In response to my previous, revelatory and denunciatory article "Panicked Consultants Fuel Islamic Terror Expansion Throughout Africa – the Kipkorir Ricochet" (, a friend, colleague or supporter of the lawless Kenyan lawyer sent me a letter full threats, misinterpretations, and misperceptions.

I will publish this letter because it sheds light on the mentality and the personality of the undemocratic and militaristic Kikuyu paramilitary, who are the most pro-colonial, docile element in the fake state of Kenya, which has been promoted to East African Paradise through Western mass media fallacies and evil propaganda. I don´t edit the text, so you will have the chance to enjoy the magnificence of the Kenyan postcolonial education in English Language.

Before I publish Mr. Henry Kamau´s letter, I find it necessary to clarify the following points as regards the arguments comprised in his nonsensical and farcical text.

Point 1.

The ´endless incursion of Somali refugees´ is not a justification of Kenyan militaristic proposals; if this were the case, Yemen should invade Somalia first.

Point 2.

The assumption that the ´Somalis do not know how to govern´ (themselves) is absolutely wrong; when there was no foreign involvement, they managed it very well, and in any case far better than the multi-divided Kenyans who were supported always by their English bosses.

Point 3.

The postulation that the "Jihadists … threaten and cause chaos in Kenya" is vague and does not reveal the truth; the Somali Islamists (not Jihadists – this is not a term because every Muslim is a Jihadist, as Jihad, particularly the Inner Jihad, the personal effort for self-amelioration, is a permanent task for every Muslim) did not and do not threaten Kenya; they focus their activities on Somalia. The chaos is triggered because of the terrorized and tyrannized Somalis of Kenya, who want to secede, and as they have been the long time victims of vicious religious oppression of Anti-Islamic character carried out by Kenya´s Christian extremists, they have full right to do so.

Point 4.

The tribal clashes, the killings, and the persecution carried out in Kenya are not mere "political issues". Kenya has been invented by the colonial English as state in order to eliminate the Islamic domination on the Eastern coast of Africa. This is the reality, and this colonial reality will take soon a dead end, with the liberation of the Eastern African Muslims (mainly from the Kenyan and the Tanzanian coastlands) who will merge with Somalia.

Point 5.

It is ridiculous to blame another country (Somalia) for the underdevelopment that prevails in a province of a certain country (Kenya); the reason for which the NFD of Kenya is underdeveloped is simple; the vast area that totals 40% of the Kenyan territory has been inhabited by Oromos and Somalis, who were forced to be included in a country that was never theirs, that was ruled against them, and that became the basic colonial tool of heinous policies against their religion, culture, integrity and identity.

Point 6.

There is not a single Somali in the world to approve of the statement that "NFD Somalis have enjoyed more peace and progress than Somalis in Mogadishu".

Point 7.

If "Kenya or others have the responsibility to do something" (supposedly because of the Somali Civil War), their responsibility ends within their borders.

Point 8.

It is inconsistent to assert that "the new Jihadists in Mogadishu are intolerant"; it is also unclear who are meant as "new". The Shebab? There is no indication of Arab financing; if there is, it is fully legitimate because it helps Somalis oppose the evil Abyssinian plans. This also helps remind everybody that the presumed Arab financing of some Somalis, if real, was not the first act of foreign involvement in Somalia. So, the main reason lies elsewhere, and has to be dealt with first.

Point 9.

Eritrea is not an Arabic state, and those backed by Eritrea represent only one of the two factions of the Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia.

Point 10.

No one spoke of Taliban in Somalia; if two or three Somalis happen to have fought in Afghanistan and to have returned in Somalia, this means absolutely nothing. There have been many who fought in Afghanistan and returned back home in various peaceful countries where they are currently involved in their personal affairs. The reason the few Somalis, who might have been in Afghanistan, are currently engaged in the National Liberation Struggle of Somalia is precisely the fact that Somalia has been invaded by Abyssinia.

The author seems to suggest that the French, the Italians, the Yugoslavians and the Greeks, who fought against the Nazi occupation during WW II, should not have done so because this would mean a religious war!

Point 11.

Equally, one could say that what the lawless Kenyan lawyer Donald Kipkorir demanded, namely a double invasion and annexation of Somalia, by the evil, racist and religious states of Christian and Monophysitic terrorism (Kenya and Abyssinia respectively), is merely a religious war.

The religion of the fighters of the liberation of Somalia is irrelevant to the fact of the war in Somalia; since the moment the Abyssinian army attacked Somalia, and since the moment the Abyssinians have been involved in generating tribal divisions and strives among the Somalis, the fight takes automatically a national character, and all the Somalis have the task to participate and eliminate all the criminal Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic Abyssinians.

Point 12.

Furthermore, the liberation and the reunification of the divided Somalia will not "bring the Horn of Africa to the middle ages" first, because national liberation is a matter of modern times, and second, because there were never ´Middle Ages´ in East Africa; there were Islamic Ages and, contrarily to the Middle Ages´ of the Europeans, the Muslims lived in ages of Enlightenment, Wisdom, Arts and Sciences, Philosophy and Tolerance; decadence started with the European colonialism in Eastern Africa.

Point 13.

The expression "while Kenya and most of Africa is pacifying" is utterly ridiculous, especially after the tribal clashes that occurred in the aftermath of the last Kenyan elections.

Point 14.

It would be essential to understand that the "destabilization" attested in "other multi-ethnic countries like Kenya and Ethiopia" is not due to the Somali Civil War but to their abnormal, multi-ethnic structure and to the total lack of democracy and tolerance that prevails in either countries.

Point 15.

Such is the paranoia of these ignorant minds, who cannot interpret the phenomenon of the African underdevelopment, that they demand the absolutely opposite to the reasonable to happen: the sentence "it is time for Somalia to be annexed and join the multi-ethnic African nations" is the absolute reverse of the real African needs and of what is conditio sine qua non for an African country to achieve substantial and sustainable development. The correct to say and implement in Africa is the following: "it is time Kenya and Abyssinia to be broken down to pieces and ethnic – national African states to be formed".

Point 16.

The sentence "if Somalia can not do what Somaliland did, it will disintegrate soon. if this disintegration keeps the status quo of violence, Kenya and Ethiopia and the UN will interfere" is mere nonsense. The UN and Abyssinia have already interfered in Somalia; there is no ´if´ in politics; a civil war is a civil war. In Ancient Greece, it lasted no less than 27 years.

Point 17.

This is too much of a hypocrisy to say: "all Kenyans and Africans have love and respect for Somalis"; the Kenyan rulers have envied the Somalis because the latter had what the former could never manage to acquire: a great historical past, a national history and integrity, a cultural and religious identity. Kenya is a mere colonial fabrication; a non-state.

Point 18.

The sentence "what we see today in Somalia is the same thing that happened many centuries ago before Europeans came" is wrong; before the colonial times, Somalis were at times united and at times organized in many different states, but they lived always in concord. The anti-Islamic crusade of the colonial empires, mainly Portugal and England, spread discord and strife in Somalia; and more recently the filthy task was undertaken by Abyssinia, the ridiculous and ominous colonial relic.

Point 19.

The sentence "most of Africa is multiethnic and the nation-state ideology is employed all around except in Somalia" is also nonsensical; most of Africa is still organized in multiethnic states because of the colonial involvement. This is the measure of the African underdevelopment, misery, poverty and starvation. The "nation-state ideology" is not employed; if it were, as it should, the entire continent would ´explode´ to 300 states, which would be a very good development for each of them, and for the entire continent, but disastrous for the colonial powers England and France.

Point 20.

In fact, not "some" but all the Somalis "believe such central government can be formed under the ideology of Greater Somalia by annexing our NFD, Ogaden, Djibouti and Somalia". Assuming that Greater Somalia would trigger an Islamist expansion is terribly wrong; it would divert the interests of the Somalis to subjects such as national integration and development. Islamism expands now that the Somalis are disunited and targeted by their Abyssinian enemies, and by the evil English colonialists. It is not clear what "Kenya, Africans, America and the world oppose"; Greater Somalia or Islamist expansion? If it is the former, the assumption is wrong; nation building is what happens all over the world; filthy interests oppose Greater Somalia. If it is the latter, the American establishment and the Kenyan regime certainly oppose it – but they do so, employing very erroneous methods that they help it only proliferate.

Point 21.

Who can say that the rise of an Islamic rule in Eastern Africa is a backward idea? Backward idea is the secretive plan of Christianization of the vast Islamic Africa through unconceivable biases. The modern world is not a Christian world, but a European mainly world that rejected Christianity. If this is what the anti-Somali Kenyans want, they have to point it out. If they want to Christianize Somalia, they must understand that theirs will be the full responsibility for the eradication of Christianity from Eastern Africa where the Christian religion was expanded and propagated through use of the most immoral practices and biases, namely the forced Christianization which was portrayed to the Africans, viewed by the missionaries as inferior, as their only way to survive.

What has to be clearly understood is that the ´good works´ offered by the missionaries to the various Africans were a lie for most of the cases; the reason is simple. They now diffuse the evil concept that the ´good works´ do not consist in a proper redemption and that only the belief in the fake and non-historical Jesus of the Western Christianity is needed for redemption.

This automatically suggests that they performed ´good works´ only to confuse the African followers of traditional religions and to Christianize them by means of ruse or temptation (of the style: ´believe my religion and I will give you some food and medicine´). The method is emphatically higher than the Muslim attitude of indifference to propagate Islam among Africans, but for Jesus´ criteria - as attested in the New Testament - it is utterly evil. And as such, refutable.

Last, if the "Ethiopians" wanted "peace", the murderous Zenawi administration would not have performed genocides in Oromia, Ogaden, Anuak Land and elsewhere. The same for Kenya; I saw how much Kenyans wanted ´peace´ when the Kikuyu tried to kill as many as they could in the aftermath of the last ´election´!

Letter by Henry Kamau – Supporter of the Lawless Kenyan Lawyer Donald Kipkorir

Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis,

this is about your recent article

we don't know who you are but your insult to Donald Kipkorir about his kenyan media article about annexing somalia was unncessary and a criminal act!!

as he is a lawyer, he will exercise his rights against defamation unless you stop this nonsense!!!

our country has suffered from endless incrusion of somali refugees for many decades. Kenya's economy is based on tourism and the somali crisis continues to be our biggest problem. the somalis do not know how to govern and their educated population only condemns problems that are caused by "foreigners" like ethiopian intervention, TFG and america but they never condemn their own criminals and jihadists who threaten and cause choas in kenya and other countries. while we have our own political issues in nairobi, nothing can be compared to the crisis in somalia and our NFD eastern region populated by somalis. all economic indicators show low standards of living in NFD and this is result of lawlessness in mogadishu. still, NFD somalis have enjoyed more peace and progress than somalis in mogadishu. unless the somalis bring peace after 20 years of choas, kenya or others have the responsibility to do something. or we will be guilty of complicency in the eyes of future kenyan generations. what Donald Kipkorir said about annexation was in this sense only.

the new jihadists in mogadishu are intolerant islamists financed by the arabs, egypt, eritrea and taliban. so not only economic crisis but also religious wars will bring the horn of africa to the middle ages. can't you see that my friend?? what kenyans want is to live in peace with all religions co-existing and all ethnicities and clans co-existing. while kenya and most of africa is pacifying and improving ethnic relations, somalia has yet to stabilize clan relations and they are a threat of destabilization to other multi-ethnic countries like kenya and ethiopia. The original problem is the foundation of a one-ethnic somali state called "somalia"... most of africa will give a chance for this state to pacify and remove lawlessness. Otherwise, it is time for somalia to be annexed and join the multi-ethnic african nations. that is the only other option left. somaliland is a great example of success of various clans. if somalia can not do what somaliland did, it will disintegrate soon. if this disintegration keeps the status quo of violence, kenya and ethiopia and the UN will interfere in cutting apart the small somali states. all kenyans and africans have love and respect for somalis but their status as the only african country without government and the negative effect on its neighbors will eventually lead to these extraordinary actions.

some somalis claim that somalia without a government has better economic indicators like basic services but that is misleading. somalia today is living under the most unregulated freemarket. before the european invaders introduced the idea of nation-state to africans, most of africans self-governed based on small communities of clans and regions (just like current day somalia). so before europeans came to africa, most africans were self-sufficient and peaceful (most of the time). The markets of that time were fluid and natural without a central government. What we see today in somalia is the same thing that happened many centuries ago before europeans came. most of somalia like the TFG president's hometown of puntland are peaceful and run by good markets just like many centuries ago. the same with other parts of somalia since the fall of central government in mogadishu. so any "achievement" somalis had without a government was similar to pre-europe ages when nation-state ideology wasn't here in africa.

But the reality today is different.

most of africa is multiethnic and the nation-state ideology is employed all around except in somalia. the somalis can not continue to have good neighbor relations living in pre-europe ideologies without a central government. Most somalis seem to also agree with this fact. But what we disagree on is the next issue which is on what terms there will be formation of central government in mogadishu. some somalis believe such central government can be formed under the ideology of Greater Somalia by annexing our NFD, Ogaden, Djibouti and somalia. they also believe in islamist expansion. Kenya, africans, america and the world opposes this!! it will be disasterous. The somalis seem to be living in the stoneages. The dream of annexing lands of somalis in kenya and ethiopia into Greater somalia will continue to cause a problem. Even worse, the stoneage and backward ideas of expanding islamic rule in east africa is another issue. our people in kenya only want Peace, as we are sure the ethiopians do the same. we are waiting and hoping for somalis in somalia to show the same interest for peace and tolerance. that is all we want. otherwise, we will have to act to protect ourselves and protect the future of our children in kenya. Donald Kipkorir only expressed the fear of kenyans.

at the end of the day, kenyans hope that those smart somalis who insulted Donald Kipkorir because he said kenya should annex somalia to employ the same standards and insult other somalis who say somalia should annex eastern kenya to create Greater somalia. fairness is all we ask. peace and co-exsistence is all we wish in the horn of africa.

Henry Kamau


Picture: Kenya, a doomed land in chaos