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SSC urges support for peace in Somalia

This story was sent to by SSC Charman, Abshir, April 14, 2000

Somali Support Committee

April 14, 2000
Contact: Abshir, Chairman Somali Support Committee

Since the collapse of Somali State in January 26, 1991, Somalia has been in state of anarchy and thousands of Somalis, mostly women and children, have died or suffered in grim symbol of human tragedy, misery and degradation.

For a brief period in early 1990s, the international community tried to intervene to restore peace, relieve the suffering and end the civil war without success. Because of the lack national government and forces to protect its borders, Somalia has become a magnet for criminals, terrorists and damping ground for toxic waste.

This tragedy is compounded by the ambition of few warlords, who without regard to costs in human lives and destruction of property, are aiming at a personal political position in the event of an eventual political settlement of the conflict. And in the middle are kept prisoner the vast majority of the Somalis, who are tired of the war and are agonizing for peace and stability. They are voiceless, powerless and helpless.

Now, H.E. President Ismail Omar Gelle and people of Djibouti have put forth a genuine effort and commitment to bring about peace, reconciliation and formation of a transitional national government.

The Somali community in U. S. strongly supports the peace, reconciliation and the upcoming all-inclusive National Conference. The community urges the government of United States of America, United Nations, Organization of African Unity, Arab League as well as the PVOS on development to support the conference on peace, rebuilding of Somalia and the formation of a National Transitional Government for Somalia.

The Somali people are ready to seize the opportunity and move towards ending the anarchy to rebuild their lives and country. As evidenced by the demonstrations in Somalia, they express their gratitude to the people of Djibouti and the international community for their support for the all-inclusive conference on peace and reconciliation.

Should you have any further questions contact us Abshir, Chairman Somali Support Committee

Posted by team
April 14, 2000
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Fadlan noosootebi ra'yigaaga iyo wixii talo aad noo haysid.

Bogga Jawaab-Celinta

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