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Maxaad Kala Socotaa in Badda Soomaaliya ay Qarka u Saaran tahay in Lala Wareego Bisha May 13, 2009?

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Orientalist, Historian, Political Scientist, Dr. Megalommatis, 52, is the author of 12 books, dozens of scholarly articles, hundreds of encyclopedia entries, and thousands of articles. He speaks, reads and writes more than 15, modern and ancient, languages. He refuted Greek nationalism, supported Martin Bernal´s Black Athena, and rejected the Greco-Romano-centric version of History. He pleaded for the European History by J. B. Duroselle, and defended the rights of the Turkish, Pomak, Macedonian, Vlachian, Arvanitic, Latin Catholic, and Jewish minorities of Greece.

Born Christian Orthodox, he adhered to Islam when 36, devoted to ideas of Muhyieldin Ibn al Arabi. Greek citizen of Turkish origin, Prof. Megalommatis studied and/or worked in Turkey, Greece, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Russia, and carried out research trips throughout the Middle East, Northeastern Africa and Central Asia. His career extended from Research & Education, Journalism, Publications, Photography, and Translation to Website Development, Human Rights Advocacy, Marketing, Sales & Brokerage. He traveled in more than 80 countries in 5 continents.

He defends the Human and Civil Rights of Yazidis, Aramaeans, Turkmen, Oromos, Ogadenis, Sidamas, Berbers, Afars, Anuak, Furis (Darfur), Bejas, Balochs, Tibetans, and their Right to National Independence, demands international recognition for Kosovo, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Transnistria, calls for National Unity in Somalia, and denounces Islamic Terrorism.

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VIDEO: Piracy, Illegal Fishing and Toxic Waste dumping in Somali waters

Somalia in Perilous Impasse, as Sheikh Sharif Embodies Ignorance, Impotency, and Indecision
Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
April 08, 2009
Few can accuse me for unfriendly attitude toward the former ARS leader who is the current TFG president. I was among the first to report his election in Asmara, and to support him as Somalia´s best chance for pacification, reunification and rehabilitation. I also supported his choice to go ahead with the Djibouti Agreement that caused the beginning of the end of the united ARS (Alliance for the Re0liberation of Somalia). The reason was simple: a political agreement is a text that helps only to kick start a political effort; the possible methods and ways of implementation can be diverse and numerous; some are correct, and some are erroneous.

I disagreed with the Asmara section of ARS because I believed that Sheikh Sharif had his own plans for the method to pursue and for the effort needed to bring peace, unity, and reconstruction in Somalia.

For some months, I did not speak about Somalia´s mainstream politics, and the change atop the TFG presidency that took a theatrical character of colonial supervision by a political agent of the French Freemasonic colonialism who functions under the coverage of a high diplomatic mission at the UN ("special representative for Somalia").

Now, it becomes clear that Sheikh Sharif did not have any plan of his own; worse, his gestures are dictated by the aforementioned French Freemason whose Mauritanian origin creates a certain confusion as regards his hypothetical solidarity with the Somali Nation. One should however wonder why that miserable and criminal person, who failed dramatically in Burundi in 1995, will manage to be successful in Somalia in 2009; just way.

I do not intend here to expand further on the treacherous, mendacious, hypocritical and genuinely Anti-Somali personality of Ahmedou Ould Abdallah; many details about his frequent visits to the Grand Orient de France branch of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge can be narrated by many. What matters here is to question the reasons (if any) for which Sheikh Sharif has entrusted Somalia´s future to this evildoing person.

Sheikh Sharif´s naïve belief in Ahmedou Ould Abdallah´s friendly predisposition toward Somalia and magical abilities to save the beleaguered Horn of African Nation truly hurts Somalia. This paranoid belief can be become a knife stubbed deeply into the heart of Somalia.

When Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys described Sheikh Sharif as a ´sinking boat´, many expressed doubts about the negative approach of the (now) Khartoum based ARS branch. Yet, the expression is accurate and – quite unfortunately – is being corroborated day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Acting as TFG president would not necessarily mean betraying the ARS concepts and goals; yet, in Sheikh Sharif´s practice, TFG presidency is an annex to Ahmedou Ould Abdallah´s secretariat – an ancillary act.

One can hardly identify one positive act in the span of several months of the new TFG presidency; reading a report about today´s TFG president, one could easily and convincingly attach the picture of Abdullahi Yusuf to the report. It would make no difference.

Even worse, whereas not a single action or gesture was made towards selected politicians and activists from the area of Puntland and Somaliland, the decisions made about issues pertaining to the Somali South bear witness to absolute ignorance, impotence and indecision. People simply do not enter into politics under similar conditions.

As TFG president, Sheikh Sharif represents a small minority among the greatly and rapidly disappointed Somalis; his real support comes from the Anglo-French Freemasonic colonial establishments that energetically and mercilessly promote their Anti-Somali conspiracy, having perfectly utilized and instrumentalized Sheikh Sharif.

The feather president of the TFG Anti-Somali cleptocracy was blown in the wind – according to the Freemasonic directives of Ahmedou Ould Abdallah who sent him to all the African capitals Sheikh Sharif did not need to go, if defense of the Somali National interests is one of his eventual targets.

Any person, appointed as President of Somalia now, needs to spare the journey to Cairo, Tripoli, Finfinne (do not call it ´Addis Ababa´ – this name is a fake) or Nairobi. To speak with whom there? And to speak about what in all these useless and trashy colonial capitals whereby there is no national government but rule mere puppets of the colonial powers?

The primary concern of any person, appointed as president of Somalia now, is to meet the leaders of the various political formations who reject the present colonial and fratricidal situation in Somalia; the correct interlocutors are Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, Sheikh Hassan Turki, and Sheikh Mukhtar Robow. Then, contacts must be undertaken with representatives of the administrations at Hargeisa and Garowe, and a serious effort for minimizing and terminating the perilous phenomenon of piracy must be deployed.

Top priority of any national administration of Somalia is the energetic support of the Ogaden Liberation Front and the Somali minorities in Djibouti and Kenya.

Nothing of all this was done.

But Sheikh Sharif has time to meet only the criminal butcher of Nairobi, Kibaki, one of the world´s most ruthless, most callous, and most villainous tyrants. The Somali puppet of the vicious French Freemason Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, after having become the president of nothing, has no time to meet the representatives of the Somali minority in Kenya who are precisely terrorized and decimated by Sheikh Sharif´s interlocutor, the criminal Freemason Kibaki.

Effectively, Sheikh Sharif represents nothing. The trashy papers that he and any other African puppet – butcher may sign have no validity because these papers are majestically rejected by the outright majority of all the Somalis.

As it is always bad not to represent anything in politics, Sheikh Sharif is deploying a noteworthy effort to represent treason. The memorandum of understanding signed by Kenya and the unrepresentative puppet Sheikh Sharif on the maritime boundary of Kenya and Somalia represents a detrimental defeat and a dramatic loss for Somalia. It is necessary and urgent for all the opponents of the TFG president to declare their opposition to the trashy paper and state that they will never recognize it as valid.

The precipitated degradation is also reflected in a critical sector that inexplicably did not attract the attention of the TFG president: the Somali piracy. This phenomenon is the result of foreign interference and manipulation. Finally, nothing can be inexplicable for long. As Sheikh Sharif was hired by the vicious French Freemason Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, he has to fully adapt himself and his TFG custody to all the anti-Somali plans: prejudicial agreements with Kenya and total indifference for the Somali piracy.

Why speak if your master arranges all the developments at will?

This question seems to reflect a reasonable approach to politics but in fact it does not. In reality, in politics, you cannot acquiesce with any master. If you are naïve enough, after your expiry date passes, one day a bullet will put an end to your activities, but it will not be shot by your compatriots whom you consider as enemies. It will be shot by your alien master who wants to get rid of you.

For the vicious French Freemason Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, disposing of the naïve Sheikh Sharif is the easiest decision to make; this is what Sheikh Sharif never imagined.

I republish herewith the most recent news from the Somali piracy ´front´, and three reports about the memorandum of understanding on the maritime boundary of Kenya and Somalia, which represents the most shameful document against Somalia produced in 2009. In forthcoming articles, I will further expand on the calamitous activities of the Sheikh Sharif presidency, one more Somali hope that turned top nightmare.

Somali Pirates Seize Maersk Alabama With 20 Americans

By Gregory Viscusi

April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Pirates captured the container ship Maersk Alabama and its crew of 20 Americans off Somalia in what Navy officials said may be the first seizure of a U.S. ship in four years of attacks.

Pirates in the region have taken more ships in the past four days than in the first three months of the year. In recent days, pirates have launched assaults outside their usual hunting grounds in the Gulf of Aden.

The seizure represents the second foreign-affairs challenge for President Barack Obama in less than a week. On April 5 North Korea launched a ballistic missile in defiance of international demands that it cease such activities.

Today´s pirate attack took place about 240 miles southeast of the Somali port of Eyl, Nate Christensen, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy, said by telephone from Bahrain. The closest warship was 300 miles away, he said.

It´s the first seizure of Americans and a U.S. vessel since a Maritime Protection Corridor was set up in the Gulf of Aden in August and may be the first since the pirates´ activity intensified in 2006, the U.S. Navy spokesman said.

Denmark´s Maersk A/S is the owner of the Maersk Alabama which is operated by Maersk´s U.S. unit. The ship can carry 1,100 20-foot (6-meter) containers and has a crew of 20 Americans, Maersk said in a statement. It was bound for Mombasa, Kenya. Earlier reports described it as a tanker.

The U.S. Navy yesterday issued a new warning about the dangers of piracy off the coast of Somalia after at least five ships were seized in three days.

Recent Hijackings

Pirates in recent days have hijacked a British-owned general cargo ship, a French yacht, a German container ship, a Taiwanese trawler, and a Yemeni tugboat.

Most of these assaults have been well to the south of the Gulf of Aden, where naval forces from the EU, the U.S., Turkey, Russia, India and China have concentrated efforts to protect one of the world´s most traveled trade routes and where most attacks have previously occurred.

A total of 165 ships were attacked last year with 43 vessels hijacked, peaking at 10 in November alone.

About one-tenth of world trade passes through the Gulf of Aden, a required route for vessels using the Suez Canal. While fewer commercial ships ply the east coast of Somalia, there are also fewer warships to deter attacks.

Pirates struck 1,000 miles south of the Gulf of Aden, seizing the 20,000 ton German-flag container ship Hansa Stavanger on April 4 between the Seychelles and the Kenyan coast. The ship, managed by Leonhardt and Blumberg, has a crew of 24 and was taken 400 miles from shore.

French Yacht Hijacked

A Taiwanese vessel, identified as the MV Win Far 161, was seized near the Seychelles with 30 on board.

A French yacht was also seized two days ago along the east coast of Somalia as it made its way to Zanzibar, a tourist and spice island off the coast of Tanzania.

The European Union´s Atalanta anti-piracy fleet is reconsidering where to position its five warships, a spokesman said yesterday. Meanwhile, it´s using maritime patrol planes to search out pirate ships and warn merchant vessels of areas to avoid, he said.

The U.S. Navy said yesterday that merchant ships have to take steps to defend themselves, citing recent attacks that have been fought off using barbed wire, fire hoses, or increasing speed to create a wake.

The area of potential Somali pirate attacks is equal to the Mediterranean and Red Seas combined, or to four times France or Texas.

With reporting by Christian Wienberg in Copenhagen. Editors: Julian Nundy, Peter Torday

To contact the reporter on this story: Gregory Viscusi in Paris at

New Claim on Somali Territorial Waters

Somali Version: here:

The Somali people and their friends need to know that new and critical changes are in the offing at the United Nations that could fatally maim the interest of the Somali people if immediate and urgent action is not taken to prevent this from happening. This event concerns the re-limitation or delimitation of the territorial sea and ocean boundaries of the Somali republic, their neighbors, and other coastal states around the world. According to the United Nations Convention of the Law of the sea (UNCLOS) there is an urgent process that is unfolding which entails extension of the outer limits of the continental shelf from two hundred nautical miles to three hundred and fifty nautical miles. This process involves that coastal states should submit supporting scientific document and technical data to the UN authority, Commission on the limits of the Continental shelf (CLCS) by May 13, 2009. It appears that the Governments of Kenya and Yemen have prepared document which they have submitted to the said commission. The Kenyan and Yemeni document are troubling from the Somali vantage point of the Somali as they infringe on what is and has been Somali territorial waters. In particular, the documents of the Government of Kenya clearly violate the spirit and the word of the UN technical directives, which specify that the delimitation of the coastal waters must follow a line that perpendicular to coast. Instead what the Kenyan documents claim is a line that mimics latitudinal lines which an angle much less than 90 degrees. We are deeply troubled by the report that elements of the Somali Transitional Federal Government are pre-disposed to support the claims of Kenya and undermine the legitimate claims of the Somali people. We thus, urge the Somalia and good friends of the Somali people to challenge these developments so that justice will prevail.

This is a serious matter and requires an immediate halt to the Kenyan presentation to the UN Commission so that the Somali people will have the opportunity to produce their own documents fully supported by competent technical team. The following technical report produced by the volunteers of provides the details of what is transpiring. As a matter of urgency we summarize here the recommendation of the report.

1. The TFG and other Somali authorities must not sign and support the Kenyan and Yemeni documents which undermine Somali sovereignty;

2. The TFG and Somalia´s friend must immediately establish a national commission staffed by highly trained Somali and other experts to study the matter and put forth Somalia´s documents;

3. The TFG must immediately, as a matter of national urgency, ask the UN Commission to delay the deadline for the submission of the document until the Somali people have the opportunity to produce their own;

4. Given the absence of effective Somali National Government the United Nations and other world bodies must not hold the Somali people responsible for the activities of the criminals who have been exploiting their territorial water since the demise of the national government in 1991; And, the UN must respect old agreements as well as conventions that existed before 1991 until a new and effective Somali national government come to be;

5. We urge that neighboring States, specifically Kenya and Yemen, must respect Somali sovereignty over its territorial waters.

The details of the assessment are available in the report which is in Somali. The English and Arabic translation is forthcoming.

Kenya, Somalia sign maritime boundary agreement

By Deng Shasha

Nairobi, April 3 (Xinhua) -- The Kenyan and Somali governments on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding on their maritime boundary.

The agreement will facilitate the presentation of Kenya's submissions to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf by May as required under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

According to the provisions of UNCLOS, coastal states intending to delineate the outer limits of their continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles are required to submit particulars of such limits with supporting scientific and technical data to CLCS.

The preparation of Kenya's claim for submission requires the cooperation of its neighbors Tanzania and Somalia.

This is because, UNCLOS provides that states that have adjacent coastlines to each other need to conclude agreements on the delimitation of their maritime boundaries for their Territorial Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelves by means of an agreement in order to achieve an equitable solution.

Kenya Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula signed the agreement with Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Shermake.

Wetangula said the preparation of Kenya's claim for submission requires the cooperation of its neighbors, Tanzania and Somalia.

"This is because, the convention provides that states that have adjacent coastlines to each other need to conclude agreements on the delimitation of their maritime boundaries for their territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and continental shelves by means of an agreement in order to achieve an equitable solution", he said.

Wetangula said the government has negotiated the maritime agreement with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

The minister said the government is also in the process of concluding a similar agreement with the Tanzanian government.

Somalia must not sign maritime agreement with Kenya at least for now

By Eng. Mohamud Hersi

I read with great sadness the news that our transitional Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kenyan Government to allow boundary delimitation of the two countries . It also intends to rectify a Kenyan prepared document outlining maritime boundary lines of the two neighbor countries.

As the case currently stands Somali Government lacks Institutions, Technological ability and proper verifications procedure to rectify such one-sided agreement.

We are aware that Kenyan Government has been conducting oil exploration exercises along the Indian Coast lines and crossed into Somalia waters for its oil searches. There are reports that Kenyan oil drills have been active in the coastal boundary of the two countries with the assistance of German Oil Companies.

According to Kenyan Press release the MOU was signed Kenyan Foreign Minster and Somali Prime Minster, this is another blow of the current Transitional Government to sign International agreement which giving unknowingly to other countries the rich coastal areas of Somalia. Even this agreement has not been neither discussed nor voted in the newly created 550 members of parliamentarians.

I therefore call upon the UNCLOS and other stake holders in the bias and fraudulent agreement to set a side until viable and transparent government works, which conducts its own research and resolution before other states prepare their super bias agreement and force weaker side to sign in order to give aid or give political maneuvers.

Somali people have suffered immensely in the past two decades and no neighbor government has tried to cater and help Somalia, they all tried very skillfully to prolong the anarchy and misrule of Somalia. Now other way of continuing old fashioned criminality has surfaced up by stealing Somalia coast lines through the technology and fabricated map using unknown data to the united Nations.

Somali people must stand and defend their land and bring peace to their god given land, otherwise Mr. Moses Wetangala of Kenya and other will take over piece by piece until all of use become aliens in their country.

Mohamud Hersi can be contacted here:


Picture: Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys represents a far more viable chance for peace in Somalia now; he is not a terrorist, as many try to malignantly accuse him. In fact, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys is the best dam break waves against extremism.


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