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Rebuttal: Leave Somalia and Somalis Alone

Better Too Late Than Never Yaa Mr. Shokolokobangoshay DONALD KIPKORIR.

Although it's not unusual for us, we Africans to forward traditional, narrative and argumentative second hand ideas, however, its not possible for the Somalis whenever they live or stay permanently or temporary to leave the illusive Observations made by the above mentioned individual without some response by Mr Kipkorir's following (Second) ARTICLE from his unpopular so-called Annexation article.

Nevertheless with great respect, I have to tell you that insofar as your second article purports to set out facts those that it reiterates are regrettable in significant detail wrong or highly selective.

You said that you stand by your previous position stubbornly that Southern Sudan is your strategic ally and not the Khartoum government, but I may confirm to you that Khartoum Government for all over Sudan, is Somali's Strategic ally forever distance from yours!. Because you reasoned that Khartoum administration has aligned itself with the Middle East Arab countries, whose world view is different from Kenya's, this is another word of your vague and indiscriminate blindness views against the Middle Eastern Brotherly Countries for us and for the Most of the Kenyans. However if you refuse or deny the long racial and cultural ties between Somalis and Arab Countries, we are not mistaken as your view, but a more real and pragmatic deep relationship between Somalis and Arabs that nobody can deny. Even thought I appreciate to call me both an Arab and an African without marginalizing my thoughts as an Anti-African.
Besides you have not a right to dictate us or explain our ancestors, because we know our ancestors more than a Kikuyu man with envious hereditary against other Fellow Kenyans or East Africans, my homeland and my country if I want to establish Caliphate Islamic System its my Free will and nothing is other's business.

Do you know Mr? KIPKORIR that caliphate Islamic state is not restricted to Arabs if ever you read History, the Ottoman Empire were not Arabs besides the Ayubiyin dysentery were of great Islamic Leader Saluhin Ayub was merely from Kurds, giving you a lesson that even Somalis For their own can establish their own Caliphates not only Arabs are reserved to carry out the duty of Caliphate Islamic System

You again added that Kenya and Ethiopia have a duty as the brother's keepers to impose peace on Somalia, if this is true why your former President Daniel Arab Moi addressed George Washington University that Kenya is not feasibly wanted a peace in Somalia? So do you wanted the annexation which you mentioned as one of your options??. Listen the answer about your annexation Mr. KIPKORIR

Turbulent regions, such us Horn-of-Africa which a geopolitical interests are locked in tragic wars and conflicts, led and called by a giants fevered again to the deadly legacy of war "Internationale De Le Terrorize".
in 1998, Africa suffered 11 major armed conflicts more than any other continent for the first time since 1989, Africa is the World's most war-torn regions, in this decade alone, 32 out of 53 countries in Africa have experienced violent conflicts, and many of those, face renewed fighting or continuing civil war such as your so-called brotherly country of Somalia!.
in the horn - where the dramatic changes challenged every friend more than enemy have been the primary target of the sick man (Your Uncle Sam) not Somalia as you nominated!!! and has been primary U.S Imperialist Security and economic Interests, militarizing to go along way towards further destabilizing an already volatile area. as a part of so-called Operation Enduring Freedom's Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism initiatives, US naval vessels have been engaging in several military Air Strikes in Somali's Remaining Livestock and Vulnerable remnants of their Human being? Could you call Mr. KIPKORIR, after this painful massacre of Camels, Cows and Goats including Somali Shepherds keeping the animals away from Many Shokologobangooshay Such as like you??? Therefore, U.S served its strategic interests in the region (Horn-Of-Africa), and isolation or puppet government but not annexation, is a part of a grand evil design to control Red Sea Basin and unexplored natural Resources of Somalia?! Not in Kenya or Ethiopia both Brotherly Immediate Neighbors of Arab Somalia or Africa as you please?.

Your answer includes according to a document released to congress in march 10 2008 in the Congressional Report Services prepared by African analysts Lauren Ploch and released under titled "Africa Command: U.S Strategies Interests and the Role of the U.S Military in Africa" says that: in recent years, analysts and U.S policymakers have noted Africa's growing strategy Importance to U.S Interests. Among those interests are Africa's role in the global war on terror and potential threats posed by uncontrolled spaces!; the growing importance of Africa natural resources, particularly energy resources" in addition the Report makes interesting economic findings in the area oil and global trade by revealing "Africa now supplies the United States with roughly the same amount of Crude oil as the middle east. Nigeria is the largest supplier of oil, and is the fifth largest global supplier of oil to the United States" however this kind of strategic interests that makes Africa "Key U.S interests" and the protection of oil supply through the oil route of Red Sea makes the Horn-of-Africa a more volatile region.
Therefore, its saddening to observe that when it comes to African Prominent Intellectual like you, to raise over our eyebrows the Strategic Interests of Neocolonialists and Imperialists rather than thinking intimidation, using arrogant self-centered and in thinking also your ordinary short-sightedness inside the Shokolokonagoshay legendary story of African Hyena's eating the flesh and blood of their fellow Africans.
The Emerging Strategic Importance of Africa, the U.S department of Defense with the Cooperation of The State Department and the Pentagon has established the U.S Africa Command Forces known as Africom. in the meantime this Command has raised the suspension among many African States including Ethiopia and Kenya!!?? thus started to question whether the U.S will utilize this increased military presence or support freedom, self-determination, prosperity, and accountability on behalf of the majority of the nearly one Billion people in Africa most of them don't have an electricity!! let alone other basic needs!! or if this new initiative will instead serve to oversea surrogate nations whose leadership is accountable first to the U.S security and Economic interests such as like what your ideas are serving!!??.

in this respect two most significant instrument of American Neocolonialists strategy of Subjugation used in Africa are the U.S Africa Command stationed in Germany after the Refusal of all African Freedom Loving and Fighting Citizens and the USAID the alimony. both have the hallmarks of coming for the European conquest to Africa, under he pretext of civilizing mission of white man's burden, had brought devastating evidence of emotional psychological and physical annihilation and arrogant culture superiority by dismissing the original peoples of the region as a savage fauna fit only to be relieved by their lands, their treasure of black gold, their identity and their souls.

eventually let me point at you my first not last arrow against the Shokolokobangoshay's (hyenas) which lives only the remnants of their goats left by the international foxes, for you are insulting the pirates for their peaceful collection of powerful honor and dignity of looking for peace by any means; and your blindness support of southern Sudan that have been cold-bloody assassinated theirs, but our believed freedom fighter John Grange, the great African Leader.
if the owner of this ship is an Israeli National, they don't care because he is a Jewish, but what they care is to get a ransom similar to other pirated ships; moreover, your short-sightedness of warmongering amongst the brothers in Africa while you don't know that if the ship has a relationship with the "Couscous Crises" between the merging power of Russia and The Sick man U.S??
What is astonishing is when U.S Naval forces said that the pirates and their ship is none of their business while they keep a red eye the nearing Russian modern destroyer at far away from the U.S naval ships which are very close to the ship! So Dear Shokolokobangoshay look where the cat jumps and don't return back your near and close brothers??!!

Somalia my Dear "Ambassador" as Governor "Cirro" named you is as Marcus Aurelius said "like the promontory against which the waves continually break but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water".

Sadat M. Geesh
Head of Refugee Affairs of Somali Community
Sana'a Yemen

Faafin: |  Oct 14, 2008


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