he delivered in front of African Head of States on the occasion of AU Summit, opened today in Kampala, Uganda.  Mr. Museveni’s opening speech has not only offended the Somali people, but wittingly insulted the people of the entire Asian continent and Middle East nations (Please refer to Al-Jazeera English news channel and Ugandan TV and radio channels).

Somalis are victims of the hegemonic attitude of Prime Minister Miliz Zenawe of Ethiopia and proxy war that his forces carried out in 2006-2008 in Somalia. Currently the same war has been engaged by the Ugandan and Burundian forces, known as AMISOM, in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia since 2007.

As we write, our capital city is sealed off by AMISOM forces whose declared mission is peace keeping, but in reality they are protecting and imposing an illegitimate and illicit government. AMISOM forces, from Uganda and Burundi butcher Somali people on a daily bases. Two thirds of Mogadishu, once the beautiful capital city of Somalia, has been destroyed by constant bombardments and indiscriminate shelling by Ugandan tanks, cannons, artilleries and all sorts of military hardware.

Almost all of Mogadishu’s neighborhoods have been greatly damaged or entirely demolished beyond recognition. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians have been murdered and maimed; our women have been systematically raped, another hundreds of thousands have been uprooted and displaced.

Somali people have been polarized and divided into feuding factions. Ethiopian & Ugandan Leaderships are deliberately classifying Somalis in to two categories:

a) Docile and good collaborators of the regional international community.

b) Renegade and peace spoilers who are branded as Islamic Fanatic Terrorists.

Somali people will not forgive or forget these atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity that Ugandan and Ethiopian leaderships have committed against them. The Somali people expect justice to be served for them by bringing those responsible in to International Criminal Court no matter how high their positions or statuses are.

We call the attention of African head of States, participants of AU summit in Kampala to take appropriate and thoughtful political decisions that promote peace and reconciliation in Somalia; not militarisation and more bloodshed policies that could jeopardise the stability of the Horn of Africa sub-region, with the following main ingredients:

  1. Establishment of fact finding committee with an investigation a mandate to examine atrocities against Somali people by AMISOM forces.
  2. Seeking political settlement by means of peace and reconciliation promotion, not by means of military occupation and more bloodshed.
  3. Immediate withdrawal of AMISOM forces (African troops) from Somalia.
  4. Condemnation of those countries that meddle with the internal affairs of Somalia.

We, Somalis would like to see the African governments play more positive role in Somalia. Unlike the current trend of militarisation and assisting a mirage government, a role that promotes peace and reconciliation would be more productive and most appropriate to play for the African leadership in Somalia. Alternatively they should refrain from interference of Somali affairs and leave Somalia for the Somalis.

We believe Muslims and non-Muslim faiths lived in Africa for thousands of years in harmony and peaceful co-existence and continue do so. Thus any ill intentions to inflame religious hatred and conflict will be futile to disturb this equilibrium.

While we condemn the killings of innocent people wherever they are in the world, we would like to re-assure President Museveni and the rest of African leaders in Kampala that the Somali people will be united to defend their country forcefully and fiercely from any foreign aggression and/or military occupation to Somalia.

End of press release.

Dr. Zakaria Mohamud Haji Abdi

ARS Chairman.

London, 25 2010

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