A few days ago, in an article entitled ´Panicked Consultants Fuel Islamic Terror Expansion Throughout Africa – the Kipkorir Ricochet´ (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/76530), I stressed the point that the lawless Kenyan lawyer Kipkorir´s inane proposals for a double division of Somalia by Kenya and Abyssinia can only trigger the fastest possible prevalence of Islamic Extremism throughout Africa. In fact, Kipkorir´s aberration is made of comical assumptions, farfetched innuendos, and numerous statements that reveal Kenya´s weaknesses and overall fragility. Out of so many erroneous elements, and with an overall pathetic approach, it is not odd that Kipkorir ended up with this paranoia.

In the present article, I will refute the lawless Kenyan lawyer´s flawed and biased ´novelty´ – his criminal text which is the first to be written by a "lawyer" against the fundamental elements of International Law. To facilitate the reference to the shameful text´s flawed points, I republish it integrally here; numbers inserted in the text refer to my points of commentary.

Kenya and Ethiopia should dismember Somalia and divide it between themselves

By Donald Kipkorir


Supporting the Southern Sudan government is in our long-term strategic interest and we should not shy from it. The truth of the matter is that as a Western ally, Kenya is an existential enemy of Arab countries, Sudan included. Annexing Somalia is thus in our strategic interest and we must do it now as the financial meltdown continues to take away the attention of the world. — Donald Kipkorir

Why Kenya and Ethiopia ought to annex and divide Somalia

Last month, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch, the world´s foremost investment banks, 1 went bankrupt and we witnessed the financial chaos in the western capitals.

In the fog 2 of international headlines on finding a financial bail-out in Washington, a rag-tag army 3 of 50 semi-naked 4 men on rickety 5 boats captured a ship carrying 6 33 T-72 tanks 7, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft guns off the coast of Somalia. 8

The capture of mv Faina and the stalemated talks amid the surrounding American and Russian warships made me think 9 that maybe this is the time to find a final solution to the Somali problem.

Since 1960, the country has been a lawless 10 state that is a haven for terrorists and pirates. 11 The pirates have told us the destination of the captured weaponry causing tension and panic in Washington, Nairobi and Khartoum. 12

If it is true that the final consignee was the government of Southern Sudan, as they allege, I will be on the same page with the Kibaki government for the first time. 13

I am a fervent supporter of a strategic foreign policy even if it attracts us enemies of such malevolent and despotic regimes as that of Khartoum. 14

Supporting the Southern Sudan government is in our 15 long-term strategic interest and we should not shy from it. The truth of the matter is that as a Western ally 16, Kenya is an existential enemy of Arab countries 17, Sudan included. 18

Annexing Somalia is thus 19 in our strategic interest and we must do it now as the financial meltdown continues to take away the attention of the world. 20

Somalia as a state exists only in world maps. 21 It is a classic case of a failed state. 22 It is a state dismembered into as many independent units as there are sub-clans. 23 Its 90-strong cabinet is emblematic of the actual number of units.

The Horn of Africa country has no functioning government. 24 The so-called transitional federal government, led by Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, is confined to a shell-shocked presidential compound. 25

There is no standing or even sitting army 26 or judicial systems. 27 By all accounts, Somalia is a black hole in international law. 28 Together with Afghanistan and Pakistan they are known as the training grounds and refuge for international terrorism. 29

Kenya has been a victim of such terrorism, 30 leading to near-destruction of its tourism industry. 31 We cannot afford another such attack. 32 We have the potential 33 to develop our tourism to compete with, if not outpace, Egypt and South Africa. 34 But we cannot do so if Somalia continues to be a non-state. 35

Somalia neighbours Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Of these, it is only Ethiopia and Kenya that have strategic interest 36 in Somalia. Djibouti is a primitive entrepot 37 that can´t even supply water to its 600,000 people, who are forced to drink that imported from France or Coca Cola. 38 Therefore, Djibouti is out in the quest for the final solution to the Somali puzzle. 39

Kenya 40 and Ethiopia 41 must and ought to dismember Somalia and divide it between themselves along the 4 degrees latitude, each taking all the land below and above the line. 42

The division will make both countries extend their territories by roughly 300,000sq km and additional populations 43 of about five million. 44

Once Kenya and Ethiopia have sent their combined army to Somalia 45 and declared the annexation, we will present to the world a fait accompli. 46

In 1845, America annexed Texas from Mexico and forced the Texan legislature to pass a specific legislation stating that it accepted the annexation. 47 The annexation has stood to date and, for good measure, President George W. Bush is a proud American Texan. 48

For Kenya and Ethiopia, having the Somali legislature to endorse the annexation will be cake-walk. 49 At any given time, most, if not all, Somali legislators are in Nairobi. 50

We will have them convene in one of our hotels and to pass the appropriate statutes dividing their country. 51

When the allied forces liberated Germany from Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, they sent the bill to Berlin. 52

Our cost of annexing Somalia will be settled by Mogadishu. Somalia is known to have huge deposits of oil, natural gas, uranium and iron ore. Immediately after the annexation, we will invite our strategic foreign friends 53 (not China please) to come and exploit the resources for us. 54

Kenyans ought to know that although Somalia is a failed state, its positive statistics are impressive. Without a structured economy, its gross national income per capita is US$600 (Sh40,000), when ours is $550 (Sh36,800). 55 Of its universities that operate without budgets and with armed militia guarding them, three are in Africa´s top 100. 56

International law forbids the use of force by states against the territorial integrity and political independence of others. Somalia doesn´t have either. 57

But the law also recognises irreversible processes like the extinction of states such as in the USSR, 58 emergence of new states from former USSR and Yugoslavia, 59 and annexations like that of Texas. 60 International order hates 61 reversing completed processes, more so if the world is a better place. 62

If we do not annex Somalia and now, we will be a victim 63 of its failed status 64 and pulled down by it. 65 We will not be able to achieve our strategic foreign policy in the region, or attain the Vision 2030 goal. 66

The time to annex and dismember Somalia is now; Washington and Moscow will be grateful. 67

About The Author: Donald Kipkorir — Mr. Kipkorir is a lawyer and partner at the law firm of Kipkorir, Titoo & Kiara, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Kipkorir, Titoo & Kiara was established in 1996 and currently has 8 lawyers and 2 consultants as well as a capable team of paralegal and support staff.


1. To claim a holistic approach and omniscience equivalent to at least Aristotle´s, the ignorant ´lawyer´ tries to start as an economist; as a matter of fact, so ignorant he is that he feels he must portray himself as a fully updated insider of all fields. He then starts with the ongoing explosive financial – economic crisis of colossal dimensions, mentioning two investments banks. All the rest is wrong at this point, because Lehman Brothers went truly bankrupt (being actually the largest bankruptcy in US history (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehman_Brothers), but Merrill Lynch did not announce bankruptcy as it was acquired by the Bank of America (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merrill_Lynch).

The assumption of the lawless Kenyan lawyer that the two companies were "the world´s foremost investment banks" is totally false. In terms of total assets, Lehman Brothers (US $ 691 billion) and Merrill Lynch (US $ 1.02 trillion), were outperformed by J. P. Morgan (US $ 1.78 trillion) and Goldman Sachs (US $ 1.11 trillion), not to mention Citigroup (US $ 2.97 trillion) and UBS (US $ 3.2 trillion).

In terms of revenue, Lehman Brothers (US $ 59 billion) and Merrill Lynch (US $ 62.6 billion) were eclipsed by J. P. Morgan (US $ 116.3 billion) and Goldman Sachs (US $ 87.9 billion), not to mention Morgan Stanley (US $ 84.1 billion) and Citigroup (US $ 159.2 billion).

Finally, in terms on net income, Lehman Brothers (US $ 6.7 billion) and Merrill Lynch (US $ -7.7 billion) were overshadowed by J. P. Morgan (US $ 15.36 billion) and Goldman Sachs (US $ 11.59 billion), not to mention UBS (US $ 11.5 billion).

All this serves to conclude that the lawless Kenyan lawyer Kipkorir needs a crash course in Securities and Brokerage to get his facts correct; what remains doubtful is that there will be any serious instructor to admit Kipkorir as first year student in a respectable Faculty of Economics.

2. For the time being, the only fog prevails within Kipkorir´s forsaken head.

3. For the operation to be executed, there wasn´t any need for an army, and 50 people do not consist in an ´army´; English Usage is definitely another weak point of the lawless lawyer Kipkorir.

4. It is part of the average common sense that pirates in Somalia, Sumatra or the Mediterranean do not need to wear frock coat and bow tie; they had to be lightly dressed to perform as best as they can. But the lawless lawyer´s preferences and prototypes are well dressed gangsters, like Al Capone.

Then, the First Award for Best Dressed Kenyan Crook 2008 goes to Mr. Kipkorir, the common offender of the International Law.

5. This is another point where the ill-fated irony of the lawless Kenyan lawyer is being revealed; what did he expect these boats to be like? The legendary Christina yacht of Onassis (http://www.christina-o.com/)? The boats had to be small in order to be used for piracy purposes. The ´little rickety boats´ were helpful enough and enabled them to carry out their tasks successfully.

What remains for the unaccustomed to authorship ´Lawyer´ as top priority is to learn that the irony and the sarcasm are very difficult literary and rhetorical devices that apprentices - authors like Kipkorir simply cannot use successfully; irony and sarcasm cannot be expressed through unsubstantiated hyperbole.

In fact, situational irony hinges on a contrast that would be expected or appropriate; in the case of Kipkorir´s narratives, there is mere coincidence of opposition that reflects different needs for diverse deeds.

6. These useless Soviet relics proved to be totally obsolete in the Iraq War (2003), when in a battle nearby Basra modern British tanks outmaneuvered these heavy vehicles; why doesn´t Mr. Kipkorir express his sarcasm for the ridiculous choice of his country´s establishment and the paramilitary?

Spending 1 US $ for an outdated armoured vehicle like that is a shame for the government of an impoverished and underdeveloped country like Kenya; wouldn´t it be more preferable for the Kenyan government to spend the money in some infrastructure projects in the Northern and Northeastern provinces of the country where a great number of minorities, particularly the Oromos and the Somalis, want to secede? Or shall we simply conclude that the tanks were ordered by another authority?

7. As it has been suggested and not denied, the outdated tanks were part of an illegal arms deal stricken between Ukraine, Kenya and South Sudan. If Mr. Kipkorir is a lawyer, which means he has to defend the Just and the Legal, why doesn´t he condemn the deal first, instead of expressing concern about the misadventure (piracy) of a whatsoever illegal deal?

8. It was totally imprudent to sail in these seas unaccompanied by at least a squadron of the American fleet; the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Americans, the Kenyans and all the rest should have first understood that Somalia is not a failed nation.

Failed are the minds, failed are the diplomats, failed are all those who pretend that Somalia is a failed nation.

And anyone who pretends that Somalia is a failed nation should rather worry for his own future and for that of his / her cursed nation.

More specifically, and within Eastern African context, Abyssinia (fallaciously re-baptized as Ethiopia) and Kenya are more of a failed state than Somalia, which is a state in Civil War.

In Ancient Greece, the Civil War, also known as the Peloponnesian War, lasted no less than 27 years (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peloponnesian_War; 431 – 404 BCE). In Modern Somalia, the Civil War has only lasted 17 years thus far. This is not the first and certainly not the last time for a nation to cross the unsolicited experience of a civil war.

Who would say in 414 BCE, after 17 years of Civil War, that the Ancient Greeks are a ´failed nation´?

9. This sentence reveals the perverse idiosyncrasy of the authoring lawless lawyer. Just the capture of a ship transporting illegal trade is considered as sufficient ´reason´ for a final pseudo-solution, which is nothing else than the dissolution and the dismemberment of the only historical state of Eastern Africa in the south of Sudan.

This is incredible – as expression of idiocy and cynicism. First, because the Somali state, in its officially recognized form, was not responsible for the act. Second, the event of the piracy would have never taken place had the opponents of the fake Transitional Federal Government (TFG), the officially recognized Somali authority, ruled the entire country.

Of two things one; either the lawless Kenyan lawyer sides with his government and the shameful support offered to the TFG by the tribal Kenyan government and the paramilitary, and then he attests what the rightful reprisals to such ridiculous policy are, or he understands both, the unrepresentative character and the perilous nature of the TFG, and then he has to demand the immediate shift of the Kenyan and international policy to the favour of the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS).

He should however remember that, at the days of the Islamic Courts of Justice (ICJ), which is the predecessor (to ARS) political organization, there was never a piracy incident off the Somali coast.

Third, there is no event that could possibly be the reason of a dissolution of a state, except the will of its population (or part of it). In this regard, the quasi-totality of Somalia´s population passionately desire the end of the Civil War, and the formation of a Greater Somalia, including Ogaden, Harar, part of the Djibouti territory, and part of the Kenyan territory – whereby Somali natives consist in the totality of the population.

Contrarily to the historical and national integrity and solidity of Somalia, neighboring Abyssinia and Kenya are two pseudo-states within which the vast majority of the local populations suffer because they have been either invaded and therefore subjugated (in the case of Abyssinia) or compressed by the English (in the case of Kenya) within unnatural borders of undeserved misery, tribal exploitation, and inhuman tyranny (in the case of the slavery regime of Kenya).

The only countries in Eastern Africa in the south of Sudan that need a final solution in terms of dissolution and termination are Abyssinia and Kenya.

10. At this point, starts the historical fallacy of the lawless Kenyan lawyer; Somalia was not a lawless state "since 1960"; it was a well-established and functioning African state that was helped by highly reputable Italian lawyers (not like the Kenyan illiterate, servile and monstrous pseudo-lawyers) to set up a Constitution that was far more sophisticated and democratic than Kenyatta´s trash of constitution which was the equivalent of colonial toilet paper thrown by Kipkorir´s masters, the English colonials, on the face of the ill-omened East African peoples who were imprisoned in the God-damned state of "Kenya".

The 60s and the 70s were a wonderful period of Somali national political life that certainly involved several inauspicious events, like the assassination of President Shermarke (15 October 1969); however, Somalia was not characterized by the shocking genocides occurred in Abyssinia, ruled by the evil and inhuman elites of the Monophysitic Amharas and Tigrays, and was not typified by the tribal clashes that have ceaselessly taken place in Kenya since the moment of the "independence" (1963).

There is a tendency to forget that the colonial presence of Italy in parts of Somalia was not the equivalent of the evil Freemasonic colonial rule of the English in Kenya, which triggered the famous Mau Mau revolution. The Italians did not organize the Nazi detention camps that the English – with the personal backing of Winston Churchill – did set up to exterminate the Mau Mau.

In the early 60s, when all the Somalis were passionately enthusiastic with the achievement of the country´s national independence, only a minority in Kenya accepted the English postcolonial frame of ´Kenya´ – an otherwise inexistent country that cannot and despite all colonial schemes will not stand together.

There is a critical point of differentiation and divergence from the reality; it has to do with the image that prevailed among the western mass media about Kenya. One has to focus on this issue, as it is partly exploited by the lawless Kenyan lawyer in his postulation.

The western mass media always favoured Kenya, at the detriment of Somalia. This has to do with the English influence on part of the American establishment that created the erratic sense and the false image of a friendly, nice and stable African country inclined to tourism and development; with the rise of English as international language, this falsehood was propagated for decades through Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Singapore, and the racist regimes of the African South, marking gradually an impact on Europe and Latin America.

The vicious anti-Islamic hatred and agitation that always guided the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge and its puppets, the colonial regimes of France and England, and their proxies, targeted all countries with a great Oriental past, all countries with a great Islamic past, and all countries that could become successful independent nations – following a proper nation building effort. Somalia was one of them.

In contrast with the great number of unrelated tribes of Kenya, in striking contradiction with the permanent strife that characterizes the relationship between the barbaric Semitic Abyssinian rulers and the subjugated but highly civilized Kushitic nations of historical Ethiopia (a name to which Amharas and Tigrays have absolutely no historical right), Somalia is One Nation, with One Language, One History, One Religion and One Culture.

We know very well what happened to all historical nations with diachronic importance in Africa and Asia; they have been smashed by the racist, criminal colonial scheme of the English and the French in order not to perturb the fallacy of the Greco-Romano-centric dogma that the evil Freemasonic regimes of the European colonialists imposed on their educational systems (and thence on all the rest) even before their colonial expansion.

Yemen has fallen victim of the colonial procedure of arabization, was considered ´Arabic´ whereas not a drop of Arab blood cannot be found in today´s Yemenites´ veins.

The totality of the populations of NW Africa, from Egypt´s NW confines through Libya, Tunisia and Algeria to Morocco and Mauritania are Berbers of Hamitic origin, but they have also become the victims of arabization processes launched by the evil French colonialists, following a plan issued by French Freemasonic academicians already before Napoleon´s rise and expedition to Egypt. Despite the French paranoia of Pan-Arabism, comprehensively projected on all the local populations and tyrannically imposed by idiotic local stooges (who in return became the local leaders), a great number of Berbers preserved their Berberic – Hamitic – identity and carry out an all-out war against the monstrous arabization and the illegal regimes of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Egypt too has fallen victim – the greatest of all; unable to build, drawing from its great past, a national profile of authentically Hamitic character, the country of the Nile was plunged into excruciating dysmorphia and dyslexia, comically portraying itself as ´Arab Republic´ and attributing to its identity a false Semitic connection.

Needless to add that Sudan became the colonial tomb of various Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations whereby the worst victim, as in anyplace, are the Arabic speaking Kushites of Central Sudan, who have been systematically targeted by the English colonials and were made to believe that they are Arabs whereas never did a single Arab set foot in Sudan – which is the land and the state that the Ancient Greeks and Romans called Ethiopia.

Christian Ethiopia is not Axum, is not the kingdom of the Agaw, and is not the filthy and barbaric city-state of Gondar; Christian Ethiopia is Christian Sudan where three Christian kingdoms, Nobatia, Makuria and Alodia, flourished for much longer than the tiny Axumite Christian Abyssinian kingdom, which in fact has always been an annex of Ancient Yemenite History.

Similarly, the Aramaeans have been victimized in the Asiatic part of the Middle East because they have been portrayed as ´Arabs´ (in the vast area that includes SE Turkey, Iraq, SW Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, and the northern part of Saudi Arabia) whereas they are merely ´Arabic speaking´ Aramaeans (linguistic arabization was a very slow procedure that lasted indeed more than 400 years after the explosion of Islam before the majority of the populations living in the aforementioned areas speak Arabic). Epiphenomenon of the islamization, the arabization of the Aramaeans occurred only at the linguistic level because the mixture at the purely ethnic level was detrimental against the Arabs because the overall Arabic population of the times of Prophet Muhammad (limited in Hedjaz, today´s Western Saudi Arabia) did not exceed the Aramaic population of just one great Aramaean city like Damascus, Antioch, Urhoy (Edessa of Osrhoene / Urfa) or Tesifun (Ctesiphon – the Sassanid capital in Mesopotamia).

What would be awful for the colonial model of history, education and culture is this: a cohesive national Somali History, making the Somalis of Ogaden, Djibouti, Kenya and mainland Somalia

confident of their 4 – millennia long past as ´Punt´, ´Other Berberia´, ´Azania´ and ´Somalia´,

proud of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic references to their country as the land of Gods, "Land of the Paradise",

enthralled with the Ancient Greek mentions to their land and nation as of pivotal importance for the trade and the navigation between Rome, Alexandria, Indonesia and China,

thrilled with the Roman allusions to their area for its wealth in valuable substances, benefic exotic commodities, and precious stones, and

elated because of the greatness of the Somali Islamic History, so well documented thanks to Arabic and Persian texts that make state of the unity that prevailed among the various Somali principalities from the Eritrean Red Sea coast down to the southernmost confines of Tanzania.

To hide all these magnificent pages of the World History that evolve around Somalia, and impose the attribution of the entire Eastern African coast to the Great Horn of Africa country, the colonial pseudo-historians of England, France and America deliberately disregarded the area and did not carry out significant archeological research on Somali territory, ridiculously focusing on the chimpanzees´ fossils of the (unrelated to the History of the Mankind) Rift.

11. The grammatical and syntactical structure of the sentence demonstrates in itself the fraud involved; the verb to be is used once in the Present Perfect and once the Present Tense in a sentence that starts by "since"!

The lawless and ignorant "lawyer" Kipkorir wants to portray the modern state Somalia as permanently harboring terrorists and pirates; he knows that it would be too gross a lie for him to say that Somalia has been a haven for terrorists and pirates since 1960, and he then uses the verb to be in the Present Perfect in the first case and in the Present Tense only in the second case. The structure is totally false, and worse, there is nothing to prove that Somalia was a lawless state in the 60s and the 70s.

The lawless states of the 60s and the 70s were Abyssinia and Kenya.

12. This creates a contradiction in the terms used for the composition of the text; if the pirates caused "tension and panic in Washington, Nairobi and Khartoum", then certainly theirs is a great part of bravery and success. The earlier reference to them as "semi-naked" loses all its supposed importance.

According to the ridiculous pseudo-lawyer of the Kenyan jungle, his brand tie and his cachemire jacket prove to be too insignificant tools for celebrity acquisition. The semi-naked Somali pirates, according to Kipkorir himself, are more important than his grotesque smile and fake clothes that make of him a charlatan.

13. With this, Kipkorir enters into the sphere of geo-strategic considerations! He supports the illegal deals of his illegal president (Kibaki failed in the elections and remains there only thanks to the support of the poor, half crazy Jendayi Frazer, the pathetic US supporter of tyrannical, criminal and anti-US regimes in Africa). Is it as simple as that to support the present South Sudan administration?

Not quite!

Although for about 50 years a Civil War devastated the Sudanese South, mostly because of the criminal and tyrannical policies of the Pan-Arabist regime of Khartoum, during the recent years, after the North / South Comprehensive Agreement (January 2005), tribal conflicts in the South demonstrated that there is a need for a completely different approach. In fact, similar failure occurred in Darfur with the colonial persistence to keep the Fur Nation and the country of Darfur within Sudan – only to exacerbate the atrocities performed by the Janjaweed.

Sudan cannot be maintained; this is a fact. The pan-Arabist regime at Khartoum is the country´s worst enemy not because they don´t understand that the others, namely the Southern nations (Dinka and Nuer), the Furis (of Darfur), the Hausa populations of Kordofan, the Bejas of the Red Sea coastal region, and the Nubians of the North, are not Arabs but because the Arabic speaking populations of Central Sudan, the core of the regime itself, are not Arabs.

The Arabic speaking populations of Central Sudan (totaling ca. 40 - 45% of the country´s population) are totally Kushitic – Hamitic of origin; they are the descendents of the Ancient Kushites, known to the Mediterranean world as ´Ethiopians´, who – after the destruction of the last pre-Christian capital of Ethiopia, Meroe, by the Semitic Abyssinian king Ezana of Axum – gradually accepted Christianity, which was mostly diffused from the North (Copts and Greeks of Egypt).

Whereas the modern Nubians are the descendants of the Nobatians of the northern Sudanese Christian state of Nobatia, the Arabic speaking populations of Central Sudan are the descendants of the Makurians and the Alodians (of the other two Christian Sudanese states), without the slightest degree of ethnic mixture with Arabs; Makuria fell in 1317 (the Dunqulah Cathedral was turned to a mosque) and Alodia fell ca. 1600 to the Sennar Kingdom of the Hamitic Funj.

Certainly, the dissolution of Sudan will be a very positive development; however, it should not happen to the exclusive benefit of a specific nation and to the detriment of another. And South Sudan is not a ´country´ ready to fight against the central government at Khartoum but a promiscuous local administration known for the oppression of the Nuer, the Shilluk, and others. The interaction with the Ugandan terrorist Joseph Kony, the corruption of the English stooge Riek Machar, and the cronyism of Salva Kiir Mayardit create an explosive environment, particularly because of the Oil exploration deals involved in the area. The correct policy for South Sudan is arms embargo and UN peacekeeping soldiers.

But in the same way, Kenya cannot be maintained, and Abyssinia cannot be maintained.

14. The terrible mistake here is not that the Khartoum regime is not malevolent and despotic; the real blunter is that the Nairobi regime is even more malevolent and despotic. Finally, the murderous Amhara and Tigray regime of occupied Finfinnee (fake Addis Ababa) is even worse.

15. Support to the Southern Sudan government does not represent the foreign policy the majority of the populations entrapped within the colonial frame ´Kenya´ want; this represents the current needs of the militaristic Kikuyu circles for whom the lawless lawyer Kipkorir works.

Objectively approached, Kenya´s national interest (the term implies there is national coherence and peace – which is not true, of course) imposes one way ticket: Dissolution of the colonial relic Abyssinia. Kenya would be more influential, only when the cruel, barbaric, tyrannical and militaristic Monophysitic Amharas will be limited in their Gondar territory (ca. 100000 km2), and in their Amhara Republic (ca. 11 million people) where a multitude of long terrorized tribes and ethnic groups will finally unveil their agenda for complete de-amharanization, heralding the final cancellation of the East African focus of evil.

16. This sentence is comical; the word ´ally´ is just a substitute for ´lackey´. However, the fact that Kenya has been an English and American lackey did not help either the country or the overall majority, and did not provide the ethnic groups therein entrapped with any benefits, except from eating from the crumbs of the English and American tourists.

17. The assumption is absurd and comical; it only represents the back thoughts and the preconceived schemes of Kipkorir´s secretive backers, the militaristic group of the Nairobi Mafia.

The sentence sounds as if all the Arab countries are an opponent to the West; in fact, they are not. They consist in another colonial fabrication, as we already explained; the nations of these countries are non-Arabic of origin; this is the historical truth. The political reality is also very different; many ´Arab´ (in fact pseudo-Arabic and purely non Arabic) regimes are lackeys of the colonial West that brought them to existence.

Countries like Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates and Saudi Arabia have no reason to exist; they are detached provinces of the Ottoman Empire. The fact that the latter collapsed and was continued through its successor state, Turkey, does not offer much of legitimacy (the word perceived either in its Western or Islamic connotation) to these fake regimes and countries. They are unrepresentative regimes, prefab states that are totally deprived of any historical background and authenticity, mere lackeys of the Western colonial infiltration. And this is the reason most of them are totally pro-Western. Even those apparently anti-Western (Syria or Libya), they pursue these policies because of Western manipulation that merely reflects the divisions among the Western powers (France and Germany vs. the Anglo-Saxon block).

Not only Kenya is not "an existential enemy of Arab countries" but even worse for the Kipkorir lunacy, it is not allowed to be! Puppet states, lackey statesmen, stooges of all sorts are not allowed to have their own policy and decide who is and who is not their "existential enemy". The only exception occurs when the colonialists´ interests dictate a war between two stooges, then this happens and that´s all.

And this is very logical, after all; a Kenyan politician, diplomat and statesman with an openly anti-Arab policy is something rather unheard. A rivalry with Sudan at the area of South Sudan may have certainly preoccupied minds in Nairobi and Kampala, but that was all.

Never did Nairobi reflect the ludicrous anti-Egyptian rhetoric and abysmal complex of inferiority of the Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic Abyssinian rulers; the reason is simple. The Kenyan water resources hinge on the African Lakes region and are unrelated to the Blue Nile and the Atbarah rivers; Kenya has no reason to follow Abyssinia in its fake Anti-Egyptian and Anti-Arabic policies.

Kipkorir´s anti-Arabism has however an explanation; his bosses, namely the militaristic establishment of the Kikuyu group at Nairobi, have stricken a deal with Hitler´s children in Africa, the racist Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic Abyssinians. The latter have demanded their Kenyan partners to take a clearer anti-Arab League stance, and this is so clearly reflected in the Kipkorir trash of text.

Kipkorir may soon publish another text, this time against Qatar; it will bear witness to the Anti-Qatar empathy of Zenawi´s Abyssinian beggars.

18. What Kipkorir failed to understand is that – quite unfortunately – the colonial countries of the West, England, France and America, do not agree with the perspective of dissolving Sudan into 6 – 7 independent states. They know, better than Kipkorir does, that this would create a domino effect with the subsequent dissolution of Abyssinia, Kenya and other African countries.

The moment the borders in Africa fall on the ethnic borderlines, which are the only true borders, colonialism will die; that´s why the colonial powers stick to the present criminal borders of genocide, tyranny, starvation, exploitation and underdevelopment.

19. Annexing Somalia is an idea that heralds the rise of the Islamic Republic of Kenya; it cannot possibly be the present ailing and divided regime´s strategic target because it consists in sheer demise of Kenya, as I already explained in my previous article.

20. This sentence highlights Kipkorir´s ignorance of America and the world´s markets. The collapse of the stock markets is not a problem for the American and European establishments that view the ongoing crisis very differently than Kipkorir can imagine. This is a restructuring procedure that has been triggered by few groups of economic power that intend to nationalize what is not left in the hands of their capitalistic monopoly at a global level. The middle classes will be ruined and the peripheral nations will be plunged into diseases, starvation and extinction. When all the indexes reach bottom, people will understand how right was the position expressed only last week by the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi to close the stock exchanges; but it will be too late, as the small investors will have lost all their monies. Then, the monetary issues will come to surface, as all the people will come to understand that money that is not pegged to gold is simply paper.

The fact that we entered into an orchestrated crisis does not mean for a moment that the US and England will be unable to detect the concentration of some Kenyan soldiers nearby the Somali borders. The attempt, assuming that it will have been kept secret (which is a comical assumption for the most permeable Kenyan regime), will be anticipated and thus immediately averted by means of threats that will make the Kenyan rulers be scared to death, first because such an attempt opposes the US – UK – French interests in the wider area of the Horn of Africa, and second because it would trigger disastrous side effects against Kenya itself – which is another development the colonial elites of the West are not ready to accept.

The failure of the Abyssinian intervention has been fully demonstrated already; the Kenyan failure will be far more phantasmagoric in the extreme Somali South, as it will trigger an immediate expansion of the Somali unrest in the Somali and Oromo provinces of Kenya; with the Kenyan soldiers in Somalia, probably next to Kismayu (to be liberated by the Somali Shebab) will be (not Mogadishu but) Mombasa – which will trigger the ultimate asphyxiation and demise of the ailing Kenyan tyranny – another malodorous, East African colonial relic.

I will continue the refutation of the lawless Kenyan lawyer´s historical and political inaccuracies and inconsistencies in a forthcoming article.


Picture: More than 40% of Kenya´s territory belongs to Somalia and Oromia