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Isha Khariidada:

Isha Khariidada:

The Conoco - Somalia Declassification Project

College of DuPage - Geography Department - Prof. Keith Yearman

...."The most important part of the 'whole story,' perhaps, is that even if Conoco finds oil in significant amounts, there will have to be additional steps and much more investment before Somalia can benefit. The first prerequisite will be that Somalia achieve internal peace. [President of Conoco Somalia Raymond] Marchand explains to [Somali government] officials that if there is no peace, then neither Conoco nor anyone else will be able to get the oil out. A pipeline, pumping station and terminal would cost in the neighborhood of UDS 500 to 800 million..."  Read more at this interesting website:

The Puntland Parliament unanimously approves the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA)

Sunday, 24-Dec 2006

The Puntland Parliament unanimously approved the production sharing agreement between Range Resources, Canmex and The Puntland Government.

This agreement is the first step in the development of the State’s natural Resources.

The Honorable Speaker of the Parliament Ahmed Ali Hashi signed the approval of the PSA on December 23. 2006 in Garowe, Puntland.

The PSA was first approved unanimaously by the Council of Ministries on December 14, 2006. His Excellency, Mohamud Hersi submitted the draft of the agreement to the Parliament for approval as stated in the Puntland Constitution.

Akhri halkan........


Puntland Government Approves Range Resources US$50m PSA
Friday, December 29, 2006

The Board of Range Resources Limited advises that the Parliament of Puntland has unanimously approved the proposed production sharing
agreement (“PSA”) between Canmex Minerals Corporation (“Canmex”), Range and the Puntland Government. As previously announced the PSA relates to Canmex’s US$50m farm in into 80% of the two main oil and gas areas of Puntland being the Nogal Basin and Darin Basin.

With the PSA now approved by the Puntland Parliament, Range and Canmex will now finalise their joint venture arrangements by mid January 2007 with a 31 January 2007 cut off date.

In respect of the recent outbreak of war in Southern Somalia, the Board is closely monitoring events but at this stage can advise that hostilities have not affected the Company’s activities in Puntland given the location of the fighting (over 500km south of the Puntland border with Southern Somalia) and the stability of the Puntland region as demonstrated in its dealings with the Council of Islamic Courts and the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the Minister

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Hargeisa | 24/3/2006


The government of the Republic of Somaliland wishes to communicate to all concerned, that another unprovoked attack has been perpetrated against the people of the Republic of Somaliland by the militia of the Puntland Region of Somalia. The attacks were against the villages of Majiiyahan and Dhallan in the Sanaag Region of the Republic of Somaliland, and have caused loss of life, injuries, as well as the sequestration of civilians who they hold as hostages to this day.

This attack was perpetrated at a time when the nomads in the area were already suffering the ravages of the serious drought affecting the region and the people did not need more suffering to be added to their misery.

We believe that the aim of the recent aggression from the Puntland region of Somalia against the Republic of Somaliland is to chase away the inhabitants of the district of Eastern Sanaag in order to allow foreign companies to illegally prospect for oil deep inside the territory of the Republic of Somaliland. We are also convinced that these repeated provocations are designed to plunge our peaceful country into the kind of turmoil that the Republic of Somalia has been known for during the past fifteen years.

The international community should be informed that the massive amounts of funds that are poured into the pockets of warlords by companies who are interested in oil, as well as the funds that are made available by the international community, supposedly to broker peace between these warlords, only serve to provide them with the funds that allows them to import heavy arms into the Horn of Africa in blatant disregard of the Security Council Arms Embargo that is imposed against the Republic of Somalia.

Furthermore, we are informed that the head the warlords in Bosasso is currently abroad in order to purchase yet more cannons to use on civilian populations in the region.

Following the attack, the civilian population of the two villages of Somaliland drove away the invading militia causing them to suffer heavy losses both in life and military hardware. The loss of life and casualties would not have happened if the warlords of the Puntland region of Somalia had any respect for international laws and regulations and had respected international borders.

In the interest of peace and security in the region, the Republic of Somaliland had up to now shown extreme patience and restraint. However, as a result of these repeated naked provocations on the part of the Puntland region of Somalia, Somaliland’s tolerance and peaceful intentions are wearing thin.

The government of Somaliland wishes to reassure the International community that it will not pursue the militia of the Puntland region inside Somalia provided that Puntland voluntarily withdraws its militia entirely out of Somaliland territory.

We are confident that the international community will spare no effort to put pressure on Somalia to cease all hostilities against the people of the Republic of Somaliland if peace and stability in the Horn of Africa are to be maintained.

Mrs. Edna Adan Ismail
Foreign Minister


The Puntland Delegation Arrives in Baidoe

Sunday, 24-Dec 2006

Puntland Delegation headed by the President of The Puntland State of Somalia H.E Mohamud Musse Hersi arrived at the Baidoe Airport.

The President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) H.E Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, Hon.Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi, members of TFG Government and Regional and Local government officials were there to welcome this delegation from Puntland.

In first official meeting the TFG was represented by the President H.E Addulahi yusuf Ahmed and Hon. Prime Minister, Ali Mohamed Gedi. The Puntland Delegates was headed by the President, both parties agreed to appoint two committees, an economic committee and a security and social issues committee TFG and Puntland Government both had equal representation for these committees.

The President of TFG H.E Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmad hosted a lunch for the President of Puntland and his delegates, before the lunch he took the delegation on a tour of the Presidential Palace. His Excellency Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed showed the Puntland Delegation the new constructions projects to expand the Presidential compound and the building of new government offices.

The Prime Minister of TFG the Honorable Ali Mohamed Gedi also hosted lunch for the Puntland Delegates at his Residence. This lunch also included the President of TFG and members of the Federal Parliament.

The TFG Minister of Finance Mr. Hassan Shaatiguguud also hosted a dinner reception for Puntland delegates at his residence.

Puntland Delegates trip to Baidoe was very successful; all issues discussed with the TFG were concluded with good understanding in a friendly atmosphere.

Puntland President and his delegates attended a fair well ceremony in Baideo. National band singers showcased a concert and they sang songs which reflected the current situation in Somalia and encouraged peace for all of Somalia. This farewell ceremony was also attended by the Prime Minister of TFG Ali Mohamed Gedi, Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minster the Honorable Hussein Mohamed Aided, and Members from Federal Parliament.

Both The Prime Minister and The President of Puntland thanked the National band for their performance, the President of Puntland, his Excellency Mohamud Musse Hersi spoke to the audience and he stated that Puntland is part of TFG, and very good supporter of the Federal Government. The Prime Minister also spoke to the audience. The Prime Minister stated that his Government stands for people of Somalia from Raas Casayr to Raas Camboodi and not only in Baideo.

The President of Puntland State of Somalia and his delegates were in Baideo for 5 days. In this trip the President was accompanied by the Speaker of the Parliament Honorable, Ahmed Ali Hashi, Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Ali Yusuf, Minister of Interior and Security Ahmed Abdi Habsade, Minister of Health Dr
Abdirahman Said Mohamud, Director General of Bank, Mr. Hersi Adaysey, Director General of National Security, Mr. Ali Osman, Director General of Mineral and Petroleum Mr. Hassan Osman Mohamud.


The Puntland Parliament unanimously Approves Support for the U.N. Resolution to lift the Arms Embargo on Somalia

Monday, 11-Dec 2006

The Puntland Parliament unanimously welcomed and supported the lifting of the U.N arms embargo on Somalia. The Speaker of the Parliament the Honorable Ahmed Ali Hashi and Parliamentary Representatives also appealed to the Puntland public to maintain their peace and stability.

The Puntland Parliament also appealed for peace and stability for all of Somalia.

This Declaration of support was signed by the Speaker of the Parliament the Honorable Ahmed Ali Hashi on December 10, 2006.



London, United Kingdom
23 August 2006

The President of Somaliland, H.E. Dahir Rayale Kahin, visited the United Kingdom as a guest of the British Government and had talks with government officials about bilateral and regional issues. The president and his delegation left London on Wednesday 23rd August for The Republic of Germany.

United Kingdom and Somaliland Government Joint Statement

London, United Kingdom
17 August 2006

The President of Somaliland, H.E. Dahir Rayale Kahin, visited the UK as a guest of the British Government and had talks with the Minister for Africa, Lord Triesman, about bilateral and regional issues. Accompanying Somaliland Ministers also met senior officials in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office and the Department for International Development and had detailed follow up discussions. The two sides agreed to remain in close touch and to make further visits to increase their cooperation on issues of mutual concern. Both sides stressed their commitment to promoting peace, stability and democratic governance in the Horn of Africa, so that the humanitarian and developmental needs of the region's people can be addressed.

Somaliland President Visits United Kingdom

Hargiesa, Somaliland
16 August 2006

President Dahir Rayaale Kahin accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Posts and advisers arrived in London on 15th August at the invitation of Lord Treisman, Minister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office. On 16th August President Kahin and his delegation met Lord Treismnan and his staff at the Foreign Office. They discussed matters of interest to the States. Later members of the delegation had discussions with Department of International Development and the Home Office.



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