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Istanbul Conference on Somalia

21 - 23 May 2010

Discussion Papers:

Alternative Energy | Banking and Remittances | Fisheries | Livestock | Telecommunications | Transport Infrastructure


DAY 1: Opening Session

1000 Opening Session
  • Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia
  • The Government of Turkey
  • The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia
1015 Stability and Development
  • The African Union
  • IGAD
  • Kenya
  • Norway and US (ICG founders)


1230 Lunch Break
1400 Supporting priority sectors
  • The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia     
  • UN agencies
  • Other participants


1600 Role of the Private Sector – Somali, Regional, International
  • The Organization of Islamic Conference
  • The Somali Business and Investment Council/Somali Business Council
  • The African Development Bank
  • The Islamic Development Bank
  • The World Bank
1745 Concluding remarks for day one

DAY 2: The High-Level Segment

Opening Session
0930 Welcoming remarks by the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan
0940 Opening remarks by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon
0950 Statement by the President of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
Political and Security Situation & Piracy
1010 Statements and discussions by participants
1300 Working Lunch
Socio-economic activities/priorities for Somalia
1430 TFG presentation of the socio-economic priorities/activities.
1450 Statements and discussions by participants
1630 Distribution and finalisation of the Istanbul Declaration
1645 Closing remarks by the UN Secretary-General
1700 Press Conference

DAY 3: Recovery and Reconstruction Segment

0900 Identifying Priority Sectors, Modalities of Operations and Partnership, Presenting Success Stories
  • TFG: Strengthening the relationship with the private sector to meet Somalia’s economic and reconstruction needs
  • Somali Business and Investment Council/Somali Business Council: Identifying key areas to boost economic activities, job creation and improve living standards
  • Women’s business representative: Women and the Private Sector
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (environment, gender, youth etc)


1015 Successful Operations: Presentation of success stories by development partners
  • Unicef: Water projects in all three regions
  • Japan: Construction of the port of Mogadishu
  • EU: Livestock projects
  • ILO:  Employment role for peace


  Implementation and Funding Modalities
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: TFG funding mechanism
  • World Bank & Islamic Development Bank: Private Public partnership initiatives in Somalia
  • USAID Global Development Alliance: Partnering with the private sector
  • UN RC Somalia: Opportunities and Challenges


1230 Break
1300 Concurrent Sector-based Round-table Consultations and Discussions*
  Concurrent Sector-based Round-table Consultations and Discussions
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Livestock/Fresh Meat
  • Fisheries
  • Banking and Remittances
  • Alternative Energy
1600 Brief closing session summarizing the six roundtables
*Light lunches will be available in each of roundtables

Source: UN and Istanbul Conference on Somalia

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