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Response: Somalis are united and cannnot be Annexed. By Ahmed Abdi

Mr Donald Kipkorir, I am one of thousands of Somalis living in the West and obtained other nationality .Thanks for the hosted countries and we are very good citizens and low abiding. Somalis positively continue to contribute to the wellbeing of everyone here and are well respected.

Somali and Somalia are two terms with different connotations: please go back and consult with more books before you come back to impart another confusing article. It is not the people that you are aiming to be annexed i guess to come to your aide; it is rather the land if I may correct you. Somalis everywhere including Somali Kenyans, Somali Ethiopians or those in the West are still Somalis and will continue to carry the gene and belong to that nation. For this matter, Somali Kenyans are outraged and offended in the same spirit by your article. But let me proceed and unpick your flawed argument.
I have read your last article and was very surprised to skim through words that donít correspond to reality. I am not here to go line by line with you and try to convince you otherwise. However there is one and one real truth in your article. Kenya and Ethiopia cannot prosper while Somalia lies in ruin. While we can agree on this, but the fact remains different as you stated. Somalis is not a sick man in the horn; in fact it is the opposite. For instance, if you look all prestige Western and Asian Universities, Somali students outnumber all other African students. Remember these are tomorrow's leaders and in years to come they will all come home and rebuild their nation. The gained knowledge and experience of Somalis are already demonstrated in our country and as a result, despite the complete collapse of our state, you agreed this unknowingly in your first article by the assertion of the higher education ranking of Somalia and their income per capita. It is true reflection of us Somalis! Despite difficulties we have always stayed miles ahead from African states.

Ethiopia and Kenya with the support of Western countries came together to destroy Somalia and want keep as it is for the defence and the benefits of theirs. While we are getting our acts together and bringing all Somali people collectively, you can loiter and continue discussing how many options are available to Annex Somalia. History has annexed Somalia once into not two, but five portions and we all know this. Never again Somalis will be divided! We defy any foreign brainwashes and intervention. Your argument shows us how ill-fated and mentally colonised you are. It is too painful to see an African fellow and perhaps would-be an elite making the case on behalf of others. On the other hand, Kenya and Ethiopia did all they can to annex Somalia, but did it worked as they wished or will it work? You can daydream, but in fact the only hope of Africa is us Somalis. Those who are proud of themselves can only make you proud and self standing citizens.

Somalis across the globe regardless of which passport they hold are united to bring us together. Although we are victims of international injustice and aggression of others, Thanks to Allah, we are still fighting against aggressors and very soon tranquillity and prosperity will rain in Somalia. One of our main objectives is to ensure that fellow Africans like you are all free to think and contemplate own views, but not portraying other views as you did. It is our duty and we expect no acknowledgement for that!

In the West, people are free and exercise their rights freely without breeching any rule. Freedom of mind and expression is fully available for everyone. Somalia is occupied and its people are killed in hundreds by Ethiopian and AMISOM troops. We have all the rights to emancipate our land from those occupied regardless of what you think.

However, your suggestion of Annexing Somalia is not new to hear from Kenyan citizens; in fact former president of Kenya have signalled this in his last tour of America. Speaking to university students in America, Moi said Kenya and Ethiopia have never wanted Somalia to enjoy peace and we worked the opposite. You are true Kenyan who would like his country to stay intact and enjoy Somalis to suffer. !
But have you have already forgotten the Kenyan post election and its atrocities. How many people that Kenyans killed with machetes. Tribe affiliation in Kenya is in the worst shape and your people reminded the world the painful Rwandan Genocide. It is therefore naive to blame others for tribalism. For your advice watch your neighbour and ensure they are not Kikuyu. Had the international community not rushed to save Kenya, you would have been in the bush with Machetes chasing fellow Kenyans. It is wise to know your country and people before you think of others.

Finally, Somalis suffer and stayed in chaos for only one reason. The rejection of foreign interventions and superiority. We genuinely remain and truly convinced that all humans are born equal as a result of this we suffer. We only have one Allah that we worship and bow for. We fought for our freedom and continue to until Somalis are left by themselves.

Please try to Africanise your mind and soul as you physically look!

Ahmed Abdi

Faafin: |  Oct 13, 2008


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