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Doha Communiqué

A tripartite conference under the title: Foreign Interventions and the future of the Horn of Africa was held in Doha, 6-8 June 2007 participated by Union of Islamic courts (UIC) led by the Chairman, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, The Somali Parliamentarians led by the Speaker Hon. Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden and representatives of Somali Diaspora, under the auspices of the Global Anti Aggression Campaign.. After frank extensive discussions and full review of all the circumstances surrounding the Somali people and the tragedies they have been suffering as a result of the barbaric Ethiopian occupation which committed atrocities, looting, mass displacement and rape. After long deliberation on these issues the participants have agreed on the following points: 

  1. Deploring that Somalia has fallen under Ethiopian occupation

  2. Condemnation of the Ethiopian naked aggression on the Somali people and its barbaric and brutal behaviour and she bears responsibility for the destruction and spread of violence and instability in the Horn of Africa.

  3. The indiscriminate and systematic killing, collective punishment and other acts of atrocities are obviously war crimes and genocide according to the International Law. The conference urges and calls on the international community to establish a specific international tribunal for war crimes for Somalia.

  4. Demand immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from Somalia.

  5. Ethiopian government, its collaborators such as the so-called Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and other powers that give support will be equally responsible for all atrocities that take place in Somalia.

  6. Appeal to the international community and all non- governmental relief agencies and philanthropists to extend urgent and necessary relief to the Somali people who are suffering from that brutal occupation.

  7. Demand the United Nations and the UN Security Council to take its responsibilities towards the affected and displaced persons and to punish those who obstruct relief to reach the needy people.

  8. Condemn the so-called Transitional Federal Government (TFG) for its disgraceful role in the invasion and occupation of the country.

  9. Consider the reconciliation conference in Somalia called by the TFG as a new chapter of fragmenting the Somali society with the hands of its arch enemy and cement the occupation. Such actions are devoid of any credibility and legitimacy. Under no circumstances can any legitimate meeting be held under Ethiopian occupation.

  10. Somali national reconciliation is a national demand. However, it must be based on national agenda and should be held in neutral venue in which all concerned parties can participate with sense of security. Such conference should deal with the political differences among Somali stakeholders to decide the future of the country and the destiny of the nation.

  11. Denounce the indiscriminate and repeated bombardments of Somali territories in which innocent civilians have been killed and wounded in various regions under the pretext of curbing alleged terrorism without any evidence.

  12. We call upon all Arab and Islamic countries to play their leading positive role in the ongoing Somali crises

  13. Recognise the legitimacy of the resistance as a national duty and of necessity a religious obligation of honour that all citizens should contribute.

  14. To establish a Somali national movement  for the liberation of the country from the foreign oppressive occupation by all legitimate means available to the Somali people, through the following steps inter alia:

    1. Appointment of a preparatory committee composed of 15 members representing the Islamic courts, members of the Somali Parliament, Somali Diaspora and various segments of Somali society.

    2. The conference is being organised to be held within the next 45 days.

    Finally, we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the State of the Qatar and its Amir for the generosity and standing beside the Somali people in their hour of need.

    We also extend our sincere thanks to the global anti aggression campaign for its role in the success of the conference

Jun 2007

Source: Yuusuf Mohamed


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