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ARS Press release on UNSC Sanctions against Eritrea

Isbahaysiga Dib-u-xoraynta Soomaaliya

Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia (ARS) 

UNSC Sanctions against Eritrea 

The Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) expresses profound dismay with UNSC resolution 1907 (2009) dated December 23, 2009. Although the declaration purports to address immediate threats to the stability and wellbeing of Somalia, yet it has been reduced simply to another failure in dealing with the roots of the crisis or real violators of the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the human dignity of its citizens.  

The following facts support our position:-

  1. Somalis, the dictates of geography and presence of foreign military bases in the region underline the fact that weapons are not delivered from Eritrea but are primarily captured from enemy troops (of the so-called TFG or foreign occupation forces).
  2. Support for the opposition forces comes from the people of Somalia.
  3. Eritrea’s assistance has consistently proved to have been constructive in that it:-
      1. Hosted Somali political factions (Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed included) in search for an inclusive national consensus.
      2. Eritrea has remained mindful and loyal to the unwavering solidarity by Somalis throughout its 30 years liberation struggle.
      3. Unlike some of our immediate neighbors, Eritrea did not invade or violate in any manner the sovereignty of our country or its people.


Instead of dealing with realities on the ground, the UNSC resolution failed to identify the actual perpetrators of instability and pursued a proxy witch-hunt for a scapegoat. Evidence for this pattern of conveniently distorting facts and double standards can be traced in numerous Security Council decisions, including:-

  • Uganda’s military intervention in the DRC; and, Rwanda s’ role in the same conflict.
  • Ethiopia’s military, financial and political support to Somali warlords during the TNG reign (2000- 2004), that has been carried out in blatant violation of UNSC resolutions.
  • Ethiopia’s military invasion and subsequent occupation of Somalia during 2006-8 contrary to Resolution 1625 of 2004.

Therefore, the ARS rejects and denounces in the strongest terms UNSC resolution 1907 (2009). 

Peace and stability in Somalia cannot be reclaimed through a policy dedicated to the search for scapegoats. Instead, there is no alternative to a Somali owned inclusive approach along with the withdrawal of foreign troops. Accordingly, we call upon the international community to support this effort by respecting the will of our people.    

ARS – Asmara. 

December 24, 2009.

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