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Somali Students Express
Somali Student's interview over the Internet
By reporter

Every week organizes and holds live students meeting over the Internet. This week representative met (over the net) with one of the Somali high school students who lives in Michigan, USA. And following is the interview;

Somalitalk: What are your thoughts about Somalia? Bakar.

Bakar: I think all Somalis who love their country should help the poor people in Somalia. There are many Somali people who are poor and can not afford food. So we should help some of these people. All Somalis who live out of Somalia, in USA for example, can make some diffence. If every family can pay $10 can help. This is only my opinion.

Somalitalk: But, how we do it?

Bakar: I can't think on answer of how are we going to do it?

Somalitalk: We need though. Right?

Bakar: Yes, but I am only in high school.

Somalitalk: Ok. But you are one of the leaders of the future generations. Isn't it, Bakar?

Bakar: Yes that is true.

Somalitalk: Your ideas are very import to us and to all Somalis

Bakar: When the future comes, I want to make big difference in Somalia, the country I love.

Somalitalk: How?

Bakar: First, I will make a new government and help the country and make many mosques. Help Somali in financial way of giving and helping. But one finger can not do everything. so I will need more fingers to help. I am just a finger like one person.

Somalitalk: How do you make a government?

Bakar: I give money to the people (needy people) and establish a political way and ask other Somalis for help. Also, establish education system for Somali children.

Somalitalk: Today what would you say to the Somali people?

Bakar: If I would say something to Somali today?

Somalitalk: Yes?

Bakar: I would say that they should be united as we were before

Somalitalk: What would you say to Somali leaders?

Bakar: I would say that we are Somali so throw the guns away and let us face the new world.

Somalitalk: What would you say to Somalis who live out of Somalia?

Bakar: Most of Somalis are not thinking about Somalia, I think they should help Somalia and Somalis. This world is nothing, but if you help poor people Allah will help you. I would also say to Somalis who live out of Somalia to take advantage of the education they have.

NOTE: Due to the time constraints, that was all the time we had for this interview. We hope we will have more Somali Youth interviews.
If you are Somali youth and have great ideas, we love to hear from you
Somalitalk reprentative
Jan 31, 2000
Allah Is Great

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