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There is no deal and discussion to Socotra Island; it is part of Somali Territorial Islands.

Yemen in recent years is the pressure to legitimize the island of Socotra, Somalia, and on the way for the deployment of the project and the military on the island of Socotra Somalis. Yemen resulted in Socotra, that providing false information and, is struggling to dominate the island which one of the East Africa country. Failure would be any trail to the island from Yemen to view any aspect of the regulation of Yemen

Socotra is the heart of Somalia allows the Socotra archipelago is part of Somalia, and we are really on the request of the United Nations to determine the status of the archipelago. Socotra is strategic, and this means a lot to Somalia.

To destabilize the country , Yemen unstable government with full of weapons is going to the Horn of Africa, and create a problem of issue on archipelago between the east Africa and the Middle East. The military regime is trying to support military weapon in Somalia, trying to get the worst and fueling the fire of the disaster which is happening in Somalia, through the sale of weapons and break the siege imposed United Nations on Somalia. Yemen is a state that controls the militias, diminished corruption, any type of drugs, and sentenced by the Council of Elders in any region, city of the state.

Yemen has no right to claim, to rule and administration to the island of Socotra, which lies about 160 km from the coast of Somalia, which is located within our territory in the maritime border of the right.

‘And demands that Yemen does not have any sense, reference is unprecedented and dangerous any time. Yemen is going to take advantage of the conflict in Somalia, but is an attempt to dispute one of the territories of our country, which justifies the existence of artificial date and attempt to provide false information to the United Nations.

Usually, people go anywhere at the present time and past also, and monitor the various means of transportation as human civilized up, cause a great migration of people transfer a different place, as well as any one can reach in this world through sailors on boats and Vessels. Yemen and other Arabs come to East Africa in/with different ways, for preaching of the Islamic faith, business, and personal immigration by searching for a better life. Because of the Arabian Peninsula usually very bad poor people in hundreds of thousands of years before oil drilling in a few decades ago.

It also allows us the truth of the matter in the past, and we became a center for Arabic to welcome to East Africa, to came our land and share our life, and we end up something like this, because they were Muslims, we are proud of the faith, and we look at the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yemen now is to try to change reality, and an attempt to destabilize the continent and create a very serious discussion between the communities, countries. We Somali Community, and the Senate, scholars and activists, locally, regionally and internationally, and we will prevent any kind or steps to dispute to our archipelago, “Socotra.” We do not have a deal or talk to provide a platform of discussion because it is our island. There is nothing to hold talks with the current table, and discuss the two countries.

Socotra is a part of Somalia, which is part of the Bari region of Puntland Regional State. Yemen does not have any option to claim that the island of Socotra. Do not do exactly a dream that can’t be supported you any more and lead you nothing at all. And independently, there must be respect for each and every one of us, Yemen and Somalia. We will not claim in any place in Yemen, and we do not have any legal rights for that, and so Yemen must be respected our autonomy and stop the segmentation of Somali Nation, as we did to Yemen.

Ibrahim Abdi Geele

Republic of Djibouti


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2 Jawaabood " There is no deal and discussion to Socotra Island; it is part of Somali Territorial Islands. "

  1. Abuukar says:

    Mr Mohamed Jabuuti is not part on Somalia nation, but it is one of Somali Community. and Socotra is a part of Somalia. Yemen’s has no any right to deploy any of their administration. Any of us should be respected. thank you Sir

  2. Maxamed Soomaali says:

    Mr Ibrahim Abdi Geele I have one question for you what about Republic of djibouti is it part of Somalia?