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The Unintended Consequences of the King Hearings

Aug 8, 2011
On July 27 Rep. Peter King held his third Congressional hearing on the “radicalization” of Muslim Americans, putting the spotlight on Somali American youth. Only one Somali speaker gave testimony, Ahmed Hussen from Canada. Below Abdinasir Egal, a researcher with African Rights Monitor and organizer of the Somali Diaspora Youth Conference in Boston in mid July, voices his concerns. by Abdinasir... 

Op-Ed: Political Expediency may Forfeit Reform in Somalia

Jun 16, 2011
By: Abukar Arman – The worst thing that could happen to Somalia at this critical juncture—in its recovery from two decades of bloodshed and chaos— is to disrupt the momentum of security improvement and to derail the reformation process lead by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and his cabinet. And that is exactly what the Kampala Accord has inadvertently done. But, who would have ever... 

Why Demonstrate Now? | Ahmed Hirsi

Jun 13, 2011
In recent days Somalis have been demonstrating in Mogadishu and in all major cities across Somalia as well as in the neighbouring countries, particularly in Nairobi Kenya. These demonstrations could be interpreted as a way of expressing powerlessness and discontent on how foreigners time after time meddle in Somali affairs. Not a soul can refute the fact that most Somalis are weary of unwarranted... 

Only a popular Accord can restore Somalia’s self-governance, dignity and prosperity

May 30, 2011
May 30, 2011 As a follow up to meeting on Somalia held in New York on May 11, members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) travelled to Nairobi, Kenya on May 24-25 for further consultation with leaders of Somalia, African Union (AU) and Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD). After listening  the pathetic speeches of top leaders of the Transitional Federal Institutions of Somalia... 

The Health Challenges in Cold Countries – Part 1: The Role of Vitamin D in Health and Autism

Apr 12, 2011
INTRODUCTION It is difficult to cover all the problems in one article, so I selected interrelated issues which are most alarming ones and these are the consequences of vitamin D deficiency and Autism. READ MORE  Read More →

Parliamentary coup within TFIs of Somalia | Uluso

Mar 30, 2011
March 29, 2011 The parliamentary coup in progress in Mogadishu has eclipsed all other important topics in Somalia. The critical issues that deserve in depth examination include the relevance of Djibouti Peace Agreement (2008), the development and implementation of comprehensive strategy for peace and state-building, the foreign-driven constitution-making process and uncountable gatherings, the massive... 

Mason Police arrests student in Fenwick Library for alleged Abduction

Mar 15, 2011
Dahir, a black Somalian Muslim, remained in the room while the woman reportedly made hateful racist remarks and then called the police again. In the second call the woman claimed that Dahir had locked her in the study room, while Dahir claims that he left the door open.  Read More →

Students Civil Rights Violated by University Police

Mar 15, 2011
Dahir, a black Somalian Muslim, remained in the room while the woman reportedly made hateful racist remarks and then called the police again. In the second call the woman claimed that Dahir had…  Read More →
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Mar 15, 2011
Transparency International (TI), the global ant-graft watch-dog, has placed Somalia the most corrupt country in the world. Out of the 178 in the latest global ranking released on Tuesday, October, 26, 2010, Somalia slipped one position down from its 177th ranking in 2009 and at the time only less corrupt than Afghanistan. I say, “There has to be a change of mind-set and change of guard in Somalia”.... 

Somalia: Is Federalism the only Remaining National Option?

Feb 18, 2011
By Dr. Yusuf   O.  Al-Azhari Many qualified authentic Somalis could argue on whether Federalism is the right option for our country in this period of deep decomposition, agony and antagonism of our Nation which dearth any system of Governance to be re-institutionalize for the past two decades which deeply depleted National values and the integrity of Somalia as a Nation. Gazing back on the... 

Extension of TFP Term heralds catastrophe for Somalia | Uluso

Feb 17, 2011
February 16, 2011 – It’s interesting to witness the intense vilification of the International Community (IC) by Ethiopia and Members of the Djibouti Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP-D) after the IC objected the three-year- extension of TFP-D’s tenure from August 22, 2011. Ethiopia and Djibouti (IGAD) encouraged and defended the self-serving TFP’s decision. MP Hassan Abshir (former... 
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The “TFG of Technocrats” isn’t all that different from its predecessors

Jan 27, 2011
Clearly, the performance of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Technocrats has disappointed those who had hope for a fundamental change and held dear the revival of the “Somali Republic” on a sustainable foundation. The TFG of Technocrats has created more problems and distresses rather than confidence, accountability and hopeful future. In effect, it isn’t all that different from... 
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The Clock is Ticking in Somalia

Jan 24, 2011
By Mohamud Ahmed Email: maash68@gmail.com January 23, 2011 In Somalia, the clock is ticking toward the end of The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. The TFG’s tenure will expire in seven months, and the prospect of an extension is bleak. Farmajo’s administration fills the most unstable government in the world. Oftentimes, its occupants last... 

Somalia: which way to forge after August 22nd?

Jan 15, 2011
By Dr. Yusuf O.  Al-Azhari Somalia’s misfortune and inability to find a viable solution to its Political mess dragged on during 2009 and 2010; two years with many political façade, blood shade and massive displacement has just ended. Many speculations and facts have either been written or narrated through the media in these two years, with some positive and negative aspects about the survival future... 

Saracen scandal exposed TFG’s hypocrisy and incompetence | By Uluso

Jan 8, 2011
For good governance, politicians accused of forgery, lies, corruption and incompetence should resign or be forced to leave office or thrown in jail if they are caught red-handed. President Sheikh Sharif, Prime Minister (PM) Mohamed Abdullahi Formajo, Minister Abdulkareem Jama of Posts, Telecommunication and Information (PTI) of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) are accused of forgery and... 

A Robust ONLF Political Wing Is Needed

Dec 4, 2010
On January 19 2011, Southern Sudan will hold a referendum to decide if the South should secede from the North. It is all but certain that Southern Sudan will be the newest country in the African Union. The South’s secession sets new precedent in Africa. Such precedent presents ONLF with an opportunity to reaffirm and further their struggle to win independence from Ethiopia. The ONLF has enjoyed... 

The Land of Punt, beyond loss and indignity – annotations from the horrifying, the transforming and the liberating times

Nov 19, 2010
A call for re organisation As I sat quietly, contemplating on my day, almost half aware, of the noises and the people riding the bus with me, I heard someone murmuring “are you Egyptian..?” he said.  …I carried on looking away through the windows…starring at the nothingness “Are you Egyptian..?” this time I could not ignore the voice it was loud enough to alert me.  I looked... 


Nov 7, 2010
The New Prime Minister was appointed on October 14, 2010 and October 20, 2010 the President and the New Prime Minister went to Parliament to plead confirmation but a block led by Sharif Hassan, the Speaker blocked and the speaker insisted that the vote a secret ballot instead of the usual of raising hands. However, it is reported that a deal was struck between the President, the Speaker and Prime Minister,... 
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Oct 31, 2010
The draft constitution issued by the Independent Federal Commission on July30, 2010 is flawed but the Commission run advertisements through different Media outlets to promote and condition the Somalia people. The draft raises many questions without answers and it is contentious and controversial and it is the product of Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the Speaker and former Prime Minister Omer Abdirashid... 

Somalia: Why the new PM is the right man for the job | by: Dool

Oct 22, 2010
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), the new Prime Minister designate was a former colleague of mine and fellow civil servant in Somalia’s Foreign Ministry. He was there almost a year when I joined the service in mid 1983. In the Foreign Ministry in Mogadishu, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed was a quiet, unassuming, conscientious and capable man. Like many who joined the service, he had idealistic and... 

Somalia’s New Prime Minister: Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered

Oct 19, 2010
Strategic Interests by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D. World Defense Review columnis Just when it seems things can get no worse for Somalia’s dubiously legitimate, utterly ineffective, and wholly self-serving “Transitional Federal Government” (TFG), the embattled clique pulls a surprise by sinking even deeper into the mire and, in the process, prolonging the agony of the Somali people and threatening... 

Puntland needs evenhanded conflict resolution

Oct 10, 2010
By Liban Ahmad —- Puntland in 2010 has a few in common with Puntland in 2002 when forces led by Mohamud Musse Hersi (Puntland president 2005-2009) waged hit and run attacks against Puntland security forces. It was the decision to remove Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed (Puntland president 1998-2004) to be replaced by by Jama Ali Jama that threw Puntland into a security crisis. Traditional leaders... 


Oct 3, 2010
I met the late Dr Mohamed Aden Sheikh in August 2010 in Helsinki. He at the time told me of his illness and its nature. As sick as he was, he actively participated in the conference on Somalia which we attended. At a more personal note together we reminisced about the old days, friends and the sad plight of the Somali people. As sad as his death is, I ask all decent Somalis to join me in celebrating... 

Northern Somali Unionist Movement (NSUM): The next Somali Prime Minister

Oct 1, 2010
NUSM  PRESS  RELEASE Somalis have become so disillusioned with the failures of successive prime Ministers since the first Somali government was formed in Embagathi in Kenya after more than a decade of anarchy. Few Somalis therefore hold much hope that things might improve with the next Prime Minster. They only have to remember previous prime ministers who lacked integrity, competence or experience.... 

Somalia: Contemporary Politics – verses – Yester Years.

Oct 1, 2010
By Dr.Yusuf O. Al-Azhari Every Society in this Universe of ours, frequently plaudits, how people of the past generations had better moral integrity, juxtaposing the social conduct of those of yester year’s with the present time. Often our predecessors are portrayed to have been more matured more responsible and with more self-effacement in their demeanor within their guild. It apprises us of how... 
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