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More News Update
. Who Will Lead My People From The Horn Of Hunger?
Abdulkadir Khalif, June 29, 2000
. Puntland's Position on Somali Peace Process in Arta (Djibouti)
. Somaliland says Djibouti talks misguided
. 2,364 Somalis Win 2001 Visa Lottery
Africa News
. Rwanda, Somalia Ties Made Loss
The Monitor, Kampala
Madax Meel ka sareeya oo la masaxaa ma jirto
SomaliTalk June 27, 2000
SomaliTalk, June 26, 2000
Djibouti Delegates Secure Two More Weeks For Debate
SomaliTalk June 26, 2000
Taageero shirka Jabuuto oo lagu qabtay Toronto
SomaliRebirth, June 26, 2000
Corrupt Leaders and Warlords Are a Menace to Sustainable Peace
Somali Peace Rally, AfricaNewsOnline June 26, 2000
Somalia clashes leave 28 dead
SomaliTalk June 25, 2000
The Somalia-to-Minnesota migration, at a glance
Star Tribune June 25, 2000
Somali National Week
Star Tribune June 24, 2000
Soomaalida Kudhaqan China
Somalitalk June 21, 2000
Bandhig Dhaqameed laguqabtay magaalaada London, Ontario
Somalitalk June 21, 2000
PressRelease From Arta
Somalitalk June 20, 2000
Somalia Peace conference tackles status of Mogadishu
IRIN June 21, 2000
Profile: Abdi Abdirahman (Somali)
Arizona Star, June 23, 2000
Heavy fighting at Baidoa airport
IRIN June 19, 2000
Africa's Children Have Little Cause For Celebration
Africa News Agency
Somalia Well Under Way to Form New Goverment
Sniffer Magazine
Tanzania Takes A Backlash From Amnesty International
Africa News Online June 20, 2000
Carta oo lagu dhisi doono dawlad ku meel gaar ah oo kadhalata Soomaaliya
SomaliTalk June 19, 2000
Mudaharaadyo Taageraya Shirka Nabadda
SomaliaRebirth June 18, 2000
Laba Guddoomiye iyo Afar Guddoomiye Kuxigeen
SomaliTalk June 18, 2000
Annan welcomes second phase of Somalia Talks
June 16, 2000
Wiil soomaali ah oo lagu dhaawacay Woqooyiga Minneapolis
SomaliTalk June 19, 2000
Release of Detained Candidates, Members Demanded by Somalis
Africa News June 18, 2000
Minneapolis event to celebrate a growing Somali community
Star TribuneJune 17, 2000
Government (puntland) expresses Disappointment With Djibouti
Africa News Online June 16, 2000
Governance & Managing Conflict In Africa (Part I)
Accra, June 15, 2000
Clan-related attack kills at least six people in Mogadishu
SomaliTalk, June 14, 2000
Prices soar on news of banknote shipment
Africa News Online June 12, 2000
Elders, Officials Meet in Somalia (Mogadishu)
Star Tribune June 12, 2000
Supreme Court refuses to hear case of Muslim child (Somali) placed with Christian family
Boston GlobeJune 10, 2000
Mohamed Awale, 15-year-old (Somali) drowns in apartment pool, Minneapolis
Star Tribune June 12, 2000
Story of Fatuma Kadir (not real name), Somali refugee (Kenya)
Africa News June 12, 2000
Islaamka iyo mustaqbalka Soomaliya
SomaliTalk, June 11, 2000
Somali refugees find an unlikely home in North Dakota
Star Tribune June 11, 2000
Blaze Renders 120 Families Homeless, Kenya
The Nation June 10, 2000
Federal Court backs Somalia inquiry
ottawacitizen June 11, 2000
Ardaydii Soomalida oo guulwayn soo hoyday
SomaliTalk, June 9, 2000
Foreign Printed Currency Hits Somali Market
China News, June 9, 2000
Investigation results awaited over murder of aid worker (Somaliland)
IRIN June 8, 2000
Four people reported killed by man-eating hyenas in Puntland
IRIN June 8, 2000
Somalis Envisage Peace from Djibouti Talks
China News Agency June 8, 2000
Only a Madman Would Colonise Africa Today
The East African, June 7, 2000
UNICEF Calls for Drought Relief for Horn of Africa
China News Agency, June 7, 2000
Offensive Operations Reported In Kismayo Port City Of Somalia
Africa News Online June 5, 2000
A senior German aid worker was murdered in Burao
News Africa, June 6, 2000
Ururka Ardada Soomaaliyeed ee Minnesota Kalfadhigoodii Labaad oo qabsoomay
SomaliTalk June 5, 2000
Kooxda Soomaaliya oo kusigatay in is-reeb-reebka lagasaaro
18 FFU Injured In Hunting Somali Bandits
Africa News June 5, 2000
Masjid Weyn oo lagafuridoono Stockholm
SomaliTalk June 7, 2000
Shirweynaha Islaamiga oo Laguqabandoono Toronto
SomaliTalk June 5, 2000
Qalinjebin Arday Somaliyeed, Minnesota
SomaliTalk June 5, 2000
Chicago Tribune June 4, 2000
Famine Threatens Thousands In Northern Kenya
Africa News OnlineJune 4, 2000
New mobile computer lab takes technology to public
Seattle-pi News June 2, 2000
USAID will provide $4.4 million in aid to Somalia
Africa News, June 1, 2000
Two put careers on hold to advocate for Somali tenants
June 2, 2000
Caleemo Saarkii Suldaanka Maxamed Cumar
SomaliTalk June 1, 2000
Mogadishu hospital reopens after ICRC refurbishment
IRIN June 1, 2000
Somali Women in Diaspora Support Djibouti's Peace Plan
SomaliTalk June 1, 2000
A group of Somalians are to be DNA-tested by Finnish officials
M2 Communications Ltd May 30, 2000
Somali Warlords Have Economic Advantages in Conflicts
Africa News May 31, 2000
Kulankii Ardayda Minnesota
SomaliTalk, Mon May 29, 2000
Cayaari waa gelin dambe, waana inoo Soomaaliya oo nabad ah
SomaliTalk May 28, 2000
Islamic Panel Offers Guide To Health Care
Sat May 27, 2000
Baaqa Dhaqaale Dadka Soomaalida ee Shirka
SomaliTalk fri May 26, 2000
Habeen iyo Maalin: Somaliya
Abshir Abshir May 25, 2000
Somalia's RRA Stages Demonstration against Djibouti Conference
May 25, 2000
Asad Osman Hassan Abdullahi, the Somali who had his New Zealand residence visa ripped out of his passport by an Australian immigration official because of the suit he wore and the way he tied his tie, says his family has settled happily in New Zealand.
. Security Council supports Djibouti peace effort for Somalia
UN May 23, 2000
. 23 Million Kenyans Face Hunger
AP May 25, 2000
. Ciyaaraha Kubbada Cagta ee Afrika | Soomaaliya
SomaliTalk Sports May 24, 2000
. Two more die in Isiolo
Daily NationMay 24, 2000
. Belatwein hit by Shabelle floodwaters
IRIN News Briefs May 23, 2000
. Somali towns flooded as rivers burst their banks
CNN May 22, 2000
. Flood Hits Southern Somalia
China News Agency May 21, 2000
. Polio Vaccination Ends in Somalia Capital
China News Agency Tue May 23, 2000
. SPR Supports Somali Traditional Clan Elders' Call For Peace
Africa News Service May 22, 2000
. Egypt's Grand Imam Calls for Reconciliation, Peace in Somalia
China News Agency May 22, 2000
. These Lords Of Tribalism Are Africa's Curse
Africa News May 22, 2000
. Anatomy Of A Region's Strife
Africa Online Mon May 22, 2000
. Land And Pasture At The Heart Of The Killings In Isiolo
Africa News May 20, 2000
. Two finance methods could increase Muslim home ownership
Star Tribune May 19, 2000
. oo marlabaad ku guulaystey in uu noqday bogga Todobaadka (Web of the Week)
Fri May 19, 2000
Somali questions disallowed
Edmonton Sun May 18, 2000
Food Aid Reaches Southern Somalia
China News Agency May 18, 2000
Troops remain "vigilant" in Ogaden border area
IRIN News Briefs May 17, 2000
SPR Urges Immediate Release of Detained Somali Intellectuals
Africa News May 17, 2000
Canadian Court Begins Trial In Killing Of Somali Immigrant
Africa News Online may 18, 2000
UN Assessment Mission Reports Back on Flood Situation Along Somalia’s Shabelle River
unsomalia May 17, 2000
Cholera kills six as hundreds taken ill - Mandera
Daily Nation May 17, 2000
Man recalls vicious attack
Ottawa Citizen May 16, 2000


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Allah Is Great
The last case of smallpox occurred in October 1977 in Somalia. Two years later, the World Health Organization certified that the disease had been eradicated.
Check StarTribune
Both Ethiopia and Eritrea, also find time to support rival rebel groups in the country that used to be called Somalia. As a result, funds that could be spent on the development of these countries are diverted to arms purchases.
check this at:
May 22, 2000
Tacsiyihii hore

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