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Somalia in worst humanitarian crisis in 18 years: UN

Aug 25, 2009
NAIROBI — Persistent violence and a prolonged drought have plunged Somalia into its worst humanitarian crisis since civil war erupted two decades ago, with a third of its 10 million people needing relief aid, a UN report said Tuesday. One in every five children is acutely malnourished, around 1.42 million have been displaced by violence and up to 3.76 million are in need of humanitarian assistance,... 
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Somali militants use many tactics to woo Americans

Aug 25, 2009
By AMY FORLITI (AP) MINNEAPOLIS — One young man attended secret meetings in Minneapolis. Another got a phone call, urging him to leave Minnesota and go to Somalia to fight. Terrorist training videos featuring English speakers pepper YouTube, calling others to the cause. Details are emerging about how terrorists in Somalia have lured young American men — including as many as 20 from Minnesota —... 

Somali-American professors angered over repeated searches

Aug 25, 2009
Minneapolis — Two Somali-American scholars at the University of Minnesota say they’re outraged by what they consider invasive questioning and searches while traveling abroad this summer. Abdi Samatar chairs the U’s geography department. He’s married to Cawo Abdi, a sociology professor. Since June, the husband and wife say they’ve been pulled aside a total of six times at airports... 

Warqad ku socota Xubnaha Jaaliyadaha Soomaaliyeed (No. 17)

Aug 25, 2009
Nayroobi, 25 Agoosto 2009 As-Salaama Alaikum Saaxiibayaal, 1. Bisha Ramadaan ee Barakeysani waa bishii la soo dejiyey Qur’aanka Kariimka ah. Ramaadaanku waa waqtigii Nabadda iyo Iscafinta. Waa waqtigii aan dib u cusbooneysiin lahayn ama dib u adkeyn lahayn Ruuxeena, Caqiidadeena iyo xiriirka aan la leenahay Allihii na abuurtay iyo xiriirka aan la leenahay Walaalaha kale ee Muslimiinta ah ha...