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Somalia must not sign maritime agreement with Kenya at least for now

  • Engr Mohamud Hersi

I read with great sadness the news that our transitional Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kenyan Government to allow boundary delimitation of the two countries . It also intends to rectify a Kenyan prepared document outlining maritime boundary lines of the two neighbor countries.

As the case currently stands Somali Government lacks Institutions, Technological ability and proper verifications procedure to rectify such one-sided agreement.
We are aware that Kenyan Government has been conducting oil exploration exercises along the Indian Coast lines and crossed into Somalia waters for its oil searches. There are reports that Kenyan oil drills have been active in the coastal boundary of the two countries with the assistance of German Oil Companies.

According to Kenyan Press release the MOU was signed Kenyan Foreign Minster and Somali Prime Minster, this is another blow of the current Transitional Government to sign International agreement which giving unknowingly to other countries the rich coastal areas of Somalia. Even this agreement has not been neither discussed nor voted in the newly created 550 members of parliamentarians.

I therefore call upon the UNCLOS and other stake holders in the bias and fraudulent agreement to set a side until viable and transparent government works, which conducts its own research and resolution before other states prepare their super bias agreement and force weaker side to sign in order to give aid or give political maneuvers.

Somali people have suffered immensely in the past two decades and no neighbor government has tried to cater and help Somalia, they all tried very skillfully to prolong the anarchy and misrule of Somalia. Now other way of continuing old fashioned criminality has surfaced up by stealing Somalia coast lines through the technology and fabricated map using unknown data to the united Nations.

Somali people must stand and defend their land and bring peace to their god given land, otherwise Mr Moses Wtangala of Kenya and other will take over piece by piece until all of use become aliens in their country.

Engr Mohamud Hersi

Faafin: SomaliTalk.com | April 4, 2009

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