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London: ARS press on UNSC Sanctions against Eritrea

UNSC Sanctions against Eritrea 

We express profound consternation with the UNSC resolution 1907 (2009) dated 23rd December 2009. 

When Somalia illegally invaded by Ethiopian forces and our people were subjected perfidiously to the daily mass killing and property destruction, the UNSC did not condemn the Ethiopian aggression against a Sovereign state and member of the United nation. We strongly believe the main aim of this UNSC resolution is to divert the attention from the major obstacle to peace in Somalia which is the continued Ethiopian interference in the Somali internal affairs but not Eritrea. 

It is well known since 1991, after the fall of Siad Barre, that weapons were delivered from Ethiopia for the following reasons:

  1. To divide the Somali people and to kill each other
  2. To destabilize the peace and security in Somalia
  3. To balkanize Somalia into clan-based regions
  4. To prevent and block any peacefully political process that will lead to strong Somalia, with political independence and unity of Somalia.

We were following that countries subservient to United State of America, for a quite time, were pressuring the Security Council to impose sanctions against Eritrea. The region is in a highly volatile situation, to say the least; the UN is adding fuel to the fire. Eritrea is a friendly country to the Somali people and did not invade Somalia but gave the Somali people a political and moral support during the Ethiopian barbaric and heinous occupation to Mogadisho. Again it is regrettable that the UNSC failed to identify where the problem of Somalia lies and who is responsible for war mongering and continuously destabilizing Somalia and the region in general. 

It is time the United Nations and others must recognize that they cannot impose illegitimate governments to the Somali people in order to suppress their will. We will not accept malfunction entities and discredited puppet regimes and corrupted individuals. By law, only the Somali people can confer legitimacy to their government but not IGAD, and the United Nations.

The ARS in London rejects and denounces firmly the UNSC resolution 1907 (2009) against Eritrea. We strongly believe the road to durable peace in Somalia lies through a genuine national reconciliation, widely inclusive and owned by Somalis without foreign interference.  

Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) in London– 28th December 2009

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