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Yemen, Somalia to sign understanding memo in fisheries sector

Memo of fishing cooperation between Yemen and Somalia signed


SANA’A, Nov. 19 (Saba)- Yemen and Somalia signed on Thursday a memorandum of understanding over executive program between the two countries in field of fisheries wealth.

The memo was signed by the ministers of fisheries wealth in both countries to encourage private sectors to carry out joint fishing projects and coordinate between the two sides in combating acts which target security of the navigation.

The memo also stated to form a joint committee from both governments to organize fishing operations in regional waters of the two countries.


Yemen, Somalia to sign understanding memo in fisheries sector


SANA’A, Nov. 18 (Saba) – Yemen and Somalia discussed on Wednesday mutual cooperation relations in fisheries sector in the light of the memorandum of understanding to be signed in the coming days.

The memo of understanding which is to be signed during the visit of a Somali delegation headed by Somali First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resource Abdulrahman Ibbi aims at promoting the joint cooperation between the two countries in different fisheries fields.

A meeting gathered Prime Minister Ali Mujawar with the Somali Minister reviewed the latest development in Somalia and the efforts of the Somali government to achieve security and stability in the country.

Mujawar affirmed Yemen’s firm and positive position for the efforts to ensure security and peace in Somalia, expressing the country’s keenness to enhance the cooperation with Somalia in several fields including the fisheries one.

For his part, Ibbi praised Yemen’s support for Somalia, expressing the appreciation of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government for the humanitarian actions of Yemeni government towards Somali refugees.

He also reviewed the results of his negotiations with officials in Fisheries Ministry on developing cooperation mechanisms in order to achieve the integration between the two countries.


Somali official arrives in Yemen


SANA’A, Nov. 18 (Saba) – Somalia Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Abdirahman Ibbi arrived in Sana’a on Wednesday.

During a few-day visit, the Somali Minister will hold talks with officials in the Ministry of Fisheries Wealth.

Ibbi said that the talks would focus on strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the area of fisheries wealth through exchanging experiences in fields of maritime fishing and joint investment in this regard.


Yemen, Somalia hold talks over fishing cooperation


SANA’A, Nov. 18 (Saba)- Co-chaired by Yemeni and Somali Ministers of Fisheries Wealth , Yemeni-Somali official talks were began in Sana’a capital on Wednesday.

The talks focused on field of the mutual cooperation between Yemen and Somalia in field of fisheries wealth and plans of both countries over fishing and protection of the sea environment.

The Yemeni minister Mohammed bin Shamlan affirmed concern of Yemen to enhance joint work with the brothers in Somalia to benefit from the huge wealth of fishes in coastlines of the two nations.

It is scheduled the two sides will sign memorandum of understanding to encourage private sectors in both countries to invest in fishing sector.


Sana’a Forum delegations leave Yemen


SANA’A, Nov. 21 (Saba) – Sana’a Forum countries’ delegations represented by the Sudanese President advisor Mustafa Othman Ismail, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin, Djiboutian Foreign and International Cooperation Minister Mohammed Ali Yusef, Somali Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Jama’a left on Saturday Sana’a after a short visit during which they met President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

During the meeting, they conveyed letters from their countries leaders to President Saleh which confirmed their countries stand beside Yemen and support for its security, stability and unity.

The letters considered Yemen’s security and stability is part and parcel of their countries’ security and the region in general.


Sana’a Grouping assures full support for Yemen


SANA’A, Nov. 21 (Saba) – The Sana’a Grouping announced on Saturday full support for Yemen, saying they must stand by the country in tough times, Sudan’s President’s counselor Mustafa Othman said.

The announcement was made as a delegation that comprised of senior officials from the grouping countries including the counselor of Sudan’s President Mustafa Othman, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin and Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahmoud Youssouf arrived in Sana’a.

We were ordered to head for Yemen to assure it about our governments’ firm stance towards its unity and stability and their refusal to any meddling in its internal matters, Othman said.

Meeting president Saleh and other senior officials, the African officials also said that destabilizing Yemen’s security and stability is meant to destabilize the grouping and that the interest of Yemen is with the country being unified and stable.

Yemen’s security is a part and parcel of the Horn of Africa security, they said.

We are concerned about what is happening in Yemen; hence we came here to assure the Yemeni government and people about our support, they added.

Ethiopia’s Foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin said President Saleh has briefed them on the developments in Yemen, particularly the situation in the far north where the army is battling the Houthi insurgents.

For his part, Somalia’s Foreign minister said that Yemen is a crucial partner in the region, expressing confidence the Yemeni government under the leadership of President Saleh can overcome all obstacles.

The Sana’a Grouping includes Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan.


Saleh receives delegation of Sana’a Forum Countries


SANA’A, Nov.21 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh received here on Saturday delegation of Sana’a Forum Countries including Sudanese Presidential Advisor Mustafa Ismail, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin, Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahmoud Youssouf and Somali Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Jama.

The meeting discussed a number of issues and developments that concern the bilateral relations between Sana’a Forum Countries as well as the developments in the region, topped by African Horn area and coordinating positions and efforts of the forum countries to serve security and stability in the region.

The African officials affirmed their countries’ support to Yemen and its security, stability and unity and considered Yemen’ security and stability as inseparable part of their countries’ security and the region in general.

They expressed their confidence in wisdom and ability of President Saleh to overcome all challenges facing Yemen, rejecting any intervention in Yemen’s internal affairs by any other part.

Meanwhile, the African official noted that Yemen is an effective partner for their countries and an important element to support security and stability in the region.

During the meeting, President Saleh highly valued the forum countries’ supportive positions to our country, voicing the Yemeni people’s appreciation for this honorable position.

He affirmed the importance of the role of Sana’a Forum in enhancing the cooperation, partnership and solidarity between its member countries to serve security and stability in the region.


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