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Somaliland: an ugly face of a clannish enclave | Mohamoud Yusuf

Aug 10, 2009
“Somaliland”; an ugly face of a clannish enclave It was two decades ago when the last and infamous iron curtail between eastern and western blocks, the Parlin wall vanished. Since then, the political scene of the world has been steadily changing. Once heavily observed boundaries between great and abhorrent nations became tourist attractions and the world shrinks into one global village in 21st,... 

Why Somalia is in need of an effective Government | Dool

Aug 2, 2009
by: Abdullahi Dool Amid the killings and the plethora of bad news trickling out of Somalia daily, once again for the second year running, Somalia has landed on top of Transparency International corruption index. The question on everybody’s mind should be: How did impoverished and stateless nation end up on top of this shameful index? There is a reason for this. We know the bulk of wealth donated... 

PwCs Contract empowers – The Smartest Guys in the Room – Uluso

Aug 2, 2009
PwC’s Contract empowers “The Smartest Guys in the Room”[1] in Somalia Mr. Mohamud M Uluso mohamuduluso@gmail.com Two weeks ago, in the midst of tragic deaths, destruction, and massive displacement of people caused by the fighting of two forces marketed as “terrorists-local and International” and “apostates with crusaders”, Somali websites reported without details the signing of contract...