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Somali Forum for Peace and Democracy

To: International Somalia Contact Group

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05/06/07 London

Somalia has been occupied by Ethiopian forces with the silence of the international community allowing members of the  United Nations ( Ethiopia  and their Sponsor, the USA) to violate the sovereignty of another member of the  United Nation under the pretext of ‘war on terror’.

Ethiopia took a full advantage of the downfall of the Somali Government in 1991 and the civil war that erupted Somalia, supplying arms and ammunition to the Somali war monger since 1992, in order to divide and balkanize the Somali nation into clan based regions, and to get access to a sea corridor and to broaden its own geopolitical interest in Somalia as well as in the East African region.

The International Community must fully realize, once the Ethiopian Government were part of the on going Somali conflict, Therefore they cannot be part of the solution.

Somalia and Ethiopia have had territorial disputes over Ogaden region and there is a deep-rooted animosity between the two countries for centuries. For that reason Ethiopian troops are not there to fill security vacuum but in fact are the source of disturbance of social and political unrest in Somalia.

 The war of Mogadishu and other parts of the country was a violation of human rights and international law against Geneva agreement.

 The international criminal court has the responsibility to investigate and prosecute war crimes, and crimes against humanity and genocide.

The political and social situation is very serious in Somalia and there is no need to aggravate the already unstable situation on the ground. There are detentions, torturer, disappearance of people, and massive abuses of human rights outrageous committed by the Ethiopian army mobs and its subservient warlords.

The silence of the British Government of what happening in Somalia means the acceptance of the Ethiopian occupation and Somali warlord’s human rights atrocities. 

But we remember, the role of Britain’s influence in 1945 post 2nd World War settlement- foreign secretary Ernest Bevin defending the cause of the Somali Nation in a simple just.

 The war on terror has a narrow and limited out look, all over the world. We believe that terrorist do not exist in Somalia but it is a mere fabrication designed by Ethiopians for its own geo-political interest in the region and to get political and economical support from the USA. 

The world should separate the geo-political interest of Ethiopia and the existence of the Somalia Nation and its need for rebuilding and reconciliation. The situation devilled by close relationship between the United State of America and Ethiopia. It has even been involved in the illegal rendition and interrogation of foreign prisoners taken by USA claiming they are terrorists.

It is vital to have a total and inclusive conference through dialog for all stake holders and players, leading to a genuine reconciliation that can met the following condition: 

Ø   The reconciliation conference must be open and transparent and its agenda   must be set by all the stakeholders and facilitated by a neutral independent third party.

Ø   The withdrawal of Ethiopian troops as a pre-condition for a viable reconciliation that will bring about a durable peace and progress in Somalia.

Ø   It must be inclusive and bring all protagonists together.

Ø   Participation of woman and civil society must be ensured.  

We hope the international community will be more genuine about the peace process of Somalia and avoid to support and impose illegitimate government in Somalia. We need an independent policy guided by honest country or group.  

Ethiopia and Kenya should be excluded from any Somali peace process as lessons learned from Nairobi reconciliation conference should not repeated and avoid to support and impose an illegitimate warlord’s regime in Somali once more. 

We have learned from the past experience of the Somali conflict that no external force can suppress the will of the Somali people, so let the Somali nation decide their political destiny and choose their own leaders who can run their country. 

We the Somali community where ever we are, are grateful, to the Somali Contact Group for their initiatives. We therefore, forge a genuine lasting peace and reconciliation between the opposing forces in a safe and neutral venue where one can express his/her view and idea without fear and intimidation.  

The views of the diaspora are important and should be considered.

Yours sincerely


 Mr Mohamed.Amin . A . Osman

Contact telephone : 07984892976

Mrs Amino Warsame

Contact telephone : 07961488132






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