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Somali pirates jailed for 439 years in Spanish court (AP)

May 5, 2011
A SPANISH court has sentenced two Somalis to 439 years in jail each for the 2009 hijacking of a Spanish fishing boat in the Indian Ocean and said government-linked bodies paid a ransom to secure the boat and crew’s release. The National Court also said that those convicted were Cabdiweli Cabdullahi and Raageggesey Hassan Aji. The Alakrana tuna boat with 36 crew was seized off Somalia in October... 

Captive Egyptians defeat Somali pirates, sail free

Aug 14, 2009
MOGADISHU, Somalia — Using machetes and guns, the men fought a desperate battle to take control of two boats off the Somali coast. But this time, it wasn’t pirates who launched the attack — it was Egyptian fishermen who had been held hostage for four months and who killed two brigands and took others captive as they regained control of their vessels. On Friday, the roughly three dozen newly... 
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