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In Somalia, UN Manufactures Consent As AMISOM Shoots Camels as Insurgents

In Somalia, UN Manufactures Consent As AMISOM Shoots Camels as Insurgents

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, September 15 — The UN, which nearly invariably uses as a defense against inaction on human rights abuses that only works in countries upon invitation, views Somalia through a different prism, it seems. How else to explain the dismissive response of the head of the UN’s Department of Political Affairs, Lynn Pascoe, to questions that have arise about the work of UN envoy Ahmedou Ould Abdallah after his Norway-funded, Kenya-drafted Law of the Sea filing about rights to Somalia’s continental shelf was roundly rejected by Somalia’s parliament?

Inner City Press asked about that, and other questions that have arisen about the legitimacy of the multinational naval presence off Somalia’s coast under a UN Security Council resolution based on a letter signed right at, or past, then President Yusuf’s last day in (appointed) power. Video here, from Minute 1:05.

Pascoe replied breezily that Ould Abdallah is so “activist” that it is not surprising that some people don’t like it. But if those people include the majority of Somali parliamentarians, isn’t that a problem for the UN? Pascoe replied that the former President — presumably Yussuf — really wanted the UN in the country.

To paraphrase Pascoe about surprise, it is not surprising that rulers who have never been directly elected by the people welcome outside forces which treat and support them as legitimate. Some Somalis were found, as a fig leaf, to invite in the Ethiopian forces in 2006. Recently, the AMISOM force which took over from the Ethiopians mistakenly shot and killed a group of camels just outside the barbed wire fence around Adan Ade airport in Mogadishu, mistaking them for “insurgents.”


The camels shot by AMISOM as insurgents

AMISON’s spokesperson, Barigye Ba-hoku, told the press that “It was our new forces and they were not aware of the camels’ movements. They say they were attacked, and so opened fire,”

Inner City Press has asked the UN what its role with AMISOM is, whether it provides ammunition and training, and what it thinks of the camel killing incident. Watch this site (innercitypress.com)

Source: innercitypress

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